Play / Download Update: Walker Hayes - “AA” Dance #shorts #walkerhayes
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Up2Date Country

Up2Date Country

Published on 8 months ago

Katherine Hill Katherine Hill . 3 hours ago
Walker Hayes I was one of your first fans! Now you are coming to the Appalachian fair next week and I can’t get a ticket…. Soooooo disappointed I lol be the one outside the fence like I m in prison singing and dancing to all your songs. And believe me white girl got some rhythm throw me a nod Dude!!&
Dan Dan . 5 hours ago
So white I need sunglasses to watch 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Larry Cerbach Larry Cerbach . 18 hours ago
Walker is awesome
Hadley🌊🌹 Hadley🌊🌹 . 1 day ago
How old is ur son
Eugene Pruitt Eugene Pruitt . 1 day ago
God bless you hun I bet you'll be amazing to meet you cuz you're one amazing singer sound like you got a beautiful heart out there appreciate your songs and they're beautiful I love you guys amazing out there
Elizabeth Zissett Elizabeth Zissett . 2 days ago
Okaaaa yall make me wanna get up and dance with yall!!! 🤣 ayeeee 🙌
Hector Navarro Hector Navarro . 3 days ago
Trans kid?
Aubree Heinlen Aubree Heinlen . 4 days ago
Love Walker Hayes and all his music 🎶
Jewell Towner Jewell Towner . 5 days ago
That is my favorite musictoo
Desiree Ellis Desiree Ellis . 6 days ago
Love it
Momma Self Momma Self . 6 days ago
My favorite song
Carolyn mcdaniel Carolyn mcdaniel . 7 days ago
Ilove that sounds good that is a good song
Rhonda Johnson Rhonda Johnson . 7 days ago
Too Way Cool...I Love the song and their dance moves. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤⭐⭐⭐❤
Cash Life Mastery Academy Cash Life Mastery Academy . 1 week ago
Great job all of you!
Mrs Jackson Mrs Jackson . 1 week ago
I listen to this song daily lol
Charlotte Lancaster Charlotte Lancaster . 1 week ago
Hey yall love this
Susie Stuart Susie Stuart . 1 week ago
so fun
Susie Stuart Susie Stuart . 1 week ago
yes amazing
Nick Stockwell Nick Stockwell . 1 week ago
Awesome dance moves and u guys are amazing parents
Pamela Kramer Pamela Kramer . 1 week ago
Love, love this!! I want to know how there is not a crowd around you guys!!
Haylee Mosgeller Haylee Mosgeller . 1 week ago
This is my fav song
Bev Godfrey Bev Godfrey . 1 week ago
Okay so is this not Luke Bryan??? Singing
Bev Godfrey Bev Godfrey . 1 week ago
I absolutely love this enter active performance. It makes Artists seem more down home. I only in my entire life have only met Mickey Gilley
Juanita Wicks Juanita Wicks . 2 weeks ago
There's that beautiful family I love so much
Maya Koukkouche Maya Koukkouche . 2 weeks ago
His son is low key cute,I’m sorry 💀
Timothy Razer Timothy Razer . 2 weeks ago
The song is boss from N.C
Mark Raposo Mark Raposo . 2 weeks ago
This ain’t country
Tammy Lee Tammy Lee . 2 weeks ago
Great job y’all love that song the boys dance great also love you
Brenda Rose Brenda Rose . 3 weeks ago
Love it
Dara Watkins Dara Watkins . 3 weeks ago
I love your songs
Ervin Smith Ervin Smith . 3 weeks ago
Walker Hayes Yall life exercise workout with Ervin own no rights to song
waterier commet88 waterier commet88 . 3 weeks ago
His son is a hoot! His facial expression’s crack me up. Lol
Nicholas Heinrichs Nicholas Heinrichs . 3 weeks ago
I am a big fan of Walker Hayes
Nicholas Heinrichs Nicholas Heinrichs . 3 weeks ago
Really good 😊
Love this. Thanks for sharing
Bree Duran Bree Duran . 3 weeks ago
I don't even know what to say except that I love watching you interact with your kids and having them do the videos with you!! Y'all are awesome!!! 😍
Jessica Strickland Jessica Strickland . 3 weeks ago
Love it
Deb Augustine Deb Augustine . 4 weeks ago
Just you and your family
JakeFIlmzProduction JakeFIlmzProduction . 4 weeks ago
Such a good father to his kids.
Tracy Redfern Tracy Redfern . 4 weeks ago
The son has his dad rhythm for sure! He is on point.
The most amazing family ever!!!
Bee Bee . 1 month ago
All thr passerbyers are like what in the heck??
Joan Sinnes Joan Sinnes . 1 month ago
Laura A D W C Married Name Parson Laura A D W C Married Name Parson . 1 month ago
Wow wonderful love the music an fancy like
Julia Alo Julia Alo . 1 month ago
Yeeeesssssaaaahhhh Aloha and Mahalo
Kathy Lewis Kathy Lewis . 1 month ago
Great musician and his family ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lori Lucier Lori Lucier . 1 month ago
Terry Teague Terry Teague . 2 months ago
That was so good I like the one in the red shirt
Eden Hade Eden Hade . 2 months ago
(You are the best singer!!!)
Eden Hade Eden Hade . 2 months ago
I love fancy like I love it you are a amazing singer

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