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Walker Hayes

Walker Hayes

Published on 4 weeks ago

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Misty Jaeger Misty Jaeger . 2 days ago
Bay! You’re really coming into your own Brotha’. Dad’s not doing so bad either 😉
Julie Erard Julie Erard . 2 days ago
I keep sending you videos. A scammer is trying to scam me & now he wants to meet me & me meet him & your family. Help
Eugene Richardson Eugene Richardson . 4 days ago
He has a lot of energy
Eugene Richardson Eugene Richardson . 4 days ago
I'm talking about the one with blond hair.
Eugene Richardson Eugene Richardson . 4 days ago
I agree with GMoore.
Waylon Nihipali ( Hawaiian Country Artist ) Waylon Nihipali ( Hawaiian Country Artist ) . 4 days ago
haha… that looks like Green Hills Mall. Watch the people in the back… haha… they didn’t even wanna walk this way
Yes. Yes. . 4 days ago
This music is 🤢
Kathy Villa Kathy Villa . 6 days ago
LOVE it.. God Bless
Joanie Adams Joanie Adams . 6 days ago
another lazy talking hoosier who also wears his hat backwards. I cant tell these guys apart anymore. They're clones.
Marta Frasier Marta Frasier . 6 days ago
Dad n son good job!! 👍
Kita Kita . 1 week ago
Son looks at dad. Dad doesn’t look at him. 🫤
DaisyMae Shybu DaisyMae Shybu . 1 week ago
Tami Pledger Tami Pledger . 1 week ago
Yo boy done grown uuuuup! 🤜🤛❤️❤️
AS Barrel Racing AS Barrel Racing . 1 week ago
Love your music I always make TikTok’s with these songs and I love that you always get your kids involved
Robin Ruiz Robin Ruiz . 1 week ago
Susan Aydelott Susan Aydelott . 1 week ago
I love the way when the kids are dancing with their dad they're always looking at him with big smiles so much love in this family and they are so Blessed. ❤️
Aubrey Bellard Aubrey Bellard . 2 weeks ago
Bay is so cute
Madison Carpentier family fun Madison Carpentier family fun . 2 weeks ago
Sherry Luxe Dream Travels Sherry Luxe Dream Travels . 2 weeks ago
Awwwe, love it!
rebecca burgess rebecca burgess . 2 weeks ago
Your son is cute
Rita Donaldson Rita Donaldson . 2 weeks ago
👋👋👋💞Hi ya All..You are Great👍😘😘
Alexys Sanchez Alexys Sanchez . 2 weeks ago
Liz Peden Liz Peden . 2 weeks ago
Lil man has caught his rhythm!! Love y’all!!
Mary Orander Mary Orander . 2 weeks ago
Captain Idiotboy Captain Idiotboy . 2 weeks ago
Can't write a song that's a hit without creating a dance... What are you a 15 yo girl
Crissy Freeman Crissy Freeman . 2 weeks ago
I like your Dace
Emily Maertens Emily Maertens . 2 weeks ago
Keep up the good work I love the music,What is your sons name?
Lucy Alvarez Lucy Alvarez . 2 weeks ago
Sweet. Father and son moment for this song. Keep it up boys.
Joanica Santos Joanica Santos . 2 weeks ago
Linda Downs Linda Downs . 2 weeks ago
Love that you have so much fun with including your family
Brenda Rose Brenda Rose . 3 weeks ago
Love it. Look at the son and dad moves
Sh Sh . 3 weeks ago
Son got dad's dancing genes
And I love how he keeps lookin at Dad - so cute 😍
Good job guys
Jenny Tierney Jenny Tierney . 3 weeks ago
They r so cute!!
Teresa Michael Teresa Michael . 3 weeks ago
I really like seeing you and your son together that’s so cool keep them coming
Randy Guthmiller Randy Guthmiller . 3 weeks ago
You are so good and your kind 😘😘😘😘
Linda Simper Linda Simper . 3 weeks ago
Great to see you with your family!
Kathy Lewis Kathy Lewis . 3 weeks ago
Can tell he is your son. Almost carbon copy of his Dad
Dana Flowers Dana Flowers . 3 weeks ago
Bay is one handsome young man. Gonna be a ladies man.
Ervin Smith Ervin Smith . 3 weeks ago
Walker Hayes Yall life exercise workout with Ervin own no rights to song
Brynlee Ann Brynlee Ann . 3 weeks ago
Brynlee Ann Brynlee Ann . 3 weeks ago
Baylor is so cute
Lily Stevens Lily Stevens . 3 weeks ago
Lovvvvveeee yall supporting yall
Elizabeth Twombly Elizabeth Twombly . 3 weeks ago
Love the video
Kimberly Martin Kimberly Martin . 3 weeks ago
Son get his moves from dad for sure !! You both can dance well
Tim Hargrove Tim Hargrove . 3 weeks ago
Is that Dallas Texas mall
Peyton Parks Peyton Parks . 3 weeks ago
Good dance m*********** b****
Kenzie Vermilyer Kenzie Vermilyer . 3 weeks ago
Love this song sm!:) Also loved going to his concert and meeting him and his kids;)
Learning To Homestead Learning To Homestead . 3 weeks ago
Your son is having the best time! Way to go dad!!
Stephanie Baker Stephanie Baker . 3 weeks ago
Good one. Imma get it on iTunes 😁 I gotta support my fellow man from Mobile.
Michelle Bowling Michelle Bowling . 3 weeks ago
Love that he’s such a family guy. The Kids are so cute! But, I didn’t know Walker really had dance moves like that booty pop🤔😂

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