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Published on 2 weeks ago

One of the attorneys for Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz appeared to get emotional during victim impact statements at the 23-year-old's sentencing for 17 counts of murder for the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018. Fred Guttenberg, father of victim Jaime Guttenberg, spoke about what the loss of his daughter has meant for him and his family.

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Ngl I'd Clap Her Feet Ngl I'd Clap Her Feet . 3 minutes ago
Nick is a god damn hero in my opinion
Jariatou Jariatou . 8 minutes ago
Can’t imagine how hard it is for the lawyer to have to sit next to and interact with that creature every day
Florida is full of bad karma people.
Victoria Gabriella Victoria Gabriella . 1 hour ago
I wish we didn't need to waste our time and tax money deciding whether we want to feed and shelter murderers for the rest of their lives. What a waste.
John John . 2 hours ago
I don’t understand why this is all still taking place just throw the kid if jail for the rest of his life or execute him already?
Irvin The Liger Irvin The Liger . 2 hours ago
Gosh this is heart wrenching.
Odd mic Odd mic . 2 hours ago
Bruh 💔
Nat Panda Nat Panda . 2 hours ago
the father's speech broke my heart. what an awful moment in history...
Marlene Duarte Marlene Duarte . 3 hours ago
Simple : just end this monster
Shanoriya's Trial&Errors Shanoriya's Trial&Errors . 5 hours ago
I don’t know how these parents are doing it I wouldn’t be able to sit there and look at him without jumping over and choking the life out of him!!!
Shanoriya's Trial&Errors Shanoriya's Trial&Errors . 5 hours ago
Not enough money in the world to make me defend a monster like that!!!!
Pixie Boo Pixie Boo . 6 hours ago
Makes me consider being a human shield
Natasha Flowers Natasha Flowers . 10 hours ago
I Am A Very Firm Believer In The Death Penalty, And Nicholas Cruz Should Be Executed To The Fullest Extent Of The Law For What He Did!! 😡😡😡😡😡😝😝😝😝😝
Jasper West Jasper West . 12 hours ago
Lucky Lucky . 15 hours ago
Put Cruz to sleep, save tax payers money, he scared to die, he already asked for a second chance
Ronda Payne Ronda Payne . 15 hours ago
Sir I don't know you or your family. I have never met you. But, your words touched my heart. I can tell that you are a Dad who wholeheartedly loves his Baby Girl. Sir, if those of us who have never met you, can feel the love that you have for your Daughter. Simply by hearing you speak of her. Please, rest assured that your Daughter absolutely knew and felt your immense love for her. Even in the midst of your Son's grief, I'm sure he knows your love for him as well. A good Dad is not measured by the words he says to his children as they walk out the door to start their busy day. But, much rather by the love, support, and compassion that he's poured into their lives every single day. Thank you Sir, for sharing with us such gifted moments and precious memories of your Daughter. As well as the grief and difficulties that you and your family are still currently struggling with. I know that must have been extremely hard for you both to do. But, it was brave, honest, and powerful for you to do so. So much so, that I believe you have touched the hearts of many. By reminding us that time does not always heal all wounds and grief is certainly something that we all process differently. You have also reminded us, to never take a single minute of this life and those you love in it, for granted. My heart goes out to all of those who's lives were touched and changed by this tragic event. You and your family, as well as all of the other Parkland families, are in my thoughts and prayers. 🙏
Edgardo Sauceda Edgardo Sauceda . 15 hours ago
This kid is wild
drttyu liqm drttyu liqm . 16 hours ago
take any of us away in a split second of a selfish decision. Praying for all these families
Julie Morgan Julie Morgan . 16 hours ago
His lawyer doesn't look much older then her client.......
There is no excuse for this tragic crime none .......
He needs and deserves the death penalty......stop protecting criminals. Stop giving criminals excuse for there actions.....
Pecheche Pecheche . 17 hours ago
I have no words to describe this video 😭😔😔😔
Ultra Obscure Ultra Obscure . 17 hours ago
Praying to the families and their loved ones who were affected by this horrible tragedy.
leg olatar leg olatar . 19 hours ago
My heart breaks for this father and his family. As a daughter I can say that even when my dad has been mad at me, I have still always known how much he loves me. So did Jamie. I know it. And I know there's nothing else she would want as badly as to hug his father and tell how much she loves him. I know his tears would give her pain. How do I know? Because two years ago I was close to dying and all I could think of was my family and how much I wanted to see them again. I wish that if I had passed that day my family would have known how much I love them and how much I wish they could somehow find the strength to go on and remember me with a smile. No one wants their loved ones to suffer. I know it is a huge, indescribable loss, but I hope her memory will lighten her family's burden and make them realize that all she wants is their happiness. I know she is with them all the time.
