Play / Download My Daughter's SECRET NIGHT ROUTINE! *Instagram Q&A*
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Jordan Matter

Jordan Matter

Published on 2 weeks ago

Wait to see what she does when I go to sleep 😱
Hair: JVN / Hairitage
Face: Florence By Mills (Millie Bobby Brown) / Tula
Lips: Miss Spa / Laneige
Nails: Sally Hansen / Essie
Candle: Coastal Wind

My Daughter's Epic SUMMER MORNING ROUTINE! *Instagram Q&A*

Dog Bakery:

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Video by Sandy Chase

Music licensed through Artlist and Epidemic Sound

Wow, if you're still reading you are awesome! BOOOMMMM!!

Jordan Matter Jordan Matter . 2 weeks ago
What do you think her secret is?
Karen DiYanni Karen DiYanni . 9 minutes ago
too really untangle hair start from the bottom to the top
dotty Noddles dotty Noddles . 11 minutes ago
I get tangled here very very easily and what I do is put it in a ponytail or a low bun a night 5hen brush it twice a day. I hope it works!
Aya Al Aisami Aya Al Aisami . 59 minutes ago
I love Salish she really helped me with the routine ❤️ and also she is really pretty 👌
damonuse ed damonuse ed . 1 hour ago
i have really tangled hsir too but i don't brush if i am not going somewhere and tbh you are so funny when you roast your dad with a age joke haha
Sumaiya jahaan Miah Sumaiya jahaan Miah . 1 hour ago
For tangled hair start brushing from the ends of ur hair and work ur way up so ur dealing with less knots at a time instead of all of them at once
Also I’m not sure if this is gonna work with ur hair but sometimes it’s better to put it in a plait at night than a bun
I’m not entirely sure since my hair is curly and not straight and I barely straighten my hair anymore
CheneelSamantha Juco CheneelSamantha Juco . 1 hour ago
You Need to brush ur bottom hair first so it wont hurt hope it helps🙇🏼‍♀️🤗
chesan Cabellon chesan Cabellon . 1 hour ago
Salish do a q and a
Kyla Benadie Kyla Benadie . 1 hour ago
Salish watches Stanger Things.
Maggie Templeton Maggie Templeton . 1 hour ago
i have tageld hair all the time
Lemonhead Lemonhead . 1 hour ago
Use tangel spray
Maggie Templeton Maggie Templeton . 1 hour ago
jordan says: who else could it be? me: lots of people
| Crystal_Uni | | Crystal_Uni | . 2 hours ago
Salish before you brush your hair get the brush wet and start brushing your hair with the wet brush I do that and it really helps
Hayley Martin Hayley Martin . 2 hours ago
spray bottle
Julia Julia . 2 hours ago
I think that Salish is secure is that she is with Computer
• xnarxaex • • xnarxaex • . 2 hours ago
There’s a special type of brush- the combs on the brush are soft plastic so it’s easy to brush
Caroline Lofthouse Caroline Lofthouse . 2 hours ago
They have a crush on each other
Daisy Connolly Daisy Connolly . 2 hours ago
I also have hair like yours.
joy rice joy rice . 2 hours ago
I have the same nal polish
Anna Harris Anna Harris . 2 hours ago
I have knotted hair like salish
Dina Mohamed Dina Mohamed . 2 hours ago
Roslyne Bishop Roslyne Bishop . 3 hours ago
I use dry conditioner before I go to bed then wet it with water.
Blanka Ernest Blanka Ernest . 3 hours ago
Separate the two parts of your hair to both sides then grab one side to hand almost to the bottom and start brushing that little bit when that’s done with your hand a bit higher start Russian and then start brushing it from the top to the bottom and then do the same get the size then bring them back for them and start fresh and on from there
Nabila Kafeel Nabila Kafeel . 3 hours ago
Rukhshana Rahmani Rukhshana Rahmani . 3 hours ago
all australian people have light skin
Nabila Kafeel Nabila Kafeel . 3 hours ago
Ghezala Mansuri Ghezala Mansuri . 3 hours ago
I want to be as good as her at gymnastic
Kleiner 5K Kleiner 5K . 3 hours ago
Try the caravel cleanser because the scent of Florence by mill is irritating to skin
mira A. mira A. . 3 hours ago
Isla Rose Mohammad Azmel Isla Rose Mohammad Azmel . 3 hours ago
Aw well is saylish very very VERY AKWARD🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥰
Isla Rose Mohammad Azmel Isla Rose Mohammad Azmel . 3 hours ago
I think she likes nidal 😚🤣
Glamrock Chica Glamrock Chica . 3 hours ago
When Hudson shouted your welcome though 😭😭
Qweny Qweny . 3 hours ago
Is salish eyes green?🤔
Tahlia Tuncoglu Tahlia Tuncoglu . 4 hours ago
That salad was so good 💋🤞
gaone tloga gaone tloga . 4 hours ago
Love your video can you guys make a school routine Salish is so much better than you and she is 13 she makeup 💄💋 like lipstick 💄, foundation, eyeliner and more
jonel dizon jonel dizon . 4 hours ago
How old your dad say me i think 55
Junaboona Junaboona . 4 hours ago
Ik how to untangle your hair just brush from down to up sorry for being late
bocoy noiu bocoy noiu . 4 hours ago
included this comment in your next video, tysm. Keep on position I really appreciate all the work you put into making these. Thank you so much! Hope you see this
Internetconnection... - dont post much Internetconnection... - dont post much . 4 hours ago
hun I've tried EVERYTHING if your hair knots easily there is nothing to do cutting does help tho
Beautiful yumna Beautiful yumna . 4 hours ago
I love salish
Grace Fletcher Grace Fletcher . 5 hours ago
Just pull it ab
Sai Samriddhi Ragu Sai Samriddhi Ragu . 5 hours ago
i use almond oil on my hir when it gets tangled
Grace Fletcher Grace Fletcher . 5 hours ago
I sprand my finger
Keatlaretse Keaketswe Keatlaretse Keaketswe . 5 hours ago
Keatlaretse Keaketswe Keatlaretse Keaketswe . 5 hours ago
Salish likes Nadal
Shaz Shah Shaz Shah . 5 hours ago
my Sir name is Salish
Shaz Shah Shaz Shah . 5 hours ago
I Love salish
Shaz Shah Shaz Shah . 5 hours ago
Salish has amazing night routines and morning routines

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