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Published on 2 years ago

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Luis Santiago Luis Santiago . 2 hours ago
when I was younger I saw alot of separation and toxic relationships.I got into my first one late in life because I thought I was not normal as an introvert I was told always that it was not normal not wanting to be one.14 years later and wasted time I should have stuck to my gut instinct and not followed societies norms.This song hits hard as I'm trying to find myself again and I will never be the same.We put in so much into relationships to grow together but usually end up growing apart.
Casey Eskew Casey Eskew . 5 days ago
His hair is beautiful
Casey Eskew Casey Eskew . 5 days ago
CBrenner21 CBrenner21 . 6 days ago
My absolute favorite song 🎡 πŸ’“
Melissa Dominguez Melissa Dominguez . 7 days ago
OMG this song 😍
Chelsea Keylon Chelsea Keylon . 1 week ago
In country we don't care about racial slurs. We know we have amazing black country singers and people say things they shouldn't who tf cares he's human.
My 9yr old granddaughter listens to him and I didn’t know who he was but loved his voice and songs. I kinda remember a country singer saying something bad racially but didn’t realize it was him until now. Everyone makes mistakes the important thing is if we learn from those mistakes! I feel like he has.
I love Danny Duncan I love Danny Duncan . 2 weeks ago
this is a good song but did nobody notice that this music video is for the way i talk?
Tabitha Howard Tabitha Howard . 2 weeks ago
i love this song. when i hear this song i think of my past. its very hurtful, and i think of my ex. and how i wasted so many years worried about how he is now. i hope he knows now that i cant stand to have any memory of him. its all wasted on you.
Godisgood Allthetime Godisgood Allthetime . 2 weeks ago
Grew up listening to country music. Now our daughter loves this music. Papa would be proud. Driving in his GTO. Windows down. Music blaring. He'd take my mom by the waist. They'd dance around the living room.
Hillori Sartin Hillori Sartin . 3 weeks ago
This is just a mash of his other videos put to this song.
EMME EMME . 4 weeks ago
I'm here loving his music
Matt Matt . 4 weeks ago
This is my favorite song still.
Celestia Stacey Celestia Stacey . 4 weeks ago
Can anyone let me know why as a woman of color gets strange looks from both sides when I drive around or whatever Im doing ppl look at me as if I'm not real and can't really be into country music, I have listened to country music all my life,my parents made sure that music of all genres was appropriate'd in our household, and especially listening to it as my father and brothers went out on the road,I come from a family of truck drivers,I started when I was 16, and most times being out there that's all you have to keep you company,the only thing is that I wish country music station 's would play more of the woman of country,I just wanted to ask if anyone else out there has or knows any women of color that enjoy country music and if so have they ever gotten the side eye because of it, cause just like everyone else,I listen to mine loud and proud and sing along.thank you for listening or reading.
Lisa Rynai Womac Lisa Rynai Womac . 4 weeks ago
Lovin this song!!! Soooooo talented I can't get enough πŸŽ‰
Anthony Butto Anthony Butto . 4 weeks ago
Although I’m not a big country music fan, I’m definitely feeling this song. Consider checking out my guitar cover of it
Pat Carrion Pat Carrion . 4 weeks ago
Good song πŸ‘πŸ’œ
Gigi Quillian Gigi Quillian . 4 weeks ago
I'm glad he didn't bend the knee too deeply. Wonder why white folks get in trouble for something black folks use to address each other on a regular basis. The word lost all importance once black folks started using it. Change that and maybe normal people can then take the charge of "racial slur" seriously. By the way, I heard Morgan say "nigga", no hard "r". Did I mis-hear him speak??
Erik Wayne Erik Wayne . 1 month ago
I felt this shit so much that I stuck it on repeat.. Real πŸ₯΄πŸ’•
Robin Ward Robin Ward . 1 month ago
I don't care what he believes, that's his right.....still doesn't stop him from being talented. I just found him and don't care about his past.
Shamane Laroche Shamane Laroche . 1 month ago
Love this song!!
kylee y kylee y . 1 month ago
I love this song 😭
Ashlan10 Ashlan10 . 1 month ago
Yy5h565 dr
Azucena Ayala Fournier Azucena Ayala Fournier . 1 month ago
I love this song β™₯β™₯β™₯
Wasted on you

