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Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll

Published on 1 year ago

The official music video for "Sober" by Jelly Roll

This song and this video represent the essence of what I stand for.. this song is the gateway to what I truly believe is the best album I’ve recorded to date…this begins the next chapter of “Jelly Roll” - get ready - the ⛈ is back. ⛈ ⛈ ⛈

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Listen to the album:

I woke up this morning a little hungover 
It hits different since I got older 
Still got this old chip on my shoulder 
The stubborn side of me will never get sober 

Try to numb my pain but the bullshit never works 
I run from shame I’ll do anything to heal the hurt 

I fucked up again 
Hide behind my sins 
I’ve found everything but closure 
Learn to swallow pride 
Behind these Hollow eyes 
I don’t see change getting closer 
I’ll never get sober 

I deal with this pain don’t ask me how 
I just hide behind a mask of smiles 
When I’m down and drunken bound I get as high as I can be 
I don’t like the person that’s inside of me 

Try to numb my pain but the bullshit never works 
I run from shame I’ll do anything to heal the hurt 

I fucked up again 
Hide behind my sins 
I’ve found everything but closure 
Learn to swallow pride 
Behind these Hollow eyes 
I don’t see change getting closer 
I need to get sober 

I woke up this morning a little hungover 

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angel mcconnell angel mcconnell . 2 days ago
you have an awesome voice and a sorrowful soul. i can feel your pain in the words you sing. you are on a upward spiral now in your life ENJOY IT
Benjamin Thompson Benjamin Thompson . 3 days ago
Damn Jelly. Heard about you for years and just happened to come across a video with you at Grand Ole Opry. My grandparents used to watch that when I was littler and more sober. So decided to take this morning to listen to some of your stuff. Left me speechless. You are a true hero for the crowds. Keep on keeping on brutha.
Paula Swindle Paula Swindle . 3 days ago
But I hat is your testimony? Are you sober?
Angela Elie Angela Elie . 4 days ago
Rest high Zach… I love you 22 to young .. I will always remember you
J Bettz J Bettz . 5 days ago
unknownparabola unknownparabola . 6 days ago
Heroin will kill me.
Tim Robinson Tim Robinson . 6 days ago
Glad your making coming to the country side too u got a heck of a voice bro
Nichole Copper Nichole Copper . 1 week ago
Thank you for finding the words some of us can't say. And letting us know we aren't alone in the war against ourselves ❣️
MischiefPuppy MischiefPuppy . 1 week ago
What I love is the (possible) hint to Bunni binging a show girl and having her problems also. He really is the sweetest and funniest man ever. 💛💛💛
harleybabe1367 harleybabe1367 . 1 week ago
We are human...we ain't perfect
Lance Germain Lance Germain . 1 week ago
This guy is deep and can relate to all your music your awesome
Bob Phillips Bob Phillips . 1 week ago
Cool tune brotha
craig bourque craig bourque . 1 week ago
We so love you Jelly. I owe u bro.
JB Machine JB Machine . 1 week ago
4 million plus views but only 93K likes? Folks we can do better for Jelly! Cmon'!!
Glen Verdin Glen Verdin . 1 week ago
This gotta be my absolute favorite bro bro lol frfr hmu I’m the algorithm 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏿👆🏿👆🏿
John Eldridge John Eldridge . 1 week ago
Man not trying to tell you what too do .
But would be cool hearing another song like .
Save me the vibe from that those lyrics.
Hit hard . Emotionally.
Brian Lenihan Brian Lenihan . 1 week ago
Im brian im 22 struggling with ice and this song as well as SAVE ME ... SON OF A SINNER DUDE I PRAY I MEET YOU ONE DAY FOR THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL N THE HOPE YOU GIVE❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏
Alex Lloyd Alex Lloyd . 2 weeks ago
Damn fyre moldio gurto heso
Nick Vallone Nick Vallone . 2 weeks ago
I’ve never been super into this style of singing, but fucking hell man, this is one of most moving songs I’ve ever heard.
Kathy Phipps Kathy Phipps . 2 weeks ago
These songs by jelly roll hit home the way I grew up in a life of a father making me do bad things ,,it was normal for me starting at the age of 9,,now I know I'm broken inside,,how can anything heal my hurt cause it's so hard to have faith in something that I was told didn't exist for me cos I'm not special in any way and I've come to gripes with that and I'm not sure if I'll ever have it,,not cos I don't want to it's cos I have a hard time believing that there is something better,,jelly roll I love you and you touch me to my very core❤️
