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Published on 1 week ago

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benny blanco, BTS & Snoop Dogg - Bad Decisions (Official Music Video)

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sillypak sillypak . 1 week ago

*EDIT* i'm immediately blocking negative comments. i don't know why some of yall just can't let me enjoy music and enjoy the MV. i keep seeing ppl write 'this reaction doesn't feel genuine, you rushed it- um, no. HOW ABOUT YOU REALIZE i was enjoying the freakin song FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER & got extremely excited. this MV has a lot of funny details so i let the MV play through. not EVERY video has to be me pausing every line & screaming everyone's name in order to enjoy a song. plus it's not even that deep. this song is supposed to be silly and fun. why does everything have to be about 'oh you didn't recognize blahblahblah' OMG SHUT UP. just fyi- i jumped into this song without knowing WHICH bts members would be included in this song so i didn't know what to expect & was trying to figure it all out WHILE getting distracted by the funny mv hahaha. so yes I NOTICED JIN'S VOCALS DURING MY 2ND LISTEN (IT'S IN MY REACTION @ 13:40) and i didn't know it wouldn't be an OT7 collab which is why i wasn't 100% sure if there were hidden vocals- now i know it's a vocal unit collab but omg THEY ALL SOUNDED AMAZING i was really overwhelmed by how JK OPENED THIS SONG WITH SO MUCH STYLE, THEN WE GOT JIMIN'S HEAVENLY FLAIR, & JIN'S BEAUTIFUL TONE & OOH AAH'S & TAE'S AMAZING HONEY FIRE VOCALS ANYWAY AAAAAAAAAAAH THIS SONG IS A DELIGHT. had so much fun with this one *cries* OOOH~ AAAAH~!!!
susTv susTv . 3 days ago
I didn't even know they had a collab coming out. This is such a banger.
James Lau James Lau . 3 days ago
The line distribution is so much better on this track...more jimin and jin is always a good thing.
Horchata22 Horchata22 . 4 days ago
I don't know why people are complaining about this video, to me it's so good. The voices of our boys are there, and this video has an 'army' perspective. I just love it and I love that you enjoy the video and song as well.
Joaofelipe Fontes Joaofelipe Fontes . 4 days ago
Você precisa entra em contato BTS eu tenho o contato dele me avisar
Ludi Garcia Ludi Garcia . 4 days ago
love your genuine reaction...keep being you cuz there's only one of you
~Euphoric Armii Borahae~ ~Euphoric Armii Borahae~ . 5 days ago💜
Cynthia McBrairty Cynthia McBrairty . 6 days ago
You are so genuine!! Made me smile throughout your reaction! Loved it💜💜💜💜
Luz Ayllon Luz Ayllon . 6 days ago
Our vocal line killed the song it biutifull Benny represents us so well and Snoopy love him this MV it to much fun 🤟🤣💜
Linda Buford Linda Buford . 6 days ago
Love you girl!!! i ALWAYS look for your reaction before anyone else!!! <3!
Jackie Clore Jackie Clore . 6 days ago
Please react to Hobipalooza!
I Don't Have Think I Don't Have Think . 6 days ago
Ikr in this song Jin sounds kinda different and you can't really tell if it was him or not but also this was just with the vocal line the rapline aren't in this song!!!!
Eda Eda . 6 days ago
im still waitin skz video :((( its been a looong time
Gloria Benites Gloria Benites . 6 days ago
BTS 💜💚💛
Remi G. Claremont Remi G. Claremont . 6 days ago
Just luv the way Benny X mark his calendar till the concert day! Jus like waiting the song from teaser hehe
Mobula Mobula . 7 days ago
Damn same you
Kitten Of Chaos Kitten Of Chaos . 7 days ago
This video is SOOOOO awesome and happy!! And as an army it makes me feel seen lol, and you know Benny is an army in real life😉. Such a fun, flirty song! I love it. I also love that he was wearing Jimin's outfit in Dynamite! The attention to detail was so thoughtful.
7 to heavan 4ever 7 to heavan 4ever . 1 week ago
This is literally all of us 😄💜 have a butter-ful weekend Army
Mimi Garcia Mimi Garcia . 1 week ago
La canción es genial. Todos somos Benny!!!. Y Jimin impresionante.
jhs jhs . 1 week ago
I love that you were also excited for snoop dogg like i did 😁 i thought you weren't gonna turn on the CC cause i really want to see ur reaction to the intro which snoop said "BTS and double O P".. Tbh i really like that part & snoop's rap part is unexpected haha, but it's good~ i just LOVE this song SO MUCH!! The way jk "played" his part, swearing, high note. The way jimin also played his part too, so sexy (lol). The way taehyung sings with his deep voice as usual & the way jin sings his part with his soft & beautiful voice 😭💜
jhs jhs . 1 week ago
Actually before you noticed jin's part, he was already singing before, even though he might not sing as much as jungkook does. But it's fine tho, cause we're more focused at the MV which benny as an army 😂 and the rapline is not featured in this song, just the vocal line. I love this song too, it's better than i expected.. The way they sing with the tone, it's really catchy & so good 💜 jin, tae, jimin, and jungkook did really amazing job~ i miss them so much.
doc ray doc ray . 1 week ago
You should react To bts come back home ,no more dream , mic drop concert 🔥🔥
circle circle . 1 week ago
Benny blocked the video for Russian ARMYs.
BTS were against discrimination based on nationality, skin color and gender. Now ARMYs are divided into bad and good? I did not do anything bad. It is so painful!
Patricia James Patricia James . 1 week ago
The song runs for 1hr straight on the color coded lyrics, when you can see each part who's singing.
Patricia James Patricia James . 1 week ago
The rap line wasn't apart of the video/song, l guess that why they don't show them because everybody wasn't apart which we respect that.
Evette Lawrence Evette Lawrence . 1 week ago
Your reaction was the best out of about 10 different reactors I've watched on this song. Lol it was like iwas watching this mv for the first time e eventhough I've seen it many times already. I love it everyone was like awwww the cake. When I first watched it I did the same thing. Almost made me cry he messed up the cake. Great job.. ❤ ur enthusiasm. I love bts 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜
Chidinma Ezekwere Chidinma Ezekwere . 1 week ago
Critical Hit Critical Hit . 1 week ago
As a fan of Uncle Snoop, I’m disappointed at his performance. I feel like in all his pop features he has no effort and feels like he is just in there to mess around. Snoop needs a rapper that goes hard that makes him push his pen a bit more, like the feature with Eminem this year. Eminem managed to bring out the best of Snoop, the beast he was in the 90’s and early 00’s
Mary Kendrick Mary Kendrick . 1 week ago
Adesola Dairo-Adewumi Adesola Dairo-Adewumi . 1 week ago
I love the song and your reaction is epic.
Sunset Sunset . 1 week ago
I guess the cake was an example of a Bad Decision? It looked good, though
seaflea3 seaflea3 . 1 week ago
where can I get a baby bomb like this? its so cute!💥💜
Maricel Orozco Pèrez Maricel Orozco Pèrez . 1 week ago
Thanks for your reaction it was so cute, 😉this MV represents the real life of Army before a Bts concert, you have gained a new subscriber. take care of yourself 😊💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Tony Maroni Tony Maroni . 1 week ago
Hi Silvia from the UK.
Phoebe Morris Phoebe Morris . 1 week ago
This is so me when I was getting ready for a BTS concert in LA. I love this song and the MV....the vocal line did a phenomenal job in singing this song and yes, this is a life of an ARMY! I have their posters up and their albums displayed along with other merchandise. I love being an ARMY! Thank you Sillypak for your reaction....have a wonderful weekend!🙂💜
Ani Ani . 1 week ago
I love the song... But your reaction is so lit.. you represented all the Army's reaction.. so cute.
Wolf X Gamer Wolf X Gamer . 1 week ago
Me - it's time to watch sillypaks reaction

