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Westen Champlin

Westen Champlin

Published on 2 weeks ago

Get your Redneck Science Clothing ►
Testing the Cummins Mustang towing ability and we went to a movie ranch.


YouTube YouTube . 2 weeks ago
GO smokestang GO
THUNDDER🇺🇦 THUNDDER🇺🇦 . 6 hours ago
John Doe 2023 John Doe 2023 . 11 hours ago
It needs a name, "CummStang" seems appropriate.
Luan Oliveira Luan Oliveira . 11 hours ago
5,000HP School BUS?!!!
Saeed Ali AL shehhi Saeed Ali AL shehhi . 15 hours ago
Okay but you can’t race with Nissan vtc turbo
Kwo Kwo . 19 hours ago
Me: Planting trees to help with climate change.
This guy and his Mustang:
Snax Snax . 19 hours ago
The fact you do so much in one episode is great. You don’t make a bracket and make it last an hour. Keep at it 😎
That Guy Var That Guy Var . 20 hours ago
I want to hear this car run in person 🥹
Matt White-0 Matt White-0 . 21 hours ago
Kylie Jenner a music video was filmed at same hotel
Mst Jakia Akter Mst Jakia Akter . 22 hours ago
Nice Video
Flavius Vieru Flavius Vieru . 1 day ago
Poor nature ;]
Ganesha Bhadra Ganesha Bhadra . 1 day ago
Mustang cumi2
Castor Rylee Castor Rylee . 1 day ago
testing the what
Chandler Basgall Chandler Basgall . 1 day ago
Y’all should try and make the smoke stang a dually
Tom Cleghorn Tom Cleghorn . 1 day ago
Too say as a fan I’m so happy for you westen would be a wild understatement. You have worked so hard and tried too always be yourself. Never change that cause you are absolutely awesome
John Goodman John Goodman . 1 day ago
Hell yeah 🤪
CMDR SVT CMDR SVT . 2 days ago
i wonder how long you gonn last with that obesity problem
Fly Eagles Fly Eagles . 2 days ago
Cumstang hauling loads as she should !🤣🤣🤣
Mr. G Mr. G . 2 days ago
Love your channel...keep the content coming!!!
Sophie Henschker Sophie Henschker . 2 days ago
That mustang has too much power
Martini Gamer Martini Gamer . 2 days ago
How mach torque and HP?
NG Army NG Army . 2 days ago
That is cool but ,to much smoke disgusting 🥺🥺
Jona Jona . 2 days ago
Arkesh D Patel Arkesh D Patel . 2 days ago
what a way to destroy the essence of a mustang. utterly despicable.
Ahmet Melik Durgun Ahmet Melik Durgun . 2 days ago
What engine does This car have?
UL NEO UL NEO . 2 days ago
Make it awd
Илья Генш Илья Генш . 2 days ago
After this video, it remains only to teach Drift this car. I think there will be no release from the fans
Axe_ Instinkt Axe_ Instinkt . 2 days ago
11.58 ярик, бачок потик
boraepr boraepr . 2 days ago
dude that made my week
Rottsrule Rottsrule . 3 days ago
Been subscribed for 2+years now! Love your content westen 👍
esellanta esellanta . 3 days ago
Making it big time Westen. They're gonna start calling you Hollywood Westen!
jorge vasquez jorge vasquez . 3 days ago
La sagra
Rayo ⚡️ MCQEEN Rayo ⚡️ MCQEEN . 3 days ago
I need to modify my mustang to a smoketang 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Niff Niff . 3 days ago
"How we started climate change"
Charles Starnes Charles Starnes . 3 days ago
When you were pulling the cement truck and said "Let's go 3rd gear baby!" It gave me goosebumps! Hell's Yeah man!
Ben Paxton Ben Paxton . 3 days ago
Hell yeah man! Seems like you’ve come a long way. All though I don’t know you, I’m proud!
Jeff B Jeff B . 3 days ago
Ur funny as s sh I t lol
kunu98 kunu98 . 3 days ago
Take it to the ford dealer again for an oil change and “inspection”
Jack of All Trades Jack of All Trades . 3 days ago
That was fun, good job man.
Ogl3oat 601 Ogl3oat 601 . 3 days ago
western done worked his way into wearing makeup for a vid 🫡
Nbail obeid Nbail obeid . 3 days ago
that one car is polluting the earth lol
Mission Failed Mission Failed . 4 days ago
10:08 best moment: Westen emerges, covered in oil, chugging a beer, and the car starts :D
Dodge ram pickup look awesome from Belize
MrrPlok SmileXD MrrPlok SmileXD . 4 days ago
song name ?
Kassem Ghaddar Kassem Ghaddar . 4 days ago
U should make awd wheel drive
SimpleGuy SimpleGuy . 4 days ago
It's electric?
MarcoPolo MarcoPolo . 4 days ago
Douge Gming Douge Gming . 4 days ago
best mustang in the world
J J . 4 days ago
Love u keep messing up the add..
Igor Wilk Igor Wilk . 4 days ago
@guwer zrób to plis

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