All of this time, and all of this money

And all these sorries I don't owe you, honey

All of these miles on this Chevy and prayers in a pew

All them days I spent, wasted on you

Wasted on you

Im hooked!!!
Ethan Carpenter Ethan Carpenter . 2 months ago
This the way I talk video
Craig Stout Craig Stout . 2 months ago
Fake music video
D Bombers D Bombers . 2 months ago
That’s the way I talk and whiskey glasses you lier
Chris Schley Chris Schley . 2 months ago
Kinda bluesey, don't you think?
Corey Lambrecht Corey Lambrecht . 2 months ago
This is not the official video.
Tammy Fellers Tammy Fellers . 2 months ago
Holy $h!T he is super. Sexy with short hair!!!
Quentin Lewis Quentin Lewis . 2 months ago
Beautiful song seriously
Jennifer Boucher Jennifer Boucher . 2 months ago
Yas, love it
Melissa Vidal Melissa Vidal . 2 months ago
anthony pietronave anthony pietronave . 2 months ago
Great song, terrible video!
Erik Parkyn Erik Parkyn . 2 months ago
im sorry but how can you upload this as a "Official Music Video" ? I will admit that i could be wrong and to be clear im not trying to hate on you at all nor am I meaning any disrespect but im pretty sure you cant, because this is not an "Official Music Video" for -wasted on you because if it were it be on morgan wallens official channel and its not. so basically you just took random scenes from his older videos and overlayed the wasted on you audio. I dont know man I mean who cares what I honestly think or what my opinions feelings or thought are on the matter, but I kinda think thats not cool and a little weird because thats 1. misleading 2. false advertisment im just saying that maybe you should be careful how you label your content. also Side note I love this song too as I never thought much of him as an artist until I heard the acoustic version of wasted on you, I instant I heard I was hooked, wasted on you put him on the map and made me see his true potential as a country artist in my mind. wasted on you is a good song but the acoustic version is way better than the studio version.
Betty Spencer Betty Spencer . 2 months ago
He is great
Pun Hugs Pun Hugs . 2 months ago
this is from other music videos 🀣🀣🀣
Pun Hugs Pun Hugs . 2 months ago
you tryed
Pun Hugs Pun Hugs . 2 months ago
Renee M. Renee M. . 3 months ago
I also heard this song being a country music lover for the first time today May 25, 2022. I have never known of him before and I absolutely love his voice and tone of music. I had no judgment before hearing his gorgeous song. Apon searching the original song I found the interview with Michael Strahan. I honestly think it was very ignorant of him to make such a remark but we all as humans make mistakes and deserve a chance to make our wrongs right. He did his due my opinion. I still love and will listen to his song and will continue following him as a singer. BTW I am half Black half white.
Alicia Vazquez Alicia Vazquez . 3 months ago
Obsessed with this song
Cheryl Laka Cheryl Laka . 3 months ago
First time listening to him, I love this song. I'm hooked!!
Noah H Noah H . 3 months ago
What a horrible music video. God damn it what’s wrong with this shit
May Wise May Wise . 3 months ago
My mom got me stuck on this song and I love it
Derek Belveal Derek Belveal . 3 months ago
Dude doesn’t miss
Cate McGahhey Cate McGahhey . 3 months ago
Love his new music on dangerous
Ramone Shields Ramone Shields . 3 months ago
He invited to my cookout idc what he said he ain’t say it to meπŸ˜’
Carol Alsentzer Carol Alsentzer . 3 months ago
love this song!
Krystal Stucy Krystal Stucy . 3 months ago
This song is so true when it comes to my biological father he wants to keep taking advantage of everything and I'm over it!

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