Ricky Fuller Ricky Fuller . 19 hours ago
Are they wearing masks bc their breath stinks?
Jeromy Baden Jeromy Baden . 19 hours ago
Heart breaking
Kiera Kiera . 20 hours ago
4 and a half years later and you can tell the pain is still fresh for these parents. Heartbreaking
Christine Arianna Christine Arianna . 20 hours ago
I wish I could trade places with Jamie. She didn't get to live like I did. It's not fair. Only the beautiful souls leave early I notice. This father and his words broke me.
Phil Phil . 20 hours ago
Hope the family manage to patch things up. Times like this you truly need one another 🙏🏼
maria farmer maria farmer . 21 hours ago
This is heartbreaking.
Ant Ant . 21 hours ago
The American people are soft and don’t expect no change and dont be surprised when the next shooting happens
NAY NAY . 22 hours ago
Agustina Kleylein Agustina Kleylein . 22 hours ago
Nikolas is a monster. Hope he gets exactly what he deserves.
Steven f Steven f . 23 hours ago
How can u even sit next to that animal id take his eyes from his head
Stephen nicholas Stephen nicholas . 23 hours ago
I never understood grieving Facebook posts
Beverly Bee Beverly Bee . 23 hours ago
It's a very nerve wracking experience when your client is a human monster who has no respect for human life, and your job is to plead for his life. How can anyone do that with a clear conscience and human integrity or decency. Which part of you do you pull from to make this beastly thing humanly??? How can anyone do this without guilt and shame???. The burden she must be feeling for the family of the murdered children who will never see them again. He is a murderer who changed the trajectory of the innocent.
Jasmine Elyse Jasmine Elyse . 23 hours ago
I think what people forget is that just because an attorney is defending and obviously evil person, that doesn’t mean they want them to get off or even want them to get the best possible outcome. Everyone is entitled to competent representation in court. These attorneys doing their jobs, raising objections when they can, and fighting for their client and his rights, ensures that he can’t later come back in appeals and claim that he did not have good representation or that his attorneys didn’t do their job and then he is potentially spared on a technicality.
Sarah Withers Sarah Withers . 23 hours ago
This has broke my heart
P83 1983 P83 1983 . 23 hours ago
This is a visual example of what a psychopath is. He has ZERO emotion, while everyone is crying and upset. He has nothing to provide this world. He’s a pure monster.
Kapital Kashh Kapital Kashh . 24 hours ago
That must be a brand new attorney. That was pretty light as far as impact statements go. Is it sad? Yes. Something new that should affect a lawyer like this? Hell no.
Sonnie Sonnie . 24 hours ago
The courage it took to hold it together while saying those words is highly commendable…. I hope the family find some peace and solace … they need each other more than ever now …
Thoughts and prayers with you all ..
love from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
WeirdscienceTV WeirdscienceTV . 1 day ago
I hope this evil man gets the death penalty
Steve Steiner Steve Steiner . 1 day ago
Mr. Cruz must be so proud of himself. He keeps his head down like a dog that knows he has behaved badly. I feel so bad for her family.
Why is it taking so long, he pled guilty!
So thats that, give him the needle already!
Omg I am cryinggg 🥺😭😭 praying for all families effected 🤍🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Awes0m3man67 Awes0m3man67 . 1 day ago
Can someone tell me why this trial is still going on, I’m genuinely asking from what I saw it should have been open and closed right?
Lee Dempster Lee Dempster . 1 day ago
If schools can't protect our kids they don't need our money . My kids at school are charging $35 per person at the school to pay for school that already comes out of our goddamn taxes . And yet can't protect kids. Stop bullying. They do nothing and want money money money .
Lee Dempster Lee Dempster . 1 day ago
It's b******* that we make people defend f****** disgusting people like this m*********** I hope he gets the needle if they do a plea bargain that just proves the government does not care about anybody's life
Hashtags Pandas Hashtags Pandas . 1 day ago
Ok. But why is this trial all about statements. It’s torture and surely not the place for those? Justice first
Dumb Dump 2020 Dumb Dump 2020 . 1 day ago
That kid was bullied by the same kids all his life now they want to cry... Hope that boy gets a fair trial! All what happened to him he has to be crazy
Ashley b. Ashley b. . 1 day ago
God bless this family ❤ so sad 😭
Matt Davis Matt Davis . 1 day ago
People like this don’t deserve to be put in prison for life. They don’t deserve to have their room and board paid for by the parents of the children he murdered.
Some people just aren’t worth “rehabilitating.”

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