Play / Download Hitting a Honda Plunger Trick Shot Backwards
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Chris Ivan

Chris Ivan

Published on 2 weeks ago

I ALWAYS have permission before my trick shots. Don't do this at home especially without permission! Its simple fun but treat people how you wanna be treated :)

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Aravind Raj Aravind Raj . 6 minutes ago
me who have seen a plunger only in tom and jerry cartoon..😂
Eddie Freddie Eddie Freddie . 19 minutes ago
Vivaan Arian Vivaan Arian . 29 minutes ago
You’ll go in jail kid
Guriya Singh Singh Guriya Singh Singh . 33 minutes ago
Frog Frog . 1 hour ago
Throw it back
JAY-POP JAY-POP . 1 hour ago
Teacher: what does ur father do ?
His son : he throws Plungers on signs !
🏎Super Symbol🏎 🏎Super Symbol🏎 . 1 hour ago
My dream video. Honda The power of the dream!
Rajat Dahule Rajat Dahule . 1 hour ago
Le ltkake tuze milta kya hai chutiye
Ashish Shetty Ashish Shetty . 1 hour ago
This looks so stupid, and why are great people like ceo of YouTube etc are co operating with this guy
jelly dog jelly dog . 1 hour ago
“normally im not good at pulling out”💀
Red Sox fan 22 Red Sox fan 22 . 2 hours ago
Change ur name to plunger poppy plsss

Terence Hsieh Terence Hsieh . 2 hours ago
Me: Welcome to the Oscars, can you tell me how you got famus and what you did in you're career.
Him: ... Plunger (*´∨`*)
ItzRyDawg ItzRyDawg . 3 hours ago
I’m glad bro corrected it 😬
Yogii Rathore Yogii Rathore . 3 hours ago
Someone: I'm jobless
Me : you should see this guy he is jobless too still he has the job 🙂
Giga Chad Giga Chad . 3 hours ago
"HIT THE N...." -👴🏻
Jervis Jervis . 4 hours ago
he looks like shazam
Hassan H Hassan H . 4 hours ago
“I have to hit the a hole at least once🤤”
Shubham Sharma Shubham Sharma . 5 hours ago
What is this bullshit
2ka23_Aqila Rhozan Y 2ka23_Aqila Rhozan Y . 6 hours ago
Liam Godinez Liam Godinez . 6 hours ago
Man when is he gonna break a sign for once and had to pay for it😏🤣
Does he leaves them there or gets taken down ?
Sarthak Gupta Sarthak Gupta . 7 hours ago
Honda has some beautiful girls in there
JJ Chavis JJ Chavis . 7 hours ago
My dad is 7 foot
S0mySomSom001 S0mySomSom001 . 7 hours ago
Do you just leave there after?
Sanctus Sanctus . 7 hours ago
How do you get them down?
Isaac Isaac . 7 hours ago
"Before I finish I have to get it in the a hole at least once"
Darryl Tabor Darryl Tabor . 7 hours ago
Yeah I would have problems pulling out also..
GG Icy GG Icy . 8 hours ago
Random comment but any of yall remember plants vs zombies. Real nostalgia dude
Lord Smallest Lord Smallest . 8 hours ago
"I'm 6'6"
Holy frick do you live in the Netherlands bruh?
Josiah legomaster Josiah legomaster . 8 hours ago
Everybody interest of you doing trick shots with plungers. me wondering how you have so many plungers
Parker Paschall Parker Paschall . 8 hours ago
A fellow 6,6 chad
BullshitingMyWayToTheTop BullshitingMyWayToTheTop . 10 hours ago
"I gotta hit the A-hole"

ieatblackbabiesforlunch ieatblackbabiesforlunch . 10 hours ago
Bryce James: boy I'm only 15 and I'm 6'6
they waved at someone else they waved at someone else . 11 hours ago
gawd dayum
Fahad Radiamoda Fahad Radiamoda . 11 hours ago
The guy is as tall as MJ. Why are you working at a dealer ship play basketball.
Fahad Radiamoda Fahad Radiamoda . 11 hours ago
The guy is as tall as MJ. Why are you working at a dealer ship play basketball.
anne mackie anne mackie . 12 hours ago
“Before I can finish”
Gerald iskha Gerald iskha . 12 hours ago
Random Memes Guy Random Memes Guy . 12 hours ago
Imagine your car getting searched
Big goosy Burber Big goosy Burber . 13 hours ago
Gotta hit the what 👀👀
Duncan Biernaski Duncan Biernaski . 13 hours ago
Could you make a video showing how you get them down from the signs
Toilet paper Toilet paper . 14 hours ago
How do you get the plungers down
PopCat4Life PopCat4Life . 14 hours ago
DRE FF EXE DRE FF EXE . 14 hours ago
"I got to hit the A-hole"
**𝗚𝗼𝗲𝘀 𝘁𝗼 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁𝘀**
Ikram A Ikram A . 14 hours ago
That's one of the most passive cheering I've ever heard
Dawit Seifu Dawit Seifu . 15 hours ago
Now I hit the a-hole
Normally I’m not very good at pulling out
Like ay yo wtf ☠️☠️☠️☠️
BigKam Savage BigKam Savage . 15 hours ago
Pause not good at what 😹😹
dominick williams dominick williams . 16 hours ago
I find this to be the stupidest thing ever

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