Play / Download Julianna Pena VS Amanda Nunez 2 Full Highlights (This is crazy !!
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Clever Spot MMA

Clever Spot MMA

Published on 2 weeks ago

Kirat Rai Kirat Rai . 11 hours ago
This ismt a fight it's a fkin war. Omg
ronaldoalv17 ronaldoalv17 . 1 day ago
Respect naah this are low value people being use by the big guys to profit of their poor life
Ocean Lovah Ocean Lovah . 2 days ago
Music 👎
N# 13 N# 13 . 2 days ago
I want the trilogy! I go for Nunez!!!
Mike K Mike K . 3 days ago
After the loss, Nunes tripled the amount of steroids she used. In few months she will look like a regular man .
Luis Lallave Luis Lallave . 3 days ago
A 3rd one should be interesting!
Ed Longs Ed Longs . 4 days ago
Juliana will need new picture for her ID. Lolololol
V S V S . 4 days ago
Awesome fighters,huge respect!
rossifumifan1 rossifumifan1 . 4 days ago
Osama Donia Osama Donia . 4 days ago
Amanda you are real good father but also you are beautiful lady with strong heart and brain
Nitin Kumar Nitin Kumar . 4 days ago
Great fight
Jim John Jim John . 4 days ago
This just proves that amanda didn't even try in the last fight cause penhead couldn't really beat her on her best day I just wonder how much the ufc gave her to throw the last fight because everyone knows that's what she did so they could try and build back a little excitement in the 135 women's weight class cause it had really gotten snoring style since bullet went down so the judges would screw her over like they did when she rea2did beat amanda
Angel Delgado Angel Delgado . 5 days ago
Valentina is the best female fighter of this league!!!
fuckit1887 fuckit1887 . 5 days ago
Mad heart!
Drah D Drah D . 5 days ago
They both tougher than alot of men 💯🤞🤞
Jonathan Cristobal Jonathan Cristobal . 5 days ago
Ignacio Ortiz Reyes Ignacio Ortiz Reyes . 5 days ago
definitivamente hace falta un tercer combate !!
Aliff Dzulhailie Aliff Dzulhailie . 5 days ago
Shut the nunes ego juz like that
1dowmnnn 5uppp 1dowmnnn 5uppp . 5 days ago
U see those punches taking her soul lol
Daleep Singh Daleep Singh . 5 days ago
Love you Amanda...Sweet revenge
rbc21 rbc21 . 6 days ago
Amanda punches like a man
Keep Keep . 6 days ago
this was war oO.
Kr Ri Kr Ri . 6 days ago
And that all for the money? Poor world 🤡
Nathaniel Apin Nathaniel Apin . 6 days ago
Peña I salute you❤️👍💯💪💪
profightercc profightercc . 6 days ago
People act like Julianna didn't almost break Amanda's arm and submit her more than once actually! we knew Amanda had Superior striking definitely not completely one sided. Can't bullrush swinging the best in the world or you'll get dropped just like Julianna did but was a good fight I would watch a trilogy Pena needs to sharpen up her boxing and footwork to close the distance as far as Jiu-Jitsu goes I think Pena has superior submission skills IMO
Classic Jem Classic Jem . 6 days ago
Pena took the early damaged...
cho show cho show . 6 days ago
Amanda Nunes wasn't herself in the first fight with Juliana in my personal opinion Amanda Nunes is the pound for pound best female fighter we've ever seen
arnold buliyat arnold buliyat . 6 days ago
Vincent Brown Vincent Brown . 7 days ago
Amanda Nunes is a true champion I love her she took it very easy on pena but Amanda is the best a real winner bless her ❤️
Jeffrey Cordova Jeffrey Cordova . 7 days ago
Yes,true but she still got totally demolished, and beat in every aspect
stardaddyo9 stardaddyo9 . 7 days ago
She really struggles to deal with Nunes' size.
Julian Julian . 7 days ago
All time greatest female fight ever and definitely in the top ten greatest fights ever. Both of them were on absolute beast mode. That was a W for women’s sports! Major respect!!!
Change Lives Heroes Change Lives Heroes . 1 week ago
That arm bar was no where near in
Ed Serrano Ed Serrano . 1 week ago
Very very bloody.
terry watson terry watson . 1 week ago
Amanda Nunez did a superb job
The Only D3 The Only D3 . 1 week ago
Amanda played with her food lowkey
Valerie Gibson Valerie Gibson . 1 week ago
Confused ... 🤔 Amanda claims she was not trying to finish pena yet at 2:47 she's looking at the ref looking for the tap an finish.... Unless she wasn't ??? Julianna almost had her a few times
Mark Hempstead Mark Hempstead . 1 week ago
Ur music sucks. Replacing the commentary with that rubbish is peurile
billy Hothleuf billy Hothleuf . 1 week ago
Nunez adapted on the first match...pena striked her this match nunez dod the same m pena had no answer...she sticked to the same gameplan...if part 3 comes ? Pena need to change striking in to boxing / elbow and knees...and level her groundgame...n nunez? Nunez always adapts
Nina Santos Nina Santos . 1 week ago
Just cuz "some1(julianna)"can take A BEATING doesn't make them equal to the 1 that beat them down......TEAM NUNES!!!!
Lil Assassin Tv Lil Assassin Tv . 1 week ago
Damn these girls tuff
Mea Drew Mea Drew . 1 week ago
Rebel Prathap Rebel Prathap . 1 week ago
Whatever it takes , pena never give up!!! Until final round✊,she can fight any time
Karl Fodor Karl Fodor . 1 week ago
Nunes is a monster 👻
Justin Justin . 1 week ago
Peña charging in throwing running punches no head movement is some straight up amateur hour bs … ufc is rigged
D. Jay D. Jay . 1 week ago
Two great fighters , maniacs hehe good match
j** tee j** tee . 1 week ago
Love that dance move. That's like rubbing it in your face Latin style.
j** tee j** tee . 1 week ago
Just because you can get dropped a hundred times doesn't mean you deserve an infinite amount of rematches.
BadHabit BadHabit . 1 week ago
Dude Nunes is a fucking brute.

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