My ears - pls don't 😂.

I am just kidding 😊
Binaday, Reynold O. Binaday, Reynold O. . 1 week ago
Is there Hobipalooza reaction?? I really want to see your overflowing reaction of what jay-hope did haha 🤯
carlagirl7 carlagirl7 . 1 week ago
The song is only the Vocal Line (no Hobi Suga or NamJun) and they killed it! I Love this song!
차mia 차mia . 1 week ago
어머 반가워요 더 이뻐지셨네요 탄이가 새 곡을 발표하니까 반가운 아미들을 보니 참 기뻐요♡
cheesecake cheesecake . 1 week ago
i am so disappointed with this song tbh, snoop's verse was not it....i would like it if it would have only been the vocal line.
I have issues I have issues . 1 week ago
Jiya Vachhani Jiya Vachhani . 1 week ago
So good vocals..
Tae's deep voice stands out incredibly amazing
오송휴 오송휴 . 1 week ago
너무 신나고 즐거운 곡이예요..근데 베니가 너무 불쌍하군요..ㅎㅎ 💜💜💜💜
Shawn Taylor Shawn Taylor . 1 week ago
Great reaction love the song
Shruti Shruti . 1 week ago
Melody wilson Melody wilson . 1 week ago
i loved it
roseaeee roseaeee . 1 week ago
THIS SONG IS SOOO FREAKING GOOD!!! And the MV BENNY AS ARMY HAHAHAHHAA TOO GOOD!!!! Also i couldn’t stop laughing when you said you know benny more through mukbang than as a producer HAHAHAHHA
dalliim Kim dalliim Kim . 1 week ago
네가 울 때 처음에는 너무 오버한다 생각했는데 이젠 나도 같이 울게되네 ㅎㅎ 😂
Mari Amato Mari Amato . 1 week ago
I just can't get this song out of my head! It's so catchy and I couldn't stop laughing at the end of the MV. And the cakee lol Thanks so much for the amazing reaction!💖💖

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