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Published on 7 months ago

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Ktlyn, aka Ktlynraps, the TikTok sensation came to Dash Radio to talk to Maiwand of Wand's World about her rise to viral stardom and how she's transitioning from social media to the industry.


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Naomi Naomi . 2 months ago
Tf?? this girls voice sounds nothing like her rap voice 🤔
Karlina Karlina . 2 months ago
The fprced blaccent when she raps is 🤢
Travis Rowe Travis Rowe . 2 months ago
So glad she doesn’t put on a fake accent when she talks lol. Seems like a good genuine person.
Alejandro Leonardo Alejandro Leonardo . 3 months ago
These are the pieces of 💩💩 influencing young children to think like they do now.
Migle Vo Migle Vo . 3 months ago
Proud Ktlyn, you go girrrrrl xxo
Joe Maggi Joe Maggi . 3 months ago
She raps with a blaccent but speaks like a white girl 😆😆😆🤨
Joe L Joe L . 3 months ago
Now it makes sense, she grew up off of you got served in Omarion as her favorite "rap stuff" corn ball... 🤡
Joe L Joe L . 3 months ago
She's laughing like her looks have nothing to do with her tik tok fame, like most of the reason she blew up wasn't because 12-year-old boys want to look at her and watch her lip sync rap music and make up terrible dances, that tick tock shit is so corny
Jessica Knofla Jessica Knofla . 3 months ago
jcctech307 jcctech307 . 4 months ago
great interview
Joe L Joe L . 4 months ago
Guarantee this girl has never heard of Nas or Big L or DJ premier...she's from the west coast I'll bet she doesn't even know dilated.
Joe L Joe L . 4 months ago
Selling out her first show AKA not paying dues..tired of these gen Z tik tok 'rappers' chick is corny af
Denise L. Wilson Denise L. Wilson . 4 months ago
Loving Her!!!
Samm M Samm M . 4 months ago
Woah this was made before Handsomer Remix too! A true genuine person and talented artist. Can’t wait to see where she’s at in 5 years and look back at this
Jaesyn G Jaesyn G . 4 months ago
Russ done put her on
Lee Stens Lee Stens . 5 months ago
Check out Russ Handsomer remix ft Ktlyn
Alana King Alana King . 5 months ago
You got served was so fucking pivotal! I started dancing hella after that movie! Idgaf if anyone thinks it was cheesy that movie was dope as a kid
Leslie Blevins Leslie Blevins . 5 months ago
Love her
The Encouragement Kid The Encouragement Kid . 5 months ago
hell yeah very dope MC
James Mutscheller James Mutscheller . 5 months ago
I’d buy stock if I️ could bout to blow the fuck up
Dairick Pierce Dairick Pierce . 5 months ago
She sooo 🔥🔥
Cassandra Hada Cassandra Hada . 6 months ago
I absolutely adore you Ktlyn !!
DANNY626CALI DANNY626CALI . 6 months ago
I like her she is 🔥 her voice damn and she is a MC 🔥🔥
Alicia F Alicia F . 7 months ago
DAS MY BABYYYYYY!!! My velvet voice queen

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