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Bailey Zimmerman

Bailey Zimmerman

Published on 9 months ago

Bailey Zimmerman - Never Comin’ Home (Official Music Video)

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Rumor round town
You've been getting down
With some ole boy at the bar
Heard he looks like me
Bet your daddy's so proud
He won't get you very far

You ain't nothing like your momma
Girl you're so full of drama
And I've got you on your knees
Begging baby come back
I didn't mean that
Saying that you miss me

Been on the road for ten months now
Tuesday of next week
The nerve you had to go behind my back
Girl you're lying straight through your teeth
Lights, camera, action
Karma's back at it
And you're jumping back to we
'Cause that ole boy done did you dirty
The same way you did me

And I've got you blowing up my phone
'Cause you don't wanna be alone
Closed that door on me
And I ain't never comin' home
Oh, no
Ain't never comin' home
I've said goodbye
Don't make me say it twice
Now I'm a rolling stone
And I ain't never comin' home
Never comin' home

Girl we were shining then you two timed it
Two facing me oh, ya shady baby
Why ya trying ain't no silver lining
Coming back to me? Don't be crazy baby

And I've got you blowing up my phone
Cause you don't wanna be alone
Closed that door on me
And I ain't never comin' home

Ho, home

And I've got you blowing up my phone
'Cause you don't wanna be alone
Closed that door on me
And I ain't never comin' home
Oh, no
I ain't never comin' home
I've said goodbye
Don't make me say it twice
Now I'm a rolling stone
And I ain't never Comin' home
Oh, no

Ain't never, never, never comin' home

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Bailey Zimmerman Bailey Zimmerman . 7 months ago
Watch my latest music video "Change"
John Brundige John Brundige . 15 hours ago
I like his voice, but someone needs to figure out how to mix it with the instruments. This is the second video I've watched, neither one is well done.
Natasha Myers Natasha Myers . 1 day ago
Daniel Cleveland Daniel Cleveland . 2 days ago
Heard don't fall in love and I'm hooked you have an awsome amazing voice. Props to you man.
Lily Horn Lily Horn . 3 days ago
Is this the same house Hardy filmed A Rock in???
MakeItRainShain MakeItRainShain . 3 days ago
Strictly watched this video in hopes there would be more of Caroline.
Scott Horn Scott Horn . 3 days ago
Awesome song brother!!
Emily B Emily B . 3 days ago
I don't know who broke your heart. But damn, you are making some good music off her!
Alissa Peep Michael Alissa Peep Michael . 4 days ago
Helps with my breakup 2yrs ago still hard for me but this song and all your songs are my therapy
Kate Gillham Kate Gillham . 5 days ago
IM SPEECHLESS... 👏👏👏🙌😇😇 You are it.. 💯💯💯💯
A. M A. M . 1 week ago
I've listened to a few songs by him....he's gonna go far! Love the voice.
Today’s Tomorrow Today’s Tomorrow . 1 week ago
Your so very good!!!
kobeforever 24 kobeforever 24 . 2 weeks ago
you deserve way better bro! believe me been through it! been cheated on 27 times now and i'm about done with the bitches!
Amber Holloway Amber Holloway . 2 weeks ago
Awesome music 🎶 🎵 👌 👏 I'm obsessed 😍 ♥️
Nobody Special Nobody Special . 2 weeks ago
Strong voice on this kid
Heather Nicole Heather Nicole . 2 weeks ago
Morgan Wallen WHO???
J K J K . 2 weeks ago
right now
Jacob Gore Jacob Gore . 2 weeks ago
Jason Aldine times 100000000000000000
Jacob Gore Jacob Gore . 2 weeks ago
Keep doing yo shit man this is awesome!!!
Marisa Peck Marisa Peck . 3 weeks ago
Luv all his songs! Damn- that voice!!!! can't stop listening! Can you say "future Grammy"? for sure
Jen Graves Jen Graves . 3 weeks ago
Loved the video,
Dieverse Raps Dieverse Raps . 3 weeks ago
That's why don't wanna fall in love is in the raid now. Keep going my boy. Keep singing. Your what's next. Look at those veiws
Samantha Samantha . 3 weeks ago
You're amazing Bailey!! I love the part of the song where it slows down.
I Remain Productions I Remain Productions . 3 weeks ago
This kid is the future of Country
Belt Buckle Barn Belt Buckle Barn . 3 weeks ago jam 🎸
Teri Rodriguez Teri Rodriguez . 3 weeks ago
This gentleman can be the next Garth Brooks with these lyrics!!!
Ethan Brown Ethan Brown . 3 weeks ago
You can just feel how serious he is by his expressions
T.J. Oxley T.J. Oxley . 3 weeks ago
seems more like a guy that should be in a rock band
Richard Christianson Richard Christianson . 3 weeks ago
Got that Billy Idol sneer to a lesser degree.
520 D'Block 520 D'Block . 4 weeks ago
Bruh .. Cuhh is going to be legendary 🙌🏿!
YTfilms4You YTfilms4You . 4 weeks ago
Kids going places. Big places.
Kenneth Welch Kenneth Welch . 4 weeks ago
Holy shit I wish you leave pictures in the comments! Straight up goose bumps! You sir are bad ass!
Ryan Kos Ryan Kos . 4 weeks ago
Think I'm just going to keep this on a loop until I hate her enough.
Trevor Alexander Trevor Alexander . 1 month ago
The intro is exactly what happened with me with a crazy girl I was talking to but I was the one that ended up finding her drunk on snapchat with a guy I had on snap in her apartment.
BaseballBoi9 BaseballBoi9 . 1 month ago
u gotta sing this at your concert on july 16th i’ there
Ervin Smith Ervin Smith . 1 month ago
Bailey Zimmerman rock and hard place cover by Ervin own no rights to song
Chuck Nien Chuck Nien . 1 month ago
Holy freakin shit, this is daaaaamn goooooood
brenda L golden brenda L golden . 1 month ago
Digging it & you ♥️
DHardy87 DHardy87 . 1 month ago
Man glad to see more country like this between You, Morgan, Church, Chris S. and few more yall are carry the torch...
Melissa Wilcox Melissa Wilcox . 1 month ago
he'll be the biggest in country soon just you wait
Devyn Howard Devyn Howard . 1 month ago
😢I love this t
Email Email Email Email . 1 month ago
You should do a collaboration with Laine Hardy
The two of you singing together would be amazing
Dylan Joseph Dylan Joseph . 1 month ago
Dude I remember seein you pop up in my TikTok like what feels like forever ago and now you’ve got some hits and rockin out with some big names good job ol son
Claire Rhoades Claire Rhoades . 1 month ago
Love this song!!!!!!!!
Luis Lule Luis Lule . 1 month ago
Women just cheated and now I’m out here drinkin on a 18 pack of Budweiser feelin this bitch right here
Country Dingess Country Dingess . 1 month ago
Damn good one!
Simpin Shihadeh Simpin Shihadeh . 1 month ago
Literally in love with you
Jennifer Boucher Jennifer Boucher . 1 month ago
How do we get more of this on the radio?!
Kimberly Wilson Kimberly Wilson . 2 months ago
Just made it to number one on Sirius the highway #1
Love love love his voice!

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