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Published on 1 week ago

DJ Khaled feat. Drake & Lil Baby - STAYING ALIVE (Official Video)

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AKA Stretch AKA Stretch . 1 minute ago 🤷🏾‍♂️? How it’s sounding
r34ct r34ct . 14 minutes ago
Lil Babys autotune is jumping aaallll over the map. Is that on purpose??
Magna Odium Magna Odium . 28 minutes ago
Sαɱʂʅσɯҽԃƚԋιʂ_ Sαɱʂʅσɯҽԃƚԋιʂ_ . 1 hour ago
I ain't feeling lil baby part I'm sorry he sound sloppy on the track lol
Kyle Bright Kyle Bright . 2 hours ago
The song is dope, and DJK hits are banging. But… it bothers me so much when he says another one on everything he does.
Bought a DJK album awhile back and couldn’t listen to it due to the stupid saying every song. ANOTHER ONE 🙄
So annoying.
DJ Bass DJ Bass . 2 hours ago
KTerror KTerror . 2 hours ago
This nigga drake is the smoothest nigga on planet earth. And WHO MADE THIS FUCKING [email protected] GET HIM 4 GRAMMYS NIGGGA... 4!
Starlin Valdez Starlin Valdez . 3 hours ago
Bee Gees, great song
dueeh nyyu dueeh nyyu . 3 hours ago
Drake is the greatest it’s so hard not to acknowledge it,he has given us his all and gave us vibes we should appreciate.Thank You Drake
Ichigo Uchiha Ichigo Uchiha . 3 hours ago
Thomas Evans Thomas Evans . 3 hours ago
Need that Jk D Animator mix
Lucas Schroeder Lucas Schroeder . 3 hours ago
What in the actual fuck is this!? Khaled making some of the best artist make shitty ass music......just quit already
Kaeden Whiteman Kaeden Whiteman . 3 hours ago
Y’all been known baby don miss tho, and drakes ass tryna cut him off w that chorus tho mane
Tre Owens Tre Owens . 4 hours ago
Jack Whotton Jack Whotton . 4 hours ago
Most awkward song ever and I love drake
jake hedger jake hedger . 4 hours ago
These comments are paid 100%
Raeshaun Jones Raeshaun Jones . 4 hours ago
Just missing future : pull up !
Raeshaun Jones Raeshaun Jones . 4 hours ago
That’s the old school drake beat that we’ve been missing . He needs to bring that back with the reverse effects
Grey concrete Grey concrete . 4 hours ago
nice tune try me 💯 time
Zach Zach . 5 hours ago
Tanny Zhu Tanny Zhu . 5 hours ago
ZMM on the ASX. 99.2% down. Huge investment opportunity?
Sebastian Munoz Sebastian Munoz . 5 hours ago
I watched weedhotsama and reported it to the fbi. I think they infiltrated the u.s government and now are controlling all of USA.
SDMOVFX SDMOVFX . 5 hours ago
Another one 🔥
💙💙💙💙Another Oneeeee
Dludlu Lungile Dludlu Lungile . 5 hours ago
This whole song sounds like drake and lil baby swaped verses
Argoti gonzalez Argoti gonzalez . 5 hours ago
Yo this is trash 😂🤣🤣
Drumming king 🤴 Drumming king 🤴 . 6 hours ago
my mo is a nurse
Sarah Bardsley Sarah Bardsley . 6 hours ago
Love this ❤️🔥🔥fire track from them both
Bruhstoise Bruhstoise . 6 hours ago
Bro literally stole a whole hook right in your face

Drake fans: “he’s showing homage!” “Paying respects” “drake is inspired by the beegees” “all the artists are biting each other’s flow”
Jac Jac Jac Jac . 6 hours ago
Beat 🔥Ready for instrumental.
Darios King Kay 🤴🤴 Darios King Kay 🤴🤴 . 6 hours ago
FILET. FILET. . 6 hours ago
“Ah ah ah ah, we’re staying alive”
that’s from Bee Gees song “staying alive” lol 🔥
andrea andrea . 6 hours ago
H Saeed H Saeed . 7 hours ago
Killer song STAYING ALIVE💯💯💯
Wayne Wayne . 7 hours ago
This fentanyl epidemic is VERY serious. Stay safe out cheer
Ye Ye . 7 hours ago
Yb better
Wayne Wayne . 7 hours ago
I just had a NDE so this song means so much to me! Addiction sucks but I’ll stay strong! Fire song
Harley Williams Harley Williams . 7 hours ago
Haha for the god given you theif
FTM BEATS FTM BEATS . 7 hours ago
Harley Williams Harley Williams . 7 hours ago
Just in time tired of being a popstar
Sonu ehan Sonu ehan . 7 hours ago
nice vibe
Waun Tyler Waun Tyler . 7 hours ago
Dj Khaled the only person who can lose 20 pounds but looks like he gained 40
Goo_ie Goo_ie . 8 hours ago
Was this a sample on lyrics or sun cuz there’s an old song that says I I I I stay in alive stayin alive
WattLife WattLife . 8 hours ago
Cool song, but this just sounds like the same old beats and lyrics just recycled. I believe they have lost their originality and creative ability.
sizzle wizzle sizzle wizzle . 8 hours ago
Its dope but feeling like Brazzers 🤣
stvr shoppn stvr shoppn . 8 hours ago
this a HIT 🫶✨🤍
Playah Syndicate Records Playah Syndicate Records . 8 hours ago
Try me a hunnid times
Wanted me to lie, wanted me to cry, wanted me to die (real life)
Ah, ah, ah, I'm stayin' alive, I'm stayin' alive
I'm stayin' alive, I'm stayin' alive (another one)

This track start with a wicked vibe!

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