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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Published on 3 weeks ago

Senate Democrats announced a surprise deal that would lower health care costs, reduce the deficit and combat climate change, and New York City residents are on edge as inflation has nearly doubled the price of a beloved bodega staple. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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Jetmorrison Jetmorrison . 1 week ago
RIP Rodney Dangerfield !
Jussi Raitoniemi Jussi Raitoniemi . 1 week ago
The Old "Baitin' Mitch"
Cindy Kidd Cindy Kidd . 1 week ago
IMO Joe Manchin and Schumer pulled off the biggest con on Mitch McConnell. Play the democratic bad guy, put the republicans in a false sense of security that they had him, so they would pass the chip bill that needed the filibuster, so they could pass this bill that only needed simple majority BOOM!!!! 🔥🔥💯💯💯👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
John Doe John Doe . 1 week ago
Vote out Joe Manchin
Dream Palmer Dream Palmer . 1 week ago
Oh scary ice-cream truck😣
Dream Palmer Dream Palmer . 1 week ago
Oh stephen always soo funny😆😆 love the ways he uses the various news clip to emphasize his points🤗
Em B Em B . 1 week ago
FYI, before Reagan, the corporate tax rate was 70%
Em B Em B . 1 week ago
I forgot I was the only one who dreamt about my teeth falling out
William Temple William Temple . 2 weeks ago
I believe, and it may be because I am an Ohioan, but joe boi has seen the writing on the wall. With the popularity of John Fetterman and Tim Ryan The Democrats will no longer be beholding to his shenanigans and his days as a Washington power broker are numbered. So, now he is playing nice in order to retain as much influence as he can before he gets a boot in the back side.
Nanyu Busnis Nanyu Busnis . 2 weeks ago
2:16 Wow, he really let himself go. Looks like a potato sack with limbs. xD
willene botha willene botha . 2 weeks ago
Washington's best kept secret .....! ice cream is best!!
willene botha willene botha . 2 weeks ago
Great speech Steven ! Keep fighting .I lived in the worst polluted place sin the world!!
Jay Siegel Jay Siegel . 2 weeks ago
#TaxidermyChickenThigh 🤣
AlbastrelAlbastrica AlbastrelAlbastrica . 2 weeks ago
Bernie and activism are the reason these provisions finally saw daylight.
Fernando Jimenez Fernando Jimenez . 2 weeks ago
Kym Taylor Kym Taylor . 2 weeks ago
Let's vote in 60 Democratic Senators and silence Moscow Mitch and the filibuster
KL005 KL005 . 2 weeks ago
MrLes Berg MrLes Berg . 2 weeks ago
0:49 Stephen, the fact that a _single person_ can hold our climate hostage is absolute _bullshit._
Amy Jackson Amy Jackson . 2 weeks ago
For less than $20 you can buy all you need to make a dozen bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches. All the ice cream trucks in my area only sell pre packaged products, so they don't use sprinkles. Since they also have no place to wash hands, this is better anyway (but still gross), A box of cones and carton of ice cream is less than $5 at Aldi.
D. L. D. L. D. L. D. L. . 2 weeks ago
Bet the fart pass is the same size as my vaccination certificate, but metal. What, you thought it would be round?
jzizzles jzizzles . 2 weeks ago
Bout time corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share!
C R C R . 2 weeks ago
Manchin had to do something “Democratic” prior to the Mid-terms otherwise the writing was on the wall and he is too deep in and intoxicated with his/his family’s decades of “the elected to office and self-serving-liar lottery”. Finally Democrats are punching at their weight! Bout friggin time! Moscow Mitch the Terrapin B—-h and the Christian nationalists and other fascist Republicans have nothing to counter with because they have zero policy positions on anything to benefit Joe and Jill American. By the way – Joe and Jill are non-binary names so don’t try and come at me with any of your sexist crap all you Republican leaning and Maga orange mafia clowns.
Pepe Galego Pepe Galego . 2 weeks ago
Remember the original bill was 1,7 trillion, so...a quarter?
Em Sedgwick Em Sedgwick . 2 weeks ago
Inflated 👍 for you just like the numbers are Inflated for the rest of the American Citizens. I mean, it won't affect you, though. You are a Multi- Millionaire, Stephy. Why don't you write some unfunny jokes about how your country somehow isn't in a Recession?
William Pride William Pride . 2 weeks ago
What if game does not feed people or reduce inflation or crime or answer any questions related to. Way to tell it like it is ..
c martinez c martinez . 2 weeks ago
Democrats can’t do much against machin; he is a senator in a red state and prolly the last senate democrat in that state for a loooong time. Sinema on the other hand is in a purple state where another democrat has a good chance of winning senate seat. Democrats knows it and sinema knows it. She tanks this bill and she knows she is screwed in a primary.
c martinez c martinez . 2 weeks ago
Mitch McGobble got outplayed. Nice!
Davide de Muro Dominijanni Davide de Muro Dominijanni . 2 weeks ago
A good lesson for you all. This is "Daily Too Late Lesson": never drink while watching Stephen Colbert on TV and Internet or listening his podcast! Never ever!!!

