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Published on 2 weeks ago

A stunning courtroom moment in Alex Jones’ defamation trial. The lawyer for Sandy Hook parents reveals in court that Jones’ lawyer accidentally sent him texts and emails from his cell phone. The bombshell twist proved Jones wasn’t telling the truth in prior statements. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on this shocking moment and the high stakes in this trial. Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer joins, adding Jones “has shown on the stand to be a liar.”
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Ari Melber Ari Melber . 2 weeks ago
You could have been anywhere in the world, but you're here with us, and we appreciate that!... For more of our videos from The Beat, subscribe to our YouTube playlist at ... we upload every weeknight...
Khaloz Lunna Khaloz Lunna . 15 hours ago
Elaine Johnson Elaine Johnson . 24 hours ago
You know it is a bad day when a prosecutor reminds you that you have the right to claim the 5th Amendment!
Elaine Johnson Elaine Johnson . 24 hours ago
Hmmm... Gotta wonder if Alex Jones's lawyer did this to him "accidentally"?!? The lawyer doesn't look surprised or upset or apologetic when the prosecutor reveals this major "screw up". The defense lawyer had 10 days to correct the "error" and did nothing to do it.
Dr. Sakile Camara Dr. Sakile Camara . 1 day ago
He lies because there are no consequences. As long as he can hide behind bankruptcy the consequences do not matter. He needs to lose everything and his assets need to be seized.
Alex_poly Alex_poly . 1 day ago
If this is true. Then the court is extra stupid to stage this. Because after this he wil get so much attraction he wil earn it al back.
Jóñ Jòñ Jóñ Jòñ . 1 day ago
Strange things happened there
Shawn Rose Shawn Rose . 2 days ago
Rzenia S. Rzenia S. . 2 days ago
The amount of adds are on YouTube is can't watch any videos and not be interrupted just about hundreds of times
Julie Schliesmann Julie Schliesmann . 3 days ago
I don't think people realize what a hero this man is... Alex Jones Exposed the Occult practices of the Oligarchy leaning Bohemian Grove. He is a hero an he has been demonized by both the Left and the Right. He is actually a hero who is caught in the middle of the left and the right. ease up on him
Michael Yante Michael Yante . 3 days ago
You folks lie for the sake of manipulating the population of the USA. Alex Jones statements of exuberant candor over sandy hook is well in the realm of freedom of speech. But unlike you he will take care of those families. You the liars trying to play social engineering with the communist democratic party. Alex is seeking truth, you folks are a deluded treasonous arm of the Epstein clan. This country will not miss you when you're gon!!!
Blayne Blayne . 3 days ago
This is so stupid. U can't sue people for being offended. If you don't like him don't watch him. Ppl suing for their feelings hurt
Inquiz- Ahteev Inquiz- Ahteev . 3 days ago
Lord Thank You for putting this liar out for the world to see 👀❗
wholly mary wholly mary . 4 days ago
Alex Jones is within his Constitutional right to free speech how could he be prosecuted for this?
wholly mary wholly mary . 4 days ago
All parties have to have all the evidence all lawyers on both sides have to have copies of all the evidence, he should have them read the testimony back to him
wholly mary wholly mary . 4 days ago
This is a matter for the Supreme Court since Alex Jones is within his constitutional rights to free speech
J Keahbone J Keahbone . 4 days ago
I would love to have the cell phone info from Biden, Harris, pelosi’s husband, bill Clinton, hunter “ coke and hookers “ Biden. I promise you Alex Jones phone is like nothing compared to the Demoncrates phone web. 😂
Brian Brown Brian Brown . 4 days ago
Man.. it is amazing to really see how manipulated and skewed a story can be based on the political side a news platform leans toward. I find it really interesting that this whole trial is based on an independent speaker holding a belief for a certain amount of time. So…where is the belief of free speech? I get the whole “free speech doesn’t mean free of consequence,” but you say he’s not in protection of free speech because of the action of others due to a belief he temporarily held and the fact it was insensitive to the feelings of those affected? So…where is the accountability for the politicians and major media platforms that have been caught lying and misinforming? KNOWINGLY and FOR PROFIT. Especially when the results of these lies have been far more detrimental. Why is it people believe the truth is so crucial and there’s consequences for not telling the truth for Alex Jones, someone I’m sure they’ve only made their conclusions based on what the media had told them to believe, but not for the mainstream media and politicians? Or at the very least, question their legitimacy.
Nelio Anderson Nelio Anderson . 5 days ago
The conservatives are just as evil as the democrats. The minute there is a bill on the floor that gives them more power or money,all of a sudden both sides vote yes bipartisanly
Mark Dodani Mark Dodani . 5 days ago
What a coward
Big Cappy Gaming Big Cappy Gaming . 5 days ago
"Alex Jones stunned"

Proceed to watch a video of Jones staying calm the whole time. Wtf 😂😂😂
Algahiem Algahiem . 5 days ago
IMHO, The best thing that Alex Jones can do at this point (aside from maybe resignation in seppuku) would if he permanently retired from conspiratorial "journalism" altogether and stay off social forever. The man has done more damage to his country than any terrorist.
Heer Syal Heer Syal . 6 days ago
Oh, it's too delicious!!! Justice, when it arrives, can be so so sweet!!! Thank heavens!!!
P.S. The Mistake was no mistake.
Igor BF Igor BF . 6 days ago
Karma is a biatch.
Tony Smith Tony Smith . 6 days ago
A genuine Kangaroo Court! Between the biased judge and the forensic financial investigator, you would have thought you were watching Saturday night live.
Steve Jagielski Steve Jagielski . 6 days ago
Msnbc is biased
Johan Van der Linden Johan Van der Linden . 6 days ago
I don't throw the word "evil" around lightly, but Alex Jones is evil. He traded on the grief of parents who lost their 6-year-old children.
What's Up In Space? What's Up In Space? . 6 days ago
Alex Jones for 10 years: "It's fake! False flag! They're lying about it to take your guns! The parents are liars!

