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Nicky Youre

Nicky Youre

Published on 9 months ago

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mvrk_mp3 mvrk_mp3 . 3 hours ago
this song is wayyy to optimistic... but damn i be catchin feelins with it
StrawberryTipTop StrawberryTipTop . 8 hours ago
One of the only recent songs I enjoy, thank you
GGGodCharKelian’s Elegance GGGodCharKelian’s Elegance . 2 days ago
I love it that this got more views then
his subs
Ivan Kováč Ivan Kováč . 3 days ago
From Nelly: This song is top 1! So nice. I learned how to sing all by myself. Your so handsome. 😀
Guadalupe Castro Guadalupe Castro . 5 days ago
Mochi's Yooniverse Mochi's Yooniverse . 5 days ago
Life tip:

Play this during summertime👙🏊 🌞🏖️
K@r! [email protected]! . 5 days ago
this is such a summer song :)
MRayyaan Ahmer MRayyaan Ahmer . 6 days ago
Braxton Anderson Braxton Anderson . 6 days ago
best song ever
Mohammad khaleed Gabriel Mohammad khaleed Gabriel . 1 week ago
This music was played in my graduation in karate🤜🏻🤜🏻🤜🏻🤜🏻🤜🏻🤜🏻🤜🏻
Htoo Khant Htoo Khant . 1 week ago
La da la
OManPlays OManPlays . 1 week ago
I sing this song to make me feel better
Roberto Ramírez Roberto Ramírez . 1 week ago
It doesn't come out on spotify how do I look for it
Vinny B Vinny B . 1 week ago
Sunroof is the best song ever in the history of songs
JoshUpNext JoshUpNext . 1 week ago
This song is so happy and upbeat and makes me wanna go have fun somewhere with my family so i really love it!
candice mortel candice mortel . 1 week ago
It's so peaceful and calm😌✌
Flukeky Flukeky . 2 weeks ago
The best music i like this song thx you very much
Mark John Shorts Mark John Shorts . 2 weeks ago
Bro this song is so fire bro what the heck
Its stuck in my head bro🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Britney White Britney White . 2 weeks ago
Arlina you be my e
Logan Papadatos Logan Papadatos . 2 weeks ago
its the best😃
Ana Gabriela Ana Gabriela . 3 weeks ago
I love
nini nini . 3 weeks ago
[TC]YTHAN [TC]YTHAN . 3 weeks ago
This music brings me back to my good mood when ever i am mad or sad🙃
Mr GCU Mr GCU . 3 weeks ago
DingoYabuki DingoYabuki . 3 weeks ago
Chinese Elon Musk
프라푸치노 자바칩 추가 프라푸치노 자바칩 추가 . 3 weeks ago
진짜 얼탱없음 내가 한 노래 꽂히면 계속 듣기는 하는데 유튜브가 이 노래만 다섯번 들려줌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 한시간 플레이 틀어진줄알았잖아욕!!! 노래 좋아요!!!!
Cyrus Cheong jia hong (Punggolps) Cyrus Cheong jia hong (Punggolps) . 3 weeks ago
i love this song
Honey bear Honey bear . 3 weeks ago
This gives me summer vibes
Rhombus M Rhombus M . 4 weeks ago
The beginning and ending of this song remind me of "Sing" by The Carpenters, which has been featured on "Sesame Street".
NintendogsHeaven NintendogsHeaven . 4 weeks ago
Love listening this song when on the plane omg it hits differently when you’re falling asleep
takunda musengi takunda musengi . 4 weeks ago
CORN CORN . 4 weeks ago
It’s also gonna bee in one of my YouTube vidios
CORN CORN . 4 weeks ago
You no I post tick-tock videos and I always use this music
johnathan ashforth johnathan ashforth . 4 weeks ago
Good song
alxhaiivy🐠💦#hascovid alxhaiivy🐠💦#hascovid . 4 weeks ago
Me just vibing to this
Neymar지원 Neymar지원 . 4 weeks ago
OHHHH NICE bro 😆😆😆😆
CeeBee_Animates CeeBee_Animates . 4 weeks ago
This gives me a vibe when i immigrated to Canada, the sunshine, the food, the people. I love it here
Hữu hồng Nguyễn Hữu hồng Nguyễn . 4 weeks ago
nato giorgadze nato giorgadze . 4 weeks ago
Mr Man Mr Man . 1 month ago
Nicky Youre You are very UnderRated you deserve millions of subs
Mr Man Mr Man . 1 month ago
Very Underrated Song
Lolo Lolo . 1 month ago
Sunshine in my eyes🤩 and music to my ears😍😘
Lolo Lolo . 1 month ago
Tbh we need more songs like this. Good mood songs please!!! When this came on the radio it was like the saving grace. More more more! I love it!!!
Lolo Lolo . 1 month ago
Lolo Lolo . 1 month ago
He totally deserves this. This is amazing
Lolo Lolo . 1 month ago
Okay the graphic is amazing. The sound of his voice is amazing and melody beautiful! Congrats Nicky! Can’t wait for the more from him😊☺️🥰
Halo Kid 414 Halo Kid 414 . 1 month ago
You have such a good Chanel
Izzy Daniel Izzy Daniel . 1 month ago
Day 4 of listening to "Sunroof" for a year
Nguyễn Thuận Nguyễn Thuận . 1 month ago
Hay vãi ò
LEONE 34 TUBE 🦁 LEONE 34 TUBE 🦁 . 1 month ago
è bellissima

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