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Published on 6 days ago

BTS Reaction | benny blanco, BTS & Snoop Dogg - Bad Decisions (Official Music Video)
BTS Bad Decisions Lyrics Video Reaction
Jin, Jimin, V Taehyung, Jungkook

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JoseOchoaTV JoseOchoaTV . 6 days ago
This song is such a summer bop! Thanks for watching!
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kim spencer-thomas kim spencer-thomas . 20 hours ago
bts laughs at themselves and i laugh at myself too ,
Isabel Martinez Isabel Martinez . 21 hours ago
Yes so relatable!!!! Benny blanco I think was so genuinely funny!! And cmon guys, aren’t we JUST LIKE THIS?
A B A B . 22 hours ago
Jimin’s vocals stand out so much 💜🤩
Kpit Army Kpit Army . 2 days ago
lea larsen lea larsen . 2 days ago
army would never mix up the date they would choose to come days early for merge and camp out but never like benney did. if you are a hardcore army like benney you would look at twitter all day to wait for news and you would see the concert date named all the time. the ticket was hinging in his room for weeks so he could not have mixed up the date
~Euphoric Armii Borahae~ ~Euphoric Armii Borahae~ . 2 days ago
Aliehs Gee Agev Aliehs Gee Agev . 2 days ago
Listening to BTS and then slowly becoming an ARMY is BAD DECISION. MY BESTEST BADDEST DECISION EVER 💜💟💜💟💜💟💜💟💜💟💜💟 and no turning back!!! ARMY FOR LIFE!!
Joanne Saucedo Joanne Saucedo . 3 days ago
I've watched this MV a million times and still find myself cracking up every time!! I know summer is almost over, but this is definitely my (what's left of) summer bop!!!
ArmySince2016 ArmySince2016 . 3 days ago
Let’s help Bad Decisions chart higher 😞 why do I feel Armys are not making much effort for this masterpiece. This involves our vocal line and they for sure made a lot of effort for this track. Let’s go Armys! Let’s do this for Bangtan 💜
Robin Gentry Robin Gentry . 3 days ago
Benny is not mocking, but honoring BTS. He is very much an Army. This is a great song.
Riverphoenix Riverphoenix . 3 days ago
That's Jk's voice harmonizing with jin lmao not jin 😂😂
reaction world reaction world . 3 days ago
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Bts all official teaser 2013-2022 . 3 days ago
I like the song and the MV. But I like the lyrics video more.
JayBnLA JayBnLA . 3 days ago
Anyone who attended Day 1 at Sofi when 3/4 of Army was still outside 15 minutes before showtime, knows what this feels like.
JadeL JadeL . 4 days ago
I would have maybe been offended if I hadn't experienced it personally lol. This is so accurate I love it
Gail Selinger Gail Selinger . 4 days ago
I don't feel attacked. I think it is a fun homage to ARMY. we love them so much we put a lot of work into showing them we care for them. We are even willing to sit outside the gate to see the guys 28 hrs earlier. I use to sleep outside in a sleeping bag days earlier at concert venues to get a chance to buy rock concert tickets when they were only sold at the the old days of my youth when the venues sold hard copy tickets and Ticketmasters did not exist.
Lone Capricorn Lone Capricorn . 4 days ago
Hey can someone tell me when Run BTS is starting again and what YouTube channel. Thanx the new series!
It is not an attack!! Like they say, "Get a sense of humor, you will like 'em...they're nice. Do you honestly think BTS would be any part of anything that would disrespect ARMY? But to be fair, is their any ARMY who would not have been there since early morning? If for no other reason to get BTS merch because it sales out so fast.😊
Nicole Marambio Nicole Marambio . 4 days ago
Es un video muy divertido y me gusto mucho, me encanto las voces de los chicos en definitiva si me identifico y si soy orgullosamente ARMY con todos esos posters, albums, tortas y bailes jajajaja i love you BTS
Courtney Evans Courtney Evans . 4 days ago
This song has been stuck in my head since my first listen. 🥰 Wow if I could sue them for this song taking up space in my brain, I totally would 🤣 kidding…..sort of lol.
Niesy Taylor Niesy Taylor . 4 days ago
This song is stuck in my head and the video of all the army's concert issues continues. Love all the reactions.💜💜💜💜
Joana Lumbo Joana Lumbo . 4 days ago
I feel appreciated..haha.
Colleen Mooney Colleen Mooney . 4 days ago
As an ARMY, I love this. Just as BTS does we can laugh at our selves and not be so serious. The Vocal sounded out standing. Thank you Jose. Borahae
Dahlia Dahlan Dahlia Dahlan . 4 days ago
When Girl's Generation make a comeback after 15years, I waiting for your reaction since your bias Tiffany. I can't wait. Please react to their comeback Forever 1!!!
Speakup yt Speakup yt . 4 days ago
Please REACT to Soloist B.I (Kim Hanbin) who was the leader of iKON~~~🔥🔥🔥
Have you all seen over 100 reaction videos of “BTBT(biteul biteul)”? They say it's the song of the year.
Kathy Franklin Kathy Franklin . 4 days ago
First of all, when i saw this videoi thought oh jose's gonna feel attacked lol.
Iam love yourself era and we saw them in Hamilton in 2018 and WE WERE LATE TO THE CONCERT. It was surreal. So many random things happened to make us late, but the funniest one was there was a pride parade passing by the venue that blocked our way to the doors. My kid was like "mom, no, we can't go through the parade" and I was like "it's fine, we're queer" and I grabbed her hand and dragged her through the procession chanting "PRIDE! PRIDE! PRIDE!" as I heard the crowd roaring and Idol begin.
~Euphoric Armii Borahae~ ~Euphoric Armii Borahae~ . 4 days ago💜
Bonnie Warren Bonnie Warren . 4 days ago
That’s sus. That’s us. 🤣
yoyoHamo yoyoHamo . 5 days ago
I also feel something like attack to after listening. But I really love "and it feels like oooh ahhh"
Sunny Sunny . 5 days ago
I love BTS, however Benny is over the top, and dumb. SO, either it's a joke and you find the funny, or you miss the target and take offense? I personally don't know any Army that dumb or over the top. So the target of the Joke is just Benny being a over the top fan. But I can see how others might take offence. My cgoice is to enjoy the fun bop, watch the MV and slide past the snoop parts and the end of the video.
matilde dossantos matilde dossantos . 5 days ago
the mv is making fun of army but in a sweet way and song is great and my boy Jimin sounds so good
Belin Estiban Belin Estiban . 5 days ago
This is amazing song BTS ARMY amazing we love you forever BTS songs really amazing 💜💜💜💜
Cheryl Koh Cheryl Koh . 5 days ago
I'd add song to playlist, but I would not recommend to friends. :( It's too much like other songs that's alr out. Anyone else feel the same?
carlagirl7 carlagirl7 . 5 days ago
FIRST, this is the era of "grown and sexy" BTS!!!
Regarding the video: I really think this is Benny showing himself as a new Army....AND maybe calling out the precious ARMYs who do show up hours (days) in advance for a show!
Nonetheless, this was a fun watch and Benny and Snoop have been friends for years and yes he wanted him to be a part of this! I LOVE THIS SONG!
I would not be surprised if we get a Vocal Line MV version of this song as we know BigHit records everything and we have seen footage of the guys recording this bop!!!
Appletree L Appletree L . 5 days ago
Benny happily playing army seems being friendly to me, what is not kind to armys is bts are not appearing in music video, as we all know armys want to see bts monday Tuesday Wednesday and everyday.
Selma Selma . 5 days ago
I was really disappointed to find out they’re not in the video at all. 🫤
classical7 classical7 . 5 days ago
Yup. I totally feel attacked. Ddaeng, how did he know?! 😂💜 #HouseOfARMYpart3

