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Marvel Entertainment

Published on 3 weeks ago

Wakanda Forever Prologue – New Music Available Now – Stream here –

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Jinpachi Bobochan Jinpachi Bobochan . 7 minutes ago
Hmm, I hope the little sis will be the next Black Panther. She seemed like a batman type of girl with the know-how on how to fight and use tech.
R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman.
charli torres charli torres . 17 minutes ago
I understand how black people are feeling cuz now that I see who is going to be the antagonist I can't wait to see it just like how you guys feel when Black panther one came and all this African culture was introduced I can't wait to you see our culture our Hispanic culture Mayans Incas we will show up and draws Hispanic Nation arise who will show you just like the movie is showing wakanda Hispanics are nothing to put aside
Darth Marvel Darth Marvel . 25 minutes ago
i think Namor is easily going to be my favorite character. this movie has me beyond hyped.
brianna brianna . 35 minutes ago
I love this trailer sm
I got goosebumps all over my body watching this trailer and reality once again struck me that Chadwick is not among us still breaks my heart thinking about's gonna be a great movie....WAKANDA FOREVER!!!
Russ Russ . 37 minutes ago
The first was AWFUL !.No wonder you people dont get acting jobs !
Virtual reality Fitness Virtual reality Fitness . 1 hour ago
Henry Cavill should play Black panther!
Gumbercules Gumbercules . 1 hour ago
Its disappointing to see the lack of diversity among the wakandan cast. Do better disney
Nick Peel Nick Peel . 2 hours ago
I hope it's killmonger
Mohammed S.Attalah Mohammed S.Attalah . 2 hours ago
This movie is gonna be epic
xxx xxx . 2 hours ago
Wakanda "forever"? There is no Wakanda. There never was. There never will be. Because... Africa.
Sisu_raduuu Sisu_raduuu . 2 hours ago
I wish I can liked it more than once .
The great Chadwick boseman 🙏🥺 & the whole cast & crew ❤️
The trailer is just 🥺🙏❤️❤️🔥🔥
APEX-MERC /////AMG Sehrai APEX-MERC /////AMG Sehrai . 3 hours ago
j .sabien j .sabien . 3 hours ago
Angela Basset for Best Actress Oscar
Hamza Sawaryh Hamza Sawaryh . 3 hours ago
Anish John Anish John . 3 hours ago
One of the best teasers after Endgame and No way home.
To our hero ❤️❤️❤️
Rehan Mansoori Rehan Mansoori . 4 hours ago
Everything is gonna be alright 🤞🏻💯♥️
india Deshmukh india Deshmukh . 4 hours ago
Wonderful... Mesmerized
...Indian Bollywood should learn something from such movies... How to use graphics, VFX, animation..looks Soo Natural...
SMK SMK . 4 hours ago
Chadwick 💔
Maheer Maleque Chowdhury Maheer Maleque Chowdhury . 4 hours ago
We gon be alright
Amlantan Amlantan . 4 hours ago
Missin' you Chadwick Boseman you are the real Black Panther..
Peter Parker Peter Parker . 5 hours ago
This Trailer alone almost gave me tears. I am ready for you Black Panther :)
hopeless hopeless . 5 hours ago
literal chills
Rashad Clark Rashad Clark . 5 hours ago
Comics Explain it all! We miss you C.B.
Elle Encarnacìon Elle Encarnacìon . 5 hours ago
Drew Raphael Drew Raphael . 5 hours ago
The clips where everyone is looking up… do you think they’re potentially looking up to… maybe Doom’s air fortress in a post credit? Should it be a crime against humanity to have Doom introduced before/not along with the F4?
Nagender singh Bisht Nagender singh Bisht . 5 hours ago
Love to See this movie WheN release
Sajal Purwar Sajal Purwar . 5 hours ago
Rashad Clark Rashad Clark . 6 hours ago
Read the Comics
Mary Carpenter Mary Carpenter . 6 hours ago
I don't know if the movie will hold up but credit where credit is due. This is the best trailer I've ever seen
Urim Gill Urim Gill . 6 hours ago
Such amxing
Jayson Vien Miguel Jayson Vien Miguel . 6 hours ago
alt Ramen alt Ramen . 6 hours ago
could you imagine if an African nation was the most powerful one in the world? that would be bad lol.
Max Power Max Power . 6 hours ago
I've watched this an unhealthy amount of times
Juanito Gonzalez Juanito Gonzalez . 6 hours ago
wish Chadwick bosman could see this how proud he is
Alex Martin Alex Martin . 7 hours ago
Wakanda Forever
Saya nunggu film ini udah dari lama...
doire aintu doire aintu . 7 hours ago
trailers don't lead to great movies (i.e. DUMBO). I think this movie will live up to the trailer. Close out Phase 4 with a Best Picture win.
McBoogerballs McBoogerballs . 7 hours ago
I just hope this movie gonna have a serious tone
Antoni Nicolas Antoni Nicolas . 7 hours ago
Black Panther trailers are 2/2
J Honea J Honea . 8 hours ago
That mix is hot
Sam Harnish Sam Harnish . 8 hours ago
I cannot believe how good this looks. This is going to be, at the very least, the best LOOKING Marvel movie ever made. I counted only three or four shots with obvious CGI, everything else looks practically done with real sets and more importantly real LIGHT. The more stuff you can do in camera, the more immersive it feels and I hope Marvel learns something from that, given what we have been hearing about their VFX behaviors.
#MAKETASM3 #MAKETASM3 . 9 hours ago
If they screw this and guardians 3 marvel is doomed
Hidro129 Hidro129 . 9 hours ago
A wise man once said

-Death is not the end-
R.I.P Chadwick Boseman
Aishwarya Mohan Aishwarya Mohan . 9 hours ago
Google teach Americans, the difference between africans and indians🇮🇳... So many they are getting confused
Aryan Sharma Aryan Sharma . 9 hours ago
This is how a you successfully show powerful women.
Vakzy Vakzy . 9 hours ago
WAKANDA FOREVER! R.I.P Chadwick boseman aka legend

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