KennyFishbone KennyFishbone . 2 weeks ago
Wow...feeling it
adam hamilton adam hamilton . 2 weeks ago
Dope song. Keep coming back
Reject-chubbz Reject-chubbz . 2 weeks ago
Can't wait to see you in Salt Lake thank you for all you do jelly
steven roberts steven roberts . 2 weeks ago
Dude it's your music like this song that's helping me get through so much shit right now. Trying real hard to stay sober. Ty
BrnAgn2000 BrnAgn2000 . 2 weeks ago
I'm living proof that you CAN get sober. #fighttheGoodFight💪
Lisa Gullette Lisa Gullette . 2 weeks ago
Take a bow!!!! Much appreciated
Jamie Paul Jamie Paul . 2 weeks ago
I hate what I've did
Jamie Paul Jamie Paul . 2 weeks ago
I wish I was sober hearing this bubba
Clifford Clifford . 2 weeks ago
I'm feeling it tonight
Joshua Nixon Joshua Nixon . 2 weeks ago
Can’t wait to see you perform at lake county fair grounds here in Illinois! God bless you man! You’ve come so far and gos to show never give up on your dreams you never know what you can accomplish!!
Karma Karma . 3 weeks ago
currently need this
Dylan Harman Dylan Harman . 3 weeks ago
Seems you've had the same thoughts Im going through rn
Jenn Bowen Jenn Bowen . 3 weeks ago
Love your music you have the greatest voice I can relate to so many of your songs..
Sandra Carter Sandra Carter . 3 weeks ago
Uses awesome Jelly Roll you are just awesome
chapa chapa . 3 weeks ago
I struggle so much to be sober but my past keeps pulling me back I'll never get sober I'm a sinner your song says it all cheers brotherman
Matthew Hummel Matthew Hummel . 3 weeks ago
Jelly Roll I cant tell you how many times you have saved my life your music is so powerful and I love it
kari hallden kari hallden . 3 weeks ago
Please come to Rockford, Illinois
We want to see you!!!!! I want to hug you!!!!!!
Richard Childress Richard Childress . 3 weeks ago
Jelly man I can't thank you enough for the inspiration you have given me to move forward and not forget the past but to love where I have come from in south Knoxville you talked to me through your music there is nothing like sleeping on the living room couch with a 32 clip for your homie just in case something happend but I changed my life around and had a kid my mom died and before that I was listening. To your music you are the real inspiration
Madz Cromer Madz Cromer . 3 weeks ago
Part of me wants to be clean but the rest of me wants to kill all the pain
Cookie Nichols Cookie Nichols . 3 weeks ago
Thanks Jelly, it's a monster that doesn't let go
Jake Richards Jake Richards . 3 weeks ago
Been here since 10 minute freestyle days.. still hoping I meet you one day. Much love from north Little Rock Arkansas, Jelly
Mark Naylor Mark Naylor . 3 weeks ago
This Cat is gonna change my life for sure truth in his words of steel!!
Wee Daz Wee Daz . 3 weeks ago
Thought that was Oasis for a second.
stephanie monfelt stephanie monfelt . 3 weeks ago
I love your music
Catherine Catherine . 3 weeks ago
Just discovered Jellyroll ❤️ Been SOBER and saved 3 years now and the inner man has perished so I am a new creation!!! Keep following the Lord brother. He has you on this path to bring Him glory and I pray you remain in his will. THIS FALLEN WORLD NEEDS YOU!!!!❤️🙏🏼❤️😊🙏🏼❤️
C F C F . 3 weeks ago
Please don’t tell me you won’t never get sober and I’m counting on you
Toy Chica Toy Chica . 3 weeks ago
My brother passed away June 22 I came across this the morning they found his body .we both had our habits but we got sober .this song really hit me .I wish he could be here . hear this song so we jam to it through our city !! He passed of a heart attack .he went through a tough up bringing gangs went through all that and more come through it .a heart attack took him .I hope he is around listening with me I think of him with this song . Love from McAllen Texas
David Norman David Norman . 3 weeks ago
I feel this song
Patricia Cummins Patricia Cummins . 3 weeks ago
I lost my granddaughter just 2 weeks ago...suicide victim ..she suffered with her addictions and turned away from all who loved her ....I miss her so much and feel I just didn't say or do the right things to pull her back to us...I was up many nights worried about where she was and what she was doing ...played your songs ....almost every night....thank you for being you and helping me feel the struggles of so many
Brandon Lewis Brandon Lewis . 3 weeks ago
my girl & i fk with your music heavy. we've been clean off of iv heroin for almost a year - this one hit hard [ as usual ] .. the way you turn thoughts, feelings, etc. of an addict into music is a beautiful talent. just wanted to say ty bro, your songs have got us through so many rough days.

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