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Ptk Instrumentais

Ptk Instrumentais

Published on 2 months ago

Damn Gurl Damn Gurl . 4 hours ago
I fight with depression and drugs addiction since Im 16 I have no one to talk to but I’m strong and I’ll never surrender because I love my life and my power to live is stronger. Guys never give up you will overcome all your strugles eventually.
Murat Kaya Murat Kaya . 9 hours ago
Somebody send me to 80s please
Nic_Sara72 Nic_Sara72 . 9 hours ago
Choose 80s Choose 80s . 9 hours ago
Is Toyah set to follow in Kate Bush’s footsteps? #strangerthings #80smusic
Leo Buzatu Leo Buzatu . 14 hours ago
This song saved my life ;))
Canal Aqui na Oficina Canal Aqui na Oficina . 14 hours ago
TIK TOK recheado de videos com songs dessa serie maravilhosa , o bom que o pessoal esta ouvindo musica boa
Someone Idk Someone Idk . 15 hours ago
Its Werid i never seen the part where the song comes but i listen to it and i guessed it was from stranger things but didnt know 😅😍🤣
ErikOtakugamer_XL ErikOtakugamer_XL . 16 hours ago
Instead of "our places" it legit sounds like she is saying: *tgrüsem*
Camryn Hernandez Camryn Hernandez . 16 hours ago
This song was 40 years ago
Nelly Tessier Nelly Tessier . 18 hours ago
J'adore cette chanson c'est ma préférée je trouve qu'il y a de l'action et de la tristesse j'adore cette chanson c'est la meilleure je dis merci à stranger things car c'était une série formidable et j'ai adoré la chanson dedans en tout cas je mets 20 sur 20 sur cette chanson
Mateus amancio Mateus amancio . 19 hours ago
Tamás Valachovic Tamás Valachovic . 20 hours ago
yes i love episods and music and films
emotional episode for me
Rickey Winfield Rickey Winfield . 1 day ago
This song is the best song ever
Cikos Games Cikos Games . 1 day ago
Io adoro questa canzone
Numminen Tarja Numminen Tarja . 2 days ago
Humayun Sajid Humayun Sajid . 2 days ago
Have been stranger things fan since first season. N now i'm a bigger fan after watching season4. Its the bestes season in history
andrei baida andrei baida . 2 days ago
gemini gemini . 2 days ago
mami_r1 mami_r1 . 2 days ago
Bu şarkı diziyi izlememe devam ettiren tek şeydi
NnNsn Wagner NnNsn Wagner . 2 days ago
18m watch
Willy Dz Willy Dz . 2 days ago
Mel SINGH Nanua Mel SINGH Nanua . 2 days ago
miss the 80's
Lucy Anna Nixon Lucy Anna Nixon . 2 days ago
THANK'S WHANGANUI CITIZEN'S ❤...just chilling 😎I my car 🚗😎♥🙃...if you want to know how it feel's to be ripped off by the NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT 🇳🇿every single day....ask a slave to the SYSTEM'S...I AM FREEDOM...the way the truth and the candle 🕯stick...BEE'S wax...Thank's WHANGANUI
JF Marinho JF Marinho . 2 days ago
Frank Autzen Frank Autzen . 2 days ago
I like it so much
LEGEND LEGEND . 2 days ago
At first, I didn't like this song but it grew on me and now I'm obsessed
nonsonochiara nonsonochiara . 2 days ago
E una delle migliori canzoni
aka Kenjik aka Kenjik . 2 days ago
Если пытаетесь заключить сделку с Богом, то у меня для вас плохая новость - сделки заключаются вовсе не с Богом
nazmus sakib nazmus sakib . 3 days ago
Plot twist is amazing.
Riccardo Balsomini Riccardo Balsomini . 3 days ago
vi amoooooo
Chantal Baillou Chantal Baillou . 3 days ago
Sorry max for vecna Ave killed you
Nacho el Friki Nacho el Friki . 3 days ago
these kids took a part of my heart already, and in this season the acting of some of them just reached me so hard! guys you are are becoming such fucking good actors, and then there is Eddie... stole the show dude, fucking charisma at its best.
Mog Mig Mog Mig . 3 days ago
heh eu amo essa trilha sonora de #StrangerThings mt boa essa musica
JOUANNEAU jessie & Fifi JOUANNEAU jessie & Fifi . 3 days ago
C’est stranger things
JOUANNEAU jessie & Fifi JOUANNEAU jessie & Fifi . 3 days ago
WoW c’est super
ErWu HaGie ErWu HaGie . 3 days ago
Good fighting with Vecna, like with depression, thank you ❤️❤️
Nezuko chan Nezuko chan . 3 days ago
I love this song
Ryan Bhajonauth Ryan Bhajonauth . 3 days ago
I can't stop listening to this song
The Flying Squirrels The Flying Squirrels . 3 days ago
This song was teasing the deaths of all four of Vecna's kills. "Running up that road, running up that hill, running up that building." Fred who died on the road, Chrissy who died in Eddies trailer at Forest Hills, and of course Max in Vecna's home, a building. The only odd kill out was Patrick who was killed at Lovers Lake. I'm not great with the lyrics yet but its about love and the relationship between man and women. The lyrics talk about love to some extent and Patrick was killed at Lovers lake,
Szintia Leila Szintia Leila . 3 days ago
Stranger Things>>>>>>>
SandmanSimms SandmanSimms . 3 days ago
Sarah did you see this?
toxic Shiva gaming toxic Shiva gaming . 4 days ago
Ashish Saurabh Ashish Saurabh . 4 days ago
tatiana braun tatiana braun . 4 days ago
Quando sei ita e non capisci nada
roonilwizwab roonilwizwab . 4 days ago
Niamh. 😍😍😍👍👍👍♥♥
epicgamer219 epicgamer219 . 4 days ago
2:00 for float scene
The most stupidest kid The most stupidest kid . 4 days ago
Honestly I’ve listen to this song about 400 times so yeah
The most stupidest kid The most stupidest kid . 4 days ago
I listen to this song on repeat like 35,000 times
Ashley Aline Oviedo Ashley Aline Oviedo . 4 days ago
max 🎧🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵

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