#ARMYsince 2014
christine LV J-Hope christine LV J-Hope . 5 days ago
Can you relate? lol This video is too funny! Its a very catchy song.
Zarah Chan Zarah Chan . 5 days ago
Uh excuse me…for those hatin’ it’s a BENNY BLANCO song FEATURING BTS & Snoop. So basically a song Benny produced with BTS approval. I think it was true rep of ARMY if you’re honest with yourself. Jose speaking facts. I thought it was a great song and the Vocal line delivered. This song was a bop and an absolute banger. Grooving to the guys crooning. 👏🏽💜🫶🏽
Catalina Rivera Catalina Rivera . 5 days ago
I don't feel attacked at all...we are like that even more extreme, I'm mexican and boy the cake....🤣🤣🤣🤣, I have done it...this song I think represent us somehow, I really love it💜
Lee James Lee James . 5 days ago
He's just as whipped for BTS as we are!!! Such a catchy awesome song! Love it! Thanks Jose, I just love you 💜💜💜
Zee Bal Zee Bal . 5 days ago
Maybe he’s in time for sound check. 😅
te st te st . 5 days ago
I wanted to see our guys on the MV--- otherwise the song is fun!
Dizzy State92 Dizzy State92 . 5 days ago
is the janitor played by the walking dead actor who plays rick grimmes ?
Robin Dworznicki Robin Dworznicki . 5 days ago
I loved the song and the video. It was exactly me and my daughter when we went to the LA concert.. I didn’t feel attacked at all. The mv just brought back wonderful memories of our whole concert experience! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
TVHarft TVHarft . 5 days ago
The songs the vocals is so good 💜💜💜the video is for army 🤪🤪🤪JiMIN 💜💜💜VminkookJin 💜💜💜
Sophie L Sophie L . 5 days ago
I was shocked by JK’s first lines, but I love it haha! the video is fun and, having not been to a BTS concert yet (sadly) I can only imagine what I would do or not on the day off… Go watch the lyrics video of Bad Decisions on BangtanTV channel, it’s really good! Loved your reaction Jose, Snoop in the car is so random, lol!
Yukari Bromfield Yukari Bromfield . 5 days ago
I’ve been listening to it since it dropped! I love it. And the whole Apple Music getting Jimin’s lyric wrong. Lol.
JNZ23 JNZ23 . 5 days ago
Will they release a version w/o Snoop? I mean I respect Snoop, I'm a 90's kid so I know and have lived through his legacy.. but come on! 😂 What was that haha.

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