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Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell

Published on 1 week ago

Cole Swindell - She Had Me At Heads Carolina (Live from CMA Fest 2022)

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Cherise Bond Cherise Bond . 2 hours ago
One time I picked the biggest dude in bar and flipped a quarter. At his head because he wanted to bet my boyfriend a dollar for a pool game let me tell y'all they all came after me I stood at a dollar as a insult. My 6'5 boyfriend and me excited quietly excited to prevent all kinds of swinging best night of my life I know I pissed that corn fed mf off. He will never forget me thanks to u n Port Arthur you were cool it could have been different.Thanks again cold beer n blues 💙. Cee cee
Grace Mankuleiyo Grace Mankuleiyo . 16 hours ago
l like this song first time heard this song.
StormSecurity89 StormSecurity89 . 17 hours ago
Man if he don't do a live show where jo dee messina storms the stage and takes over with the chorus from the orginal song... he is missing a golden opportunity
Geo M Geo M . 1 day ago
I am mexican. I love Joe Dee Messina performance but as we mexican say ,this version " no tiene madre " sounds chingon. I love it.
Guadalupe Lucio Guadalupe Lucio . 2 days ago
Still love it. Thank u cole for sharing. Wat a great song.
Hollie Hollie Hollie Hollie . 2 days ago
Jo dee Messina is the best concert I have ever been to. She's great in concert. I highly recommend.
Spencer Mahon Spencer Mahon . 3 days ago
This is so well done. Reminds me of when Jake Owen did a take on Cougar's "Jack and Diane"
Josie Doyle Josie Doyle . 3 days ago
I like this one 🤩 Iove I
Katherine Myers Katherine Myers . 3 days ago
Katherine Myers Katherine Myers . 3 days ago
Love it @cole swindelle
Beth Swansboro Beth Swansboro . 3 days ago
He's awesome. Love the drums in this one. He's so darn adorable!
Heather Akers Heather Akers . 4 days ago
This crowd needs to get more hype. Also this song slaps. Imagine if at the end of the song the OG chorus plays all the way thru subtly as he sang.
rose jeudy rose jeudy . 4 days ago
Jennifer Callahan Jennifer Callahan . 4 days ago
Love me some Cole Swindell his music is awesome as always!💗
Mystericskye Mystericskye . 6 days ago
Georgia proud!!!!
Heather Pitts Heather Pitts . 6 days ago
This is one of my favorite 🎵
Samantha Banks Samantha Banks . 7 days ago
U did so good keep it up
Jennifer Dijames Jennifer Dijames . 1 week ago
Love Jo Dee Messina and Cole Swindell too. ❤
Anja Bach Christensen - West Coast Swing Anja Bach Christensen - West Coast Swing . 1 week ago
Just came back from a 3 week roadtrip in California with my husband and children. We played this one every day in the car and sang. I head first time when we was in Santa Barbara
Jennifer Craine Jennifer Craine . 1 week ago
Cole is becoming one of my very favorites. Every song and album he puts out is 🔥! Being a Carolina gal makes me like this song even more. 😘
Payton Schafrath Payton Schafrath . 1 week ago
Hey Cole I love this song
Sharron Lietzke Sharron Lietzke . 1 week ago
This is a fantastic song. I can’t stop listening to it. It got me the first time I heard it
Lydia 'Void' Valentino Lydia 'Void' Valentino . 1 week ago
Love the song but that crowd is sleeping
victoria Hafer victoria Hafer . 1 week ago
I Love all your songs Cole your amazing singer ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Brandon Harris Brandon Harris . 1 week ago
Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY . 1 week ago
🌀❤✈❤🎶 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Daniel Bienapfl Daniel Bienapfl . 1 week ago
When I heard this one on the album I'm like omg it's a classic. It nene gets old good job on your version man
Melinda Ingram Melinda Ingram . 1 week ago
Good job Cole Swindell I love this one
lightning Jockey lightning Jockey . 1 week ago
I like that she sang in the background make the song better and the intro guitar & lead. Always country and cowboy❤️🤠
Leigh Leigh . 1 week ago
country music really did talent, but the original was great!!!
Peggy Peggy . 1 week ago
Amazing song Cole Swindell
gianni gianni . 1 week ago
You did a really great job!謝謝分享, thanks for sharing!👍😄👏
Rachelle Sperry Rachelle Sperry . 1 week ago
Love this song 💕🥰
Wendy Lynn Wendy Lynn . 1 week ago
Absolutely incredible love this thanku so much love and God bless always x
Val Steeves Val Steeves . 1 week ago
Great song. Love it 💕 Looking forward to your concert in Austin the end of September
Realtruth-Sherrie Realtruth-Sherrie . 1 week ago
Love this song 🎶
Sherry Turner Sherry Turner . 1 week ago
This is my jam and my ringtone!! Love it. Greeting from east Tennessee.Great performance Cole.

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