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Published on 2 weeks ago

Use code BA for $20 off your first seatgeek order.

My best friend traveled to San Diego to look for an apartment to rent and I ended up surprising him with something much bigger than that :) Drop a like!


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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

savannah boo1114 savannah boo1114 . 2 hours ago
“You got weed” bru me asff😭😭😭
CZILLA CZILLA . 18 hours ago
Btar Doja Btar Doja . 19 hours ago
Brawadis is always good vibes…
swix bruhh swix bruhh . 2 days ago
W brawadis W dennis
mommmy mandy14 mommmy mandy14 . 2 days ago
I'm soooo soooo sooo happppy he is back and u have ur best friend back 🥰🥰🥰
mommmy mandy14 mommmy mandy14 . 2 days ago
😅😅😅 I have a cramp
That Clumsy Girl That Clumsy Girl . 3 days ago
Is it just me ?!! Or everyone think that Brandon look dope in that black tee and cap 🤌🏻👌🏻
Chris Espinosa Chris Espinosa . 3 days ago
Missed these type of vlogs 🥲
Thaboyjames Thaboyjames . 4 days ago
595 for a plain white t shirt basically is outrageous 🤣(not a hate comment)
Tramadol RX Tramadol RX . 5 days ago
David 845Gaming David 845Gaming . 6 days ago
Veronika Palmer Veronika Palmer . 6 days ago
You only get once a friendship like yours in a life time. Enjoy your time together guys 🥳 much love to you all ❤️
Zuna 🌻 Zuna 🌻 . 6 days ago
Ya read all 3.4K comments 👍🏻
Ray Gamers Ray Gamers . 6 days ago
Hello, brawadis I was told that I was receiving a prize but I had to text you by telegram. so then I did that. but then they said I had to pay 100$ Is this a scam? If not I am sorry for telling you this. if you could tell me on your main so i could know if this is Real
Your girl Alaya Your girl Alaya . 6 days ago
i’m soooo excited to see the new video you will be making with Dennis
2:22 had me dying of laughter. 🤣😂😂😂🤣
S Dot S Dot . 6 days ago
What happened to Brandon’s house? This shit is confusing
S Dot S Dot . 6 days ago
$600 isn’t too much for your dad but is stupid for a t shirt lol
AnimeGod AnimeGod . 7 days ago
What happend to Ali?
Lauren Martin Lauren Martin . 7 days ago
they need a bro counter
Alerik Alerik . 1 week ago
“Oh you got weed” 😭😭😂
stacey marie stacey marie . 1 week ago
Welcome back Dennis 🥰 yay excited for the content ❤️
Lynda heidi Amezola Lynda heidi Amezola . 1 week ago
Brandan is fine ngl
Patryk Strama Patryk Strama . 1 week ago
I didn’t watch YouTube in a while did brawadis move back to his parents house
Ralph Rosado Ralph Rosado . 1 week ago
I’m hype Dennis is back just like old times
Bonnie Gonzales Bonnie Gonzales . 1 week ago
I think he'll bring u goodluck
Melissa McGuire Melissa McGuire . 1 week ago
I barely watched your videos anymore cause I was sick of hearing about basketball but with Dennis back I’m watching them again
BoredOuttaSpace BoredOuttaSpace . 1 week ago
“You got weed😁”
Jacob Garcia Jacob Garcia . 1 week ago
what song was that by bad bunny
Akilan Rahulan Akilan Rahulan . 1 week ago
where is ali
Yehonatan Lugasi Yehonatan Lugasi . 1 week ago
Let’s goo Dennis. He’s back
Gabriel Leal Gabriel Leal . 1 week ago
My dad would kill me if I bought him a 600 dollar shirt
Alejandro Catalan Alejandro Catalan . 1 week ago
I wished I had someone like Brandon ! To give me a room to stay for my mom and I it’s expensive to rent !
aj ja aj ja . 1 week ago
We Love you Both Happy Dennis is Back!!!!👍👍
Nick Kreider Nick Kreider . 1 week ago
Never thought this day would come! I’m just as hyped as y’all!🫵🏻✅
Jessica Manzanilla Jessica Manzanilla . 1 week ago
Razzgawh Razzgawh . 1 week ago
Nice roblox thimbnail 😂
IvanGee1017 IvanGee1017 . 1 week ago
He said you got weed 💀1:15-1:25
Cooking With🍳 Kyla💕 Cooking With🍳 Kyla💕 . 1 week ago
Heyyy Brandon should be in a ☀️ SUNS BASKETBALL 🏀 COMMERCIAL!!! That be sooo COOL!!!
Jessica Villarreal Jessica Villarreal . 1 week ago the only thing u guys are missing is the exit signs from the apartments😂
Broly's Plug Broly's Plug . 1 week ago
I thought bro had his own crib
Norberto Andrade Norberto Andrade . 1 week ago
Roast Brandon here👇🏽. I’ll be waiting🍿
kelly conlon kelly conlon . 1 week ago
Yeah boys r bk xx now go prank brian xx
Luis Elias Luis Elias . 1 week ago
600$ for a shirt ahh I buys expensive clothes but 600$ for a shirt and white plain like that nah al pass
Jay Jay . 1 week ago
Everyone subscribe!!
Jay Jay . 1 week ago
Brandon deserves 10 million subscribers
Jay Jay . 1 week ago
Road to 6 million subs
Javier Saldana Javier Saldana . 1 week ago
What happened to brawadis new house? He sell it?
Idkwhothis YouTube account Idkwhothis YouTube account . 1 week ago
Indervir Singh Indervir Singh . 1 week ago
These guys High asf 😂

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