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Inside Edition

Inside Edition

Published on 2 weeks ago

The 80-year-old liquor store owner that opened fire on an armed robber with a shotgun is now back at work. He was greeted with a stream of grateful customers stopping by to say well done. When the robber came into the store with an assault rifle, Craig Cope quickly shot the person with a shotgun, hitting the suspect's arm. As the suspects raced off, the owner stood guard waiting for police to show up. Moments later, Cope suffered a heart attack which he has recovered from.

Mad 1 Mad 1 . 22 hours ago
He fought off a robbery, had a heart attack, and then went back to work.
Blank. Blank. . 1 day ago
He looks like he's from a rock band. I want to meet this man and ask for some life advice
Chris Tran Chris Tran . 1 day ago
Legend has it the kid is still screaming "he shot my arm off!"
Wasted Qwerty Wasted Qwerty . 2 days ago
Erikk Carte Blanche Erikk Carte Blanche . 2 days ago
Help de wereld ๐ŸŒŽ Help de wereld ๐ŸŒŽ . 3 days ago
Real hero man
Billy Zardonz Billy Zardonz . 3 days ago
no more excuses about recoil with a shotgun - if an 80 year real man can shoot a 12 gauge at a violent criminal with pure calm, I need to TRAIN MORE!
James P James P . 4 days ago
I'll bet it's the last time he gets robbed, too!
Angels Live Angels Live . 4 days ago
He wasnโ€™t robbed
Rombout Versluijs Rombout Versluijs . 4 days ago
I find that very brave of thisister, going back to his store so fast. He's got a very sti day backbone.
pjRaging pjRaging . 4 days ago
Was his first time being robbed and the last
Maven_zw Maven_zw . 4 days ago
Steve Rogers
Ewan Jones Ewan Jones . 5 days ago
0:05 'an armed gunman walked in'
blehbleh blehbleh . 5 days ago
lmfao the woman anchor praising the owner while the thug in the background is getting yeet'd.
Riss O Riss O . 5 days ago
Aww god bless his soul hes alive bro who's granpappy is dis
Frank Vella Frank Vella . 5 days ago
I didn't realize Jimmy Page owned a liquor store ??๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽผ
TheAnimeist TheAnimeist . 5 days ago
Is that a good guy with a gun?
Felicia Felicia . 5 days ago
Yes ..
Xerdar36 Xerdar36 . 5 days ago
I love a happy ending..
Steve Allen Steve Allen . 5 days ago
Thatโ€™s one way to disarm a crook! Uh huh huh huh ๐Ÿคฃ
Iโ€™m so happy grandpa is ok I respect him
Bad grandpa yes ๐Ÿ‘ I love him ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
MediaMarkFPV MediaMarkFPV . 5 days ago
I don't think you'll ever read this, but I'm glad you have the right to defend your life, and you did that very well. In the EU, you'll have to call the police after complying with robbers, if you can still call that is... often for a few lousy bucks of loot. Respect for this mans reaction.
Leon beardface Leon beardface . 5 days ago
Liquor? I don't even know her
Big Rich Big Rich . 5 days ago
Based man
Runner Runner . 6 days ago
I wish was there during the robbery
dumb Bell dumb Bell . 6 days ago
Manโ€™s arm got disconnected
Farmer Dude357 Farmer Dude357 . 6 days ago
I just need to know what caliber this dude used. Old guys like there 410. Seems like a small shotgun by the blast.
scycke scycke . 6 days ago
I guess you can say that heโ€™s UNarmed
joseph joseph . 6 days ago
I just wish he had a little better aim
Radioactive_Disco Radioactive_Disco . 6 days ago
Yay! Gun control WORKS! Both the store owner and criminal had guns! :) (criminal gun was plastic, I take it?)
Christion Higgs Christion Higgs . 6 days ago
lots of these recently
Jepie Jepie . 6 days ago
John Daniel John Daniel . 6 days ago
Charge that man
He shot my boy. How else my son supposed to get nikes. A new backpack. Rich Whittie got it. Im gonna take it. You oppressed me.
Leon Leon . 6 days ago
An estimated 95,000 people die from alcohol-related causes annually, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Not counting all the deaths from drunk drivers, etc. But yeah, this dude is a โ€˜heroโ€™.
Nik Cline Nik Cline . 6 days ago
I'm not crying shut up
Duck Duck . 6 days ago
Bro knows how to play Fortnite ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€ in irl
Duck Duck . 6 days ago
Thatโ€™s a W gramps
01001101 01010111 01001101 01010111 . 6 days ago
I hope their business sales quadruple because of that. This man embodies America.
Thanos Thanos . 6 days ago
Cope harder
Armored Austin Armored Austin . 6 days ago
This was the first time he got robbed and probably the last
Wang Z Wang Z . 6 days ago
"All the excitement triggered a heart attack" so people in US actually assume that someone would feel excited for shooting someone by default?
Armored Austin Armored Austin . 6 days ago
Where is the store I want to buy everything in it
Bass Comb Bass Comb . 6 days ago
He didn't defend his life but the few dollars he had in his cashier. A robber who enters a small shop with an assault weapon does it because he wants to be certain the shopkeeper will be too scared to resist. It isn't that often a robber enters the shop, kills the shopkeeper and leave. Most clever shopkeepers know that and do not resist because they don't want to die over 300 dollars. Would you? And the average robber doesn't want to kill the shopkeeper because he doesn't want to spend 15 years in jail for 300 dollars.
Drew B Drew B . 6 days ago
I mean wtf is he doing at 80yrs working liquor store
Johnny Joestar Johnny Joestar . 6 days ago
I'm just surprised he got a liquor store at 73 and is STILL working. I'm 22, I've just about entered the workforce and I already want to leave so badly lol
mmaaddict78 mmaaddict78 . 6 days ago
So did the robber lose his arm?
Jacob Kurien Jacob Kurien . 6 days ago
This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost robbed Captain old man!!
Harsh Bansal Harsh Bansal . 6 days ago
Survived the armed attack and a heart attack on the same day, can i get a round of applause in the reply for risking his life and like if you think what he did is a good thing
Idkwhatiam Idkwhatiam . 6 days ago
This reminds me of having heart attack in horror game then i saw monster and pulled shotgun.

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