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Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey

Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey

Published on 2 weeks ago

NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Owens was approached by an accusatory white woman accusing him of reckless driving. After exchanging words with him, she called the cops and turned on the tears. Dr. Rashad Richey and Yasmin Aliya Khan discuss on Indisputable. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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rigomortisfxstudios rigomortisfxstudios . 8 minutes ago
all Karens are like the night of the living dead
David ratliff David ratliff . 10 minutes ago
This news guy look like a mix between Stephen A and Michael Irvin ! But T.O need to ignore this bitch
LD Davis LD Davis . 11 minutes ago
Only in America-Don King
Lee 345 Lee 345 . 16 minutes ago
My advice; avoid at all costs and do not engage a Karen.
Susan Ottenthal Susan Ottenthal . 17 minutes ago
Boxing Basics Boxing Basics . 27 minutes ago
Terrell seems to prefer white women I think he has biracial children a lot of black men seem to prefer white women and he doesn't have to live in that white neighborhood he chooses to live in that white neighborhood if he wanted to he can move to a majority black neighborhood but he doesn't he decided to live in a white neighborhood
henry boehm henry boehm . 29 minutes ago
There's gotta be a way to press charges on this behavior. This is nothing short of a HATE CRIME
westpoint emsllc westpoint emsllc . 32 minutes ago
Typical RACISM everywhere in this evil land of the free..cops came i. There straight to just ask Terrell Owen for ID(which his not suppose to do) n didn't ask her for her ID why is that???

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know AMERICA CK3ARLY HATE BLACK PEOPLE..FUK UP NATION
Gina Canale Gina Canale . 38 minutes ago
I heard that ,, she is gone in the head
Rexx Garvin Rexx Garvin . 44 minutes ago
I Bet She Can Bounce To A Snoop Dogg Beat!
Jessie Klein Jessie Klein . 1 hour ago
She should have gone back in her house like her husband told her she should.
Leona Lake Leona Lake . 1 hour ago
Ohhh myyyy, not the Karen , & what is up with her race shit , c mon we all human beings dont matter the COLOR of anyone's skin is.
Maggie Richards Maggie Richards . 1 hour ago
Why Black people always have to prove themselves all the time when police come along e.g. ID , proof address etc when is it going stop
Brian Nugent Brian Nugent . 2 hours ago
I've been a black male over four decade so I do have quite a bit of experience in this field. Most black men are always wary of white women's intentions.
Deb Roberson Deb Roberson . 2 hours ago
If she is afraid that is her problem…go get counseling.
KJR KJR . 2 hours ago
Wow..I feel for Terrell. She should be embarrassed...
James Wolfe James Wolfe . 2 hours ago
Racism at its finest. 💯% Karen
James Wolfe James Wolfe . 2 hours ago
Racism at its finest. 💯% Karen
Rich Burgh Rich Burgh . 2 hours ago
..."Black man approaching a white woman"... just keep coming out of their lying racist mouths.
fabian cruz fabian cruz . 2 hours ago
Its just a bunch of racist white women period
Pahl Dickens Pahl Dickens . 2 hours ago
Black Soldiers are disrespected all over this Nation it's a natural born hate that Black People have to deal with and after that it's others that's non white act in this same ignorance..You can be a Doctor a Lawyer ..A Judge and the respect is not gonna happen.. The first black person who won an Oscar for gone with the wind couldn't even come to the Oscars....Shame on you ..
VJ VJ . 2 hours ago
But TO, these are the women you've idolized! Then a bw comes to your defense? Wtf? It doesn't matter how many ww you date, when it comes down to the wire, you will always be the big bm against a "poor defenseless ww" crying her crocodile tears. The bw knows our struggles in America. The police asking for your ID and not Karen's is evident they will always prevail in these type situations.
Miyamo Bobo Miyamo Bobo . 3 hours ago
Most women are afraid of black men. To be honest a lot of men are afraid of black men. We are almost always seen criminal first. Then when they actually speak to us it's a different perspective. Unless you're just a aggressive person that cant cope with life. I always have people of different races tell me in so many words how who they thought I was is not who they've come to know. On the other hand it's not wrong to avoid people because you truly have fear of them. I get it. We all avoid troubled locations because something bad can happen. Gangsters avoid certain neighborhoods as well. White supremacist turn into delightful people when they are not in the comfort of each others arms. So for this lady to say she has that much fear but still insist on being in that situation at night with her also afraid husband, she's not scared. She is imposing her authoritarianism. She drunk the koolaid at the gossip meeting and has energized herself with the power to enforce and take action upon someone who she feels is not necessarily breaking the law but is doing enough for her to get them out of her neighborhood. And her go to weapon of choice is to call the police. What outcome did she expect? Arrest, police brutality, maybe some type of legal document stating he is not a good citizen. I don't know but she wanted something to happen. Could it be she feels her property value is going down because he's their? 🤔 This is why they have these meetings. I'm almost sure of it. Have anyone seen the fines on these ridiculous charges? Signs of poverty will drop property value. And since black people are seen as scum we are automatically hazards to certain communities. Therefore schemes are created to get us removed from those communities. It's the truth. I've spoken to a few neighbors about how I was being watched throughout the neighborhood. They wanted me to make sure I didn't give the onlookers any reason to say anything. I just moved. Here keep your sanity. I really don't give a damn. Yall not about to make me lose mine for a quarter of an acre and bad plumbing.
Brinevercared 2016 Brinevercared 2016 . 3 hours ago
White women are not scary they have been acting up . One act up with me I’m beating her up n getting out of dodge 💯
Brinevercared 2016 Brinevercared 2016 . 3 hours ago
He should have sent ray ray nem to beat her ass stupid w b
Michael Robinson Michael Robinson . 3 hours ago
She was saying anything to get bruh in some trouble and I don't even like Terrell Owens but this what we gotta deal with on the regular SMH
Dee Hill Dee Hill . 3 hours ago
She said a black man comin twds a white woman..enough said🤷‍♀️
Jay Chavez Jay Chavez . 3 hours ago
My ex would act like this towards me….. we lived together