I spilled my long coffee out through my nose around 3:10 / 3:11 and could go even much much very much worse... I could have choke myself!!!
JADOE F.M JADOE F.M . 2 weeks ago
The “mega rich”….he just had to exclude himself lol we all know he making that rich money 💰
B.C. Ennis B.C. Ennis . 2 weeks ago
Anybody know the name of the song the band started playing at the end? I recognize the riff but can't remember the rest of the song.
Jose Tomatos TV Jose Tomatos TV . 2 weeks ago
Does anyone get the methane easy pass joke about not liking where it's going to go? I thought it was hilarious, but I can't find one person that sees it the way I do, LOL. Can anyone reading this respond on what you think he means when he says, "your not going to like where it goes."?
fm9572 fm9572 . 2 weeks ago
The weed dealer at the bodega has to sell something to actually count as a business. Bacon Egg and Cheese is the perfect choice.
Bernard Walden Bernard Walden . 2 weeks ago
Impossible and full of pork is this bill.
Stevens Zmek Stevens Zmek . 2 weeks ago
So companies will increase prices for products and pay their employees less. The rich already park their cash in other countries... At the end "normal" people get to pay even more.
Oussama Qariouh Oussama Qariouh . 2 weeks ago
at 5:10 the cameraman had to just let it out lmao
Peter Pickering Peter Pickering . 2 weeks ago
As we buy fuel from the dirtiest countries in the oil producing world ?? Finally the rich will get taxed and pass down increases to consumer?? Not to forget we will be spending billions for solar panels from China ?? All this means nothing if we can't afford to live ... So fuel prices stay up inflation stays up and we deny recession , and MSM CNN and MSNBC tells us to shut up and deal with it .
Jon Roesler Jon Roesler . 2 weeks ago
It isn't as if Joe Manchin is the only person keeping things from getting done that are good for the country... there are about 50 others, too.
BXGUY73 BXGUY73 . 2 weeks ago
ONLY 15% taxes on the BILLIONAIRE Companies? That's nothing it should be at least
27-32% with NO EXCEPTIONS.
Corey Soyka Corey Soyka . 2 weeks ago
Bruh why would you block a bill for chips? We are so dependent on Taiwan and who knows what China is going to do.
DW R DW R . 2 weeks ago
Now, watch Sinema block it......
Clea Clea . 2 weeks ago
Aahh... that's sadly optimistic. At this point, I wonder if anyone will be left by 2030.
aa bu aa bu . 2 weeks ago
As great as this is all we are doing is taxing corporations or giving money to “make” electric vehicles or solar panels etc. cheaper. So that burden will be passed on to average citizens. We need to work on real reduction, upcycling, and research to come up with alternative or more efficient energy options…. Did anyone mention nuclear?
Kristy Egg Kristy Egg . 2 weeks ago
Manchin, what have you been doing?? This could have been done months ago.
Shawn Bennett Shawn Bennett . 2 weeks ago
Too late damage is irreparable. Mass amounts of methane from all over siberias permafrost is seeping and it only gets worse. Putin didn't just invade ukraine with out a reason. He is gonna need food before the coming food shortages. But hey 40 year too late I guess is better then nothing .... Prolly should circle back to the Climate Stephen might want to let everyone know how bad it really is. Get Neil out here. I can take bad news from him at least he is jovial about it.
Roberto Chaves Roberto Chaves . 2 weeks ago
Cable news needs to go
Cthrnhrbn_ Cthrnhrbn_ . 2 weeks ago
if the reps like it it is bad for US
Cthrnhrbn_ Cthrnhrbn_ . 2 weeks ago
check what the vets get do the 911 victims and families health payments get paid like they said ??
Pedo Peter Biden Pedo Peter Biden . 2 weeks ago
A pre pubescent girl wrote in her diary that SHOWERS with her DAD were INAPPROPRIATE 😳
Open secret JACK
Catalina Catalina . 2 weeks ago

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