*Alex Jones is found guilty and then goes to court to deem just damages to his victims

Robert Chellew Robert Chellew . 6 days ago
So sandy hook was real ? I’m a sucker I saw a doco about it being a fake event
JenX JenX . 6 days ago
Alex Jones is one greasy Carl’s Jr Burger & bump of coke away from a heart 🫀explosion 🐷💥🐮
Neilos Beverly Neilos Beverly . 6 days ago
james fiaco james fiaco . 6 days ago
The most advanced ancient Royal elite super superior ancient civilized nations. Made sure all their loyal subjects were able to live and die to the highest standards of quality that were available during that time. and they can do this without anyone overstepping their boundaries. Because the end result of such a lifestyle. Is constant consisting physical mental financial spiritual progress occurring within each and every moment of life. That Level of care to oneself and others results in a truly positive force that is self perpetuating continuously.
kathy Turner kathy Turner . 6 days ago
He is a dirty filthy liar. There are somethings you can’t take back and usually when you get caught is when you want to take it back. Would love to have been in the room when those text messages came to them. Like they say they love fat boys in prison 🤣😂
big boom big boom . 6 days ago
What does it matter if he had text messages on his phone about it or not it was something he was clearly dealing with and talking about so why would it matter this s***'s crazy and honestly the parents of these children might deserve something from somebody but not from this man
TheGordo1996 TheGordo1996 . 6 days ago
MSNBC always tells the truth. You remember every text message in your phones, right?
Clifford Rau Clifford Rau . 6 days ago
Jone's lawyer 'accidentally' sent emails to plaintiffs attorneys?
Where did Jone's lawyer get his law degree? Trump University? 😂
Vikki McDonough Vikki McDonough . 7 days ago
Hoist with his own petard... 🤣🤣🤣
N. S. N. S. . 7 days ago
Honestly I dont like Alex jones, but had anybody actually looked deep into sandyhook subjectively? Alex jones realized he cant win because hes up against too much, but honestly i have doubts about Sandy Hook. My main argument that I came up with myself is that if you look on the internet for interviews with Sandy Hook kids, how come not a single one of them speaks about how they saw any blood or they saw a shooter or they saw one of their friends die? Or that they even had a friend that died? how come all the kid's interviewed only talk about how they saw cops and thought there was an animal loose in fhe school. Or that their teacher was reading to them. Also, in one of the very first newscasts a reporter is talking to a kid and they're describing how a gunman was taken away in handcuffs and no kids were killed. and the medical examiner on TV says, quote, he "hopes this doesn't blow up in the faces of these people of Newtown" I wouldn't be so quick to judge before you look at the facts. Alex Jones is Not someone who I think is beneficial for anyone to watch but this might be the one thing that he's right about.
Bone Breaking Action Bone Breaking Action . 7 days ago
Alex Jones was right
Tony Ray Tony Ray . 7 days ago
Jone’s lawyers are as stupid as foxes.
tipperary links tipperary links . 7 days ago
Heh heh heh.
Scumball Jones. Imagine a father + supposed grown man making a living exploiting the murders of tiny children + their families' grief.
Makeup By Becca Makeup By Becca . 7 days ago
Deer in the headlight look
John John . 7 days ago
Ben Ben . 7 days ago
Alex Jones is a CIA hangout, or operative... He's place, and set stage to make people believe "conspiracy theorists' are loon. To also excite and stoke FEAR, and provoking civil war... He is also admitted he's 'pro martial law' he's staged his death as Bill Hicks, a stand up comedian in 80's and 90's .. oh, be sure if anyone talks to Alex tell him that he left his mask's a CIA headquarters.
Joe Earley Joe Earley . 7 days ago
Such a disgusting disgraceful shameful inhuman inhumane soulless person run this guy up a flagpole by his ankles to rot and let the turkey buzzards feast on his bloated lard.
dave m dave m . 7 days ago
If only the media and majority of political class were taken to task in a similar way for lying and misleading the public into supporting an invasion of a sovereign country in Iraq.
tibzig1 tibzig1 . 7 days ago
He was always a nut job but what kind of a society do we live in now where everyone (including our government) lies to each other. It really is difficult to separate fact from fiction.
tibzig1 tibzig1 . 7 days ago
This case not withstanding, sadly, the government has indeed fed disinformation, misinformation and outright lies as far as its own conduct is concerned. Ruby ridge and Waco are just two examples.
Donalds Angry Donalds Angry . 7 days ago
Alex Jones is just a simple water filter merchant
Kron161 Kron161 . 7 days ago
Alex Jones' lawyers followed the ethos of the profession to the letter: "ensure that your defendant has a fair trial"

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