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Published on 2 weeks ago

In this DanTDM Minecraft video, I react to the Minecraft Reddit which has so many weird and wonderful things within..

Funny Moments:
00:00 Minecraft Reddit is Crazy
00:07 Minecraft or Real Life?!
00:38 This Didn't Go To Plan
02:00 Minecraft Mirrors Are Insane
02:31 My Man Broke Water
03:46 oh no...
05:34 How To Enter The Minecraft Backrooms
05:59 Herobrine returns as a villager
06:54 why did someone make this...
07:34 I Witnessed Something Awful
09:45 WORST Minecraft House I've Ever Seen..
12:16 the chickens are coming..
12:45 this player should uninstall minecraft
13:16 LOL, RUN
14:11 it's your own fault

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GhostyPlayz GhostyPlayz . 3 hours ago
Hey name a villager Dinnerbone and it will be upside down
dcoog anml dcoog anml . 5 hours ago
The caves have gotten so much better. I was shocked to see the new cave. Compared to the old ones this is ten times better lol
Sebastian Gonzalez Sebastian Gonzalez . 9 hours ago
Bedrock is cool and is less lagi but its buggy some times
Maya does YT Maya does YT . 11 hours ago
Ik this is random but i think we all remember the good old days of dan
Henry dan tdm fan Henry dan tdm fan . 12 hours ago
ya that dog was a old glich
All Over All Over . 13 hours ago
nah bedrock sucks just got it never liked it on my xbox my phone and not even on my pc
Amanda Maly Amanda Maly . 14 hours ago
chicken army lol lol omg😆😆😆
Greg Crawford Greg Crawford . 15 hours ago
Can you do another video of making songs with note blocks and Redstone!
Aaron Sepulveda Aaron Sepulveda . 18 hours ago
As a console player, I personally agree with what Dan says about quick turn on pc
BennyPlayz BennyPlayz . 20 hours ago
4:51 this happened to my friend right before we were about to fight somebody
eioshen boboi eioshen boboi . 21 hours ago
up. Thank you for bringing me joy throughout my childhood.
L M L M . 22 hours ago
Blue hair come back 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 please
Jake Blount Jake Blount . 1 day ago
The chikin army is coming
pea nut pea nut . 1 day ago
Minecraft bugrock back at it again Lmao 😂
Gametrix studio Gametrix studio . 1 day ago
Dan hates us bedrock player so much lol it’s not that bad lol
Jakimations Jakimations . 1 day ago
Dan: “This Person Should Uninstall Minecraft”
~~1 Year Ago~~
*Dan loses his Hardcore World from Vexes
Amber Lyon Amber Lyon . 1 day ago
Not true about the console thing. It actually moves very fast.
SCP- 9042-X SCP- 9042-X . 2 days ago
I guess he forgot about him playing Minecraft on the switch?
nieooj gotoy nieooj gotoy . 2 days ago
It's amazing how he keeps the consistency of his effort in vids perfect, have a nice day King!
Vr is fun Vr is fun . 2 days ago
“Imagine if this was bedrock hardcore” bedrock players playing hardcore :
Felix Ravencraft Felix Ravencraft . 2 days ago
Definitely want to see more
4:23 there is no hardcore in minecraft bedrock
Ve man Ve man . 2 days ago
Minecraft’s making a comeback
qopoy dnon qopoy dnon . 2 days ago
I remember i used to watch dantdm all the time when i was younger, his channel is still great. Also i hope his pugs are okay still
Mensaff Mensaff . 2 days ago
3:46 Glass isn't the problem, the problem is the villagers being in a 3-block high+ roof. Making a 2-block tall roof above your villagers will not make them light fireworks
Kliwenad 2 Kliwenad 2 . 2 days ago
every person in dantdms comments:
:( It is so sad that you are old now dan, u grew me up in my childhood

them starting to watch u in 2021: L imagine dying in hardcore u couldve done 100 things to stop it
Prathibha Prathibha . 2 days ago
3:53 "They're committing not living."
-DanTDM 2022
M Reeza Noorbhai M Reeza Noorbhai . 2 days ago
Dan: I don't know how you guys play on console.

Me: I can't afford a pc that costs 15 XBox's
Emma Yang Emma Yang . 2 days ago
if youre considering abt playing the backrooms, apeirophobia is a good game on roblox! :))
Average__Height Average__Height . 3 days ago
“This could be hardcore” believe it or not, mojang hates hardcore on console.
Zappy Zappy . 3 days ago
Lol I’m on my fridge
Echo Echo . 3 days ago
“This villager farm… they’re committing not living” - DanTDM 2022
Acsimiron Shadow Acsimiron Shadow . 3 days ago
What do you mean by "fences were so simple then?" I still play that version on my Ps3
TheActualGamer TheActualGamer . 3 days ago
10:00 20w14infinite
marx championship marx championship . 3 days ago
lets just appreciate the work dan does for our enjoyment
thx dan
Fifteen Fifteen . 3 days ago
as a former console player i can say i have died alot to the analog stick moving slowly in both minecraft and in fnaf help wanted
Dean Perks Dean Perks . 3 days ago
Never happened to me
Depressed_Gamer Depressed_Gamer . 3 days ago
Is Nexus free for soft soft
drttyu liqm drttyu liqm . 3 days ago
The caves have gotten so much better. I was shocked to see the new cave. Compared to the old ones this is ten times better lol
Spamton.G.Spamton Spamton.G.Spamton . 3 days ago
increase sensitivity on controller buddy
natalie hogan natalie hogan . 3 days ago
wait how can they be in the void? In bedrock edition you cant build in the void-
Nuclear Nuclear . 3 days ago
4:34 “this is bedrock as well, you can tell because for some reason it always has your position”

Dan, you don’t have to be a genius to know that you can turn on coordinates before or while you’re playing on your world in bedrock.
Jonah Olson Jonah Olson . 4 days ago
Fun fact the warden has less health then the bedrock wither
Johnny Boi Johnny Boi . 4 days ago
IdliketosayhelloandwelcomeyouGooddaythatismyname IdliketosayhelloandwelcomeyouGooddaythatismyname . 4 days ago
Im glad that console has sensitivity, I play on console but i mainly usr keyboard and mouse. But when i do use a controller, that sensitivity is all the way uo
Bibek Das Bibek Das . 4 days ago
LoL 🤣
Dylan Plays Dylan Plays . 4 days ago
7:20 i play on bedrock the horn blows every once in a while and if it is loud your close to the raid if its quiet your far away
Alexander Paterson Alexander Paterson . 4 days ago
yeah, i have to agree there. when i was really young i remember playing the minecraft wii u edition and i killed a horse and the sound it made scared me so bad i burst into tears and ran straight too my mum.

the same thing happened when i killed a donkey because the donkey dying noise is demonic.

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