Play / Download GOD DID!! DJ Khaled ft. Drake & Lil Baby - STAYING ALIVE | REACTION!!
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JK Bros

JK Bros

Published on 1 week ago

The Bros react to the new Dj Khaled new single from the new album "God Did" featuring Drake & Lil Baby "Staying Alive"

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Anthony Anthony . 3 days ago
hilarious reaction...just gained a follower
Georgi Orehov Georgi Orehov . 5 days ago
liked before watched *
maayanpapi maayanpapi . 6 days ago
יאללה ביי אני מת
JustStuff JustStuff . 6 days ago
Lil baby really can’t dance lol
Fredy Munoz Fredy Munoz . 7 days ago
How do you spell CANADA: DRAKE!
Fredy Munoz Fredy Munoz . 7 days ago
Theres an extended version for the video on DJ Khaled youtube!
Malsawm Dawngliana Malsawm Dawngliana . 1 week ago
They didn't believe in us,God did
Vladimir Becker Vladimir Becker . 1 week ago
trash song
Anna Banana Anna Banana . 1 week ago
For Drake videos I reckon Charlie should be put on a little stool between you both!! Man I can't dig this chorus, if it didn't have the Bee Gees part it in the song would be decent enough. But that Bee Gees part makes it too cringe for me.
Bbblackpenguin Bbblackpenguin . 1 week ago
😂😂drake should get both of you to do his adlibs😂😂that brrrraaaa at the beginning was soo on beat i went to the song to check if it was there😂😂
kosta g kosta g . 1 week ago
you guys have the best reactions 🔥🔥🔥. song is pretty good. repping from the 6ix.
Sdot Sdot . 1 week ago
My dawgs love you guys cheers to more success 🥂
Shiv Patel Shiv Patel . 1 week ago
See rest of comments
Sabrina Metz Sabrina Metz . 1 week ago
Love ya Bros
The Song is Fire
Greeting 🇬🇷 from me please 💙 have a nice vacation
Ivory Smith Ivory Smith . 1 week ago
The Christian God is the True God and I am going to prove it right now:
God has a Law called the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20). These Laws include do not lie, do not steal, don’t put others gods before Him (Exodus 20)

Have you ever broken any of these Laws? Have you ever told a lie? Have you ever stolen anything? Have you ever lusted after someone? If we really went over God’s Laws in the Bible, every single one of them, it can really expose how much of a sinner we truly are and because we have all committed these acts our punishment is Hell because God’s standard is perfection.

Our good works cannot get us into Heaven. That’s like you steal a soda from the store but you tell the judge, “hey judge I give to the orphanage, I do community service.” The judge will not care about what you did. You stole something that was not yours so therefore the Judge is going to find you guilty. God is the same way.

But, this Judge is a loving Judge who does not want to sentence you for your crimes. He sent His Son Jesus Christ to come and take the punishment for your sins and if you Repent of your sins and accept jesus Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior then you will be saved from the sentence. Jesus loves you and is not willing that any should perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16) God bless
pete cobbina pete cobbina . 1 week ago
I actually like the song it’s a vibe
Josue999 Josue999 . 1 week ago
Justin Barnett Justin Barnett . 1 week ago
Love the reaction bros always a gem watching these I love it. Hope you guys can react to nba young boy ft rod wave - home ain't home or react to some jelly roll - son of a sinner or love is a war ft struggle jennings much love bros & fam keep up the great work & hope everyone has an amazing week ❤️
Shazan Khan Shazan Khan . 1 week ago
Bro they dropped a extended version of the vedio
Brandon Abel Brandon Abel . 1 week ago
Aye yoooo react to papa and 50 cent
Cxllum AJ Cxllum AJ . 1 week ago
Y’all should check out more old lil tjay from his first album and before that like forever and long time 🔥🔥
Nobody Nobody . 1 week ago
love y’all fr bros enjoy yall time in greece ❤️
_Lady_Bugz_🐞 _Lady_Bugz_🐞 . 1 week ago
ARMAAN ARMAAN . 1 week ago
React to juice wrld's Sometimes
YKS YKS . 1 week ago
React to King Von “ 3 A.M.” It’s a great a story
Sean Kreutzer Sean Kreutzer . 1 week ago
Hoping to see you guys reaction to the Suicideboys I want to die in New Orleans album!
Whernerbross Whernerbross . 1 week ago
LitoFG LitoFG . 1 week ago
are you guys going to react to NBA youngboys album. Love u guys keep it up
Shazan Khan Shazan Khan . 1 week ago
Hate for x is getting real you didn't checked his album
Twos C Twos C . 1 week ago
boitastic boitastic . 1 week ago
Imagine they acutally got the Bees Gees as a sample for the song. That would've been gold ngl! still a hard song
Koleś Koleś . 1 week ago
jack creely jack creely . 1 week ago
Mac miller - Avian
Sassy Patty Sassy Patty . 1 week ago
Enjoy your vacation please enjoy yourself cant vlog no worries paid to much John and kosta have fun life is short .
Tim Grube Tim Grube . 1 week ago
We need a Samson -What about Us reaction from you guys!
Ali Al-Faraj Ali Al-Faraj . 1 week ago
React to The new papa song , Eminem - is this love 🔥🔥🔥
Alessandro Guerresco Alessandro Guerresco . 1 week ago
Please react to big 14 by trippie !!!!
Ushan Imalka Ushan Imalka . 1 week ago
The World Stage Vamp Life The World Stage Vamp Life . 1 week ago
Terrell Owens is Bobby Shmurda
Joe Cuatro Joe Cuatro . 1 week ago
Ronaldo Hiwat Ronaldo Hiwat . 1 week ago
Early gangg🤟🏾
Jaxson Synott Jaxson Synott . 1 week ago
Big-14 - Trippie Redd 🔥
iconic iconic . 1 week ago
The World Stage Vamp Life The World Stage Vamp Life . 1 week ago
This world is a stage and we are all being decieved." Layers upon layers" of deception
Everyone that will see this : Yea, yeah, yeah, nah say homie

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