Needless to say I left her

The cops would laugh at her when she called the cops on me. These Karen’s don’t fool anyone. We men aren’t weak, these Karen’s aren’t wrong. We’re strong men.
Real kings protect the weak.
So we just let them be…crocodile tears and all…sad but true lolz 😂
tramayne hayford tramayne hayford . 3 hours ago
In my Dro voice:FTB😡
OhTaste&C OhTaste&C . 3 hours ago
Rest in peace to all the black lives murdered & throwed in jail. Telling him to calm down. This is criminal, racial profiling at its best. She lied & treated him badly. This just happened to me & my family. I hope god reveal these devils & stop this injustice. I am tired of this. Damn u Karens
Tony Ray Tony Ray . 3 hours ago
RIP Emmett Till
OhTaste&C OhTaste&C . 3 hours ago
This is why I barely speak to my white neighbors. I am tired of us getting treated like Terrell Owens
JuZeEFrUiT JuZeEFrUiT . 4 hours ago
Dear Mr Owen,
Ironically, I am going through a legal situation where a man 3 x the size of me (very strong&big) is, btw, under oath, sworn in as well as a police report (well, he "CALLED" & said I hit him, smh) I called the police (never again, smh) because this male shoved me several times after I "TOLD" his barely gf to mind her business, she didn't know the situation I was referring to and the male came from around hid vehicle van door (no lie-0 to 100 in less than a second) and shoved me several times with WOWAH RAGE covering his face. Thought he was going to kill me.
I reminded him that our Apts had video camera and Lso told him I was going to call police. Well he beat me to that call as well, as beat me to the court HD. I hate drama and typically, I'll put it bluntly, not into the whole "wah wah I'm going to tell , he for obvious reason (protect himself from getting into trouble with the law) went dn and filed a restraining order against me, which, im fighting against because he filled the questionnaire (HaHa) out with so many made up, triflin LIES about me and I WAS SHOCKED. Just wow.
Long story short (if I cn) . The video footage , written over Already!! Like, I went to our office mng & a really righteous employee that's the head of maintenance 4 over 20 yrs. "They" both saw it" but , yet the dept that handles these types of things (MY REQUEST 4 A COPY FOR THE JUDGE) said it can't be had because it wasn't "saved". 2 employees view video footage with a male resident shoving a female resident, and I mean CLEARLY committing a crime and "THEY" don't save it? And the employees can't repeat, testify?
You have GOT to be kidding???!!!
So, tell your "Karen TO KISS THE ( ) OFF.
I GET IT. OH btw, the thing that has always been a THORN in my Life that pulls all the stops out, as you have yours as a black Man, I have mine as a white woman. I'm tall (people and COPS)
Think "ahh, she's big, she can handle/take care of herself. She's big (tall & and big boned) "oh poor girl she's so not ugly"- "yep true story!"!!!!!!! I had an attorney tell me that and it's true, I'm not, unapologetically NOT, GEEZ.
My whole life I've dealt with physical judgement and I'm effing sick of it.
Bless you!!!
I'm so sorry you have to put up with petty, inexscusable, inappropriate to an absurd degree, pathetic, sometimes violent, sometimes murderous humans, if that's even an appropriate label (human, that is).
Love to you, for you and know We R all NOT the same...
That Ese put dust in my weed That Ese put dust in my weed . 4 hours ago
It's the middle of the night, get yo big black ass back

I ain't gone lie I feel that part 😂🤦🏿‍♂️
Helina Helina . 4 hours ago
T.O don't let that Karen lynch you
She probably want that Super Star D and he not paying her any mind
Flow Forever Flow Forever . 4 hours ago
Making up lies on the spot....pitiful
Jeff Lavoie Jeff Lavoie . 4 hours ago
Poor lady !
Shadw Phoenx Shadw Phoenx . 4 hours ago
IF YOUR BLACK... Get a go pro if you ain't got one... for your own safety AND you get to sue dumbass mfs that have a negative iq due to the fact that alot of these white women are stuck in the slavery owning days 😑
Bigmoe951 Bigmoe951 . 4 hours ago
Karen plz!!!
malefrmbk malefrmbk . 5 hours ago
You went through a stop sign ,you were speeding,you wen't up to a white woman,you zigged when you should have zagged,you blinked twice at me,you didn't pay your cable bill,you voted for biden,,,😏
TripleOGHiLL TripleOGHiLL . 5 hours ago
Thanks for saying they aren’t scared of Black men cause they LOVE OUR KIND
Mario Fajardo Mario Fajardo . 5 hours ago
I can’t believe she said that!!! Actually I can believe it. Post her name so everyone knows who the racist woman is!!!
Flow Forever Flow Forever . 5 hours ago
That's a Karen....they lie. 😡
Their way of running u out of the neighborhood. Just that simple.
The fact that she knew things abt him & made up things on him.( I'm a white woman)....SO WHAT,, DEVIL???? That in itself makes my blood boil. They hv caused a lot of our men to be killed. LIES LIES LIES You are bothering him!!!
Master J Master J . 5 hours ago
Need to wipe racist people off Earth by any means necessary!! Wipe them out!! 🤦🤦🤦
Danny Burch Danny Burch . 5 hours ago
Only in America.
Larry Griffin Larry Griffin . 5 hours ago
I cant stand racist mf

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