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Rogan Shorts

Rogan Shorts

Published on 2 weeks ago

Joe Rogan Whitney Cummings ROAST Brendan Schaub on the JRE Podcast.

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Rogan Shorts Rogan Shorts . 2 weeks ago
Joe Rogan on Brendan Schaub vs Bobby Lee beef:
Emanuell Gustea Emanuell Gustea . 3 hours ago
I love this man's laugh bro
NuNya NuNya . 7 hours ago
Babette Babette . 10 hours ago
I thought onision was the most hated guy on the internet. Maybe I'm getting old
Thotty DaGod Thotty DaGod . 18 hours ago
I'd love to see the jokes behind closed doors when the guys be clowning Schaub
saleh419 saleh419 . 1 day ago
Agreeeee with him BS is 🤢🤢
mma 1st mma 1st . 1 day ago
I think Brendan should hook up with Bobby Lee's useless ex girlfriend or whatever she is and just be unfunny together. It might be really funny.
Adrian 1976 Adrian 1976 . 1 day ago
When no tates are mentioned..
D O O D D O O D . 1 day ago
I half expected Andrew Tate lol
Andrea Morin Andrea Morin . 2 days ago
Not enough people know or care who Brendan Schaub is, for him to be the most hated.
Brendan Shaub sucks
Crossword131 Crossword131 . 2 days ago
Joe's greatest joke ever.
Chance Hurley Chance Hurley . 2 days ago
Lol considering all of his most controversial topics were influenced by things that you have specifically said that I or 1.5 million other people could quote.. yeah... I'd hope you ride or die with him.. lol so cut throat in 2023.. and it ain't even began yet... make me puke some more
Miguel Perez Miguel Perez . 3 days ago
Thought it was dragon lord
Ronin Gaming and Entertainment Ronin Gaming and Entertainment . 3 days ago
Jason Colvin Jason Colvin . 3 days ago
Meanwhile schaub at home:
"the schweew'iest"
The Great Unknown The Great Unknown . 3 days ago
Ohhhhhh snap. Joe saying what we all thought
Saverio Pulsinelli Saverio Pulsinelli . 3 days ago
Haaaa haaaa
Brant Powell Brant Powell . 3 days ago
The ironic thing is a lot of Joe rogan's followers today were on Hunter Moore's website 10 years ago. Facts.
Mike Costa Mike Costa . 3 days ago
Andrew Tate
Xdeadlyxphantom Xdeadlyxphantom . 4 days ago
For some reason I was expecting Hitler
Or Biden
Durin Durin . 4 days ago
Drachenlord reiner winkler got to be on that list
Nat Peterson Nat Peterson . 4 days ago
I love his hysterical laughter 🤣🤣💀
JamesMichaelDoyle JamesMichaelDoyle . 5 days ago
its always a riot when shes on the show. god bless both of them
HBK-_-JUICE HBK-_-JUICE . 5 days ago
I was expecting Andrew Tate
GGB GGB . 5 days ago
at least it ain't Andrew Tate this time *phewff*
mosad agent #1 mosad agent #1 . 6 days ago
M2 1 M2 1 . 6 days ago
No...his name is.. Justin Trudeau!!!
Nishchal Bhardwaj Nishchal Bhardwaj . 6 days ago
Lol Joe doesn’t even need guests to speak with on his podcast.
He can run it by himself lmao
The NyS The NyS . 6 days ago
The most hated man in the Internet is Andrew Tate
Malea Newborn Malea Newborn . 6 days ago
Wasn’t that funny Joe
Mackenzie Smock Mackenzie Smock . 6 days ago
I love you joe
50 blessings 50 blessings . 6 days ago
People knowing who Chris Chan is”pfft”
Joshua Arsis Joshua Arsis . 6 days ago
Matthew Lategan Matthew Lategan . 6 days ago
It so retarded. Joe, with like the biggest reach, practically gave Brendan a gigantic head start in comedy and Brendan just had to be a moron and screw it up by being disgusting and unfunny. What a wasted opportunity.
Bowser da Beast Bowser da Beast . 6 days ago
I thought the most hated man was Andrew Tate
ageofempeiers ageofempeiers . 7 days ago
Whats withe "Drachenlord" aka Rainer Winkler? 🤔
Ash Marie Ash Marie . 7 days ago
What song is playing in the background?
Tom Gibbon Tom Gibbon . 7 days ago
Can someone give me a quick rundown on why people hate Brendan so much?😅
Cunning Linguist Cunning Linguist . 7 days ago
well...... they fucked.
Gustav Gustav . 1 week ago
No it's tate
Charles Ouellette Charles Ouellette . 1 week ago
Brendan is up there lol
Bob Upandown Bob Upandown . 1 week ago
Both Schwarb victims, aka the nervous hyperbolic react!? 😐
The Magnetic The Magnetic . 1 week ago
roasted him and started crackin up!🤣🤣🤣🤣
TAY GRAY TAY GRAY . 1 week ago
When she said Hunter I thought Biden was going to follow😂😂
SniperGod392 SniperGod392 . 1 week ago
I thought she was going to say Donald or Putin or hitler
Justin Brahm Justin Brahm . 1 week ago
Laughed so hard
Gabagool Gabagool . 1 week ago
Brendan Schaub be like: is he talking about me?
WOT WOT . 1 week ago
Imagine caring about a thing
CleverTaco CleverTaco . 1 week ago
She comes out from under the table lookin sus af lol

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