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Published on 1 week ago

DJ Khaled feat. Drake & Lil Baby - STAYING ALIVE (Official Video)

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Winston U Winston U . 46 minutes ago
if we’re being real the songs mid
Marcia Harvey Marcia Harvey . 1 hour ago
"How she in love she bend over once." Drake feeds my soul!!! "I I I I I staying ALIVE "❤💜💙🖤
Guy Shechter Guy Shechter . 1 hour ago
Lil baby don’t miss
Bharat Parihar Bharat Parihar . 1 hour ago
Rootskitchen Rootskitchen . 1 hour ago
That hook is special..
Rootskitchen Rootskitchen . 2 hours ago
prod cio prod cio . 2 hours ago
its:hassan faiz its:hassan faiz . 2 hours ago
lil baby look like ywn melly
All Luv All Luv . 2 hours ago
This sucks
MorDDY KoBa MorDDY KoBa . 2 hours ago
Drake once said: I'm a popstar I'm not a doctor "🥺
سنفورة عمانية سنفورة عمانية . 3 hours ago
Drake makes every track better
Audio Within Music Audio Within Music . 3 hours ago
0:33 Doctor's in real life😂
Noise Noise . 3 hours ago
dj khaled is best ever
Limitless Féløh Limitless Féløh . 3 hours ago
WTF happened to my screen...
Jake Bodenhamer Jake Bodenhamer . 3 hours ago
this is rather cheeks methinks
Harshavardhan Kaduru Harshavardhan Kaduru . 4 hours ago
0:19 That girl?????????????
RAPH RAPH . 4 hours ago
This one of the greatest in this year
the Unsung god the Unsung god . 4 hours ago
Lmfaoo baby holding the tongs the wrong way in the beginning is funny as fuck 😂
Kelmarday Johnson Kelmarday Johnson . 4 hours ago
Money Made Music Group Money Made Music Group . 4 hours ago
Here before 100 million
Lavenda Monroe Lavenda Monroe . 4 hours ago
hmmmm love the video...dont care for the song tho
School J School J . 4 hours ago
Wuz dat mean wen I broke she treated me like a T?
Ahmed Manka Ahmed Manka . 4 hours ago
Really life 🌍
GloUp GloUp . 5 hours ago
This msg is for my future self august 2022
GloUp GloUp . 5 hours ago
Here before 10 million
Blood_sus Blood_sus . 5 hours ago
God did
koiun dwrru koiun dwrru . 5 hours ago
Great music, great people, great vibes go hard with Authentic views
Dmac Dmac . 6 hours ago
“Baby gon hit it and send it to me” is no doubt the worst line I’ve ever heard, that’s super sus
Gola Motswane Gola Motswane . 6 hours ago
These guys aren’t even trying anymore.
Uptown Bully Uptown Bully . 6 hours ago
This lukewarm af.
Frost Frost . 7 hours ago
Ngl Drake killed it but Baby verse was too short and the whole song just uninspired, rare L
G4BR31L G4BR31L . 7 hours ago
Drake indirectly kissing his homie with the hookah
Unapologetic Unapologetic . 7 hours ago
Who decided auto tune cool again???
Quinton Haygood AKA THE REAL DRIZZY DRAKE Quinton Haygood AKA THE REAL DRIZZY DRAKE . 7 hours ago
Casually signs off on paperwork: DRIZZY DRAKE LOL 😂
dhdyrjfmenrydka dhdyrjfmenrydka . 7 hours ago
LandProperty NG LandProperty NG . 7 hours ago
Drake and Khaled makes music 🎶 look easy and good but its worth it
Rodney Mwetwa Rodney Mwetwa . 8 hours ago
“I’m a pop star not a doctor “ look at you now drake, look at you now
Cayman Combat Club Cayman Combat Club . 8 hours ago
when Baby started singing the chorus fam. I was not ready.
plizy plizy . 8 hours ago
Sorry Khaled, you got the most annoying voice in hip hop but the music is pure fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Chelo2low Chelo2low . 8 hours ago
This hook is 🔥specially when you from d trenches #ontop
Josh Terry Josh Terry . 8 hours ago
We honestly just need a album with drake and baby
NickJaca 76 NickJaca 76 . 8 hours ago
I really wanna work in this hospital, i can be the janitor 😀
Anime Store Anime Store . 8 hours ago
This sound like lil mosey stuck in a dream🔥🔥
Jake Bates Jake Bates . 8 hours ago
Lyrical geniuses and they repeat the same words over and over again till they get a full song out of it. Grow up and get some real talent, this shit depressing asf!😐🔫
F Street F Street . 9 hours ago
They said drizzy be taking people music 😂😂😂 not my boy
C K01 C K01 . 9 hours ago
Definition of P 🫡
M Money M Money . 9 hours ago
Soo much good. Typa end type beats voice are great
Gimba Zuma Gimba Zuma . 9 hours ago
This song lit, thanks Khaled for adding drake and Lil baby 💥💥🔥🔥

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