Play / Download Walker Hayes — Fancy Like TikTok Dance Tutorial (Ft. the TN Titans Cheerleaders)
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Walker Hayes

Walker Hayes

Published on 1 year ago

Teaching the "Fancy Like" tik tok dance with the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders!

Listen to the ‘Country Stuff’ EP here:

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Anne Brasher (BrasherGirl) Anne Brasher (BrasherGirl) . 2 months ago
Blade users Blade users . 3 months ago
Cant get enough of fancy like
Αδαμαντίνη Αδαμαντίνη . 3 months ago
So smooooth !
God bless you and us all :) :) :)
Dana Brinkerhoff Dana Brinkerhoff . 3 months ago
Where have you been keepin yourself. Really talented..
Kaka John Kaka John . 4 months ago
Chúc lộc luôn gặp may mắn và hạnh phúc nhé 🤗
TanviTigeress TanviTigeress . 5 months ago
Nice, dude! You da man!
finau sabrine finau sabrine . 6 months ago
They are all so cute❣️ finausabrine
YT YT . 6 months ago
Darlene Carruthers-Shelton Darlene Carruthers-Shelton . 7 months ago
I need Coordination!!! I am working so hard to moove. These videos steps looks Soo easy, I will get it!!! Can't nothing stop me from learning and doing it!!! You got this Darlene. I looove this song!!!
Cevan692 Cevan692 . 7 months ago
Hi Walker ! This is a great and fun song. I just saw your video for "AA". It was so funny I loved it. I am fast becoming a fan of country music and definitely a fan of yours. Thank you and keep those awesome songs coming.
Johnny utah Johnny utah . 8 months ago
Johnny Cash is rolling over in his grave.
Siara Morales Siara Morales . 8 months ago
I am actually a Kansas City Chiefs fan but you are still my number 1 country singer
Hugh P Hugh P . 8 months ago
Corbzyt Corbzyt . 8 months ago
Titans suck packers are 10x better
Silver lining Silver lining . 8 months ago
Totally needed that song this year!! Thank you Mr walker Hayes…
Josephine Clark Josephine Clark . 8 months ago
tess tess . 8 months ago
.you go walker... covid that's about as fancy as we can get!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Alexandra Bransfield Alexandra Bransfield . 9 months ago
Love the dance!
AJfromSJ AJfromSJ . 9 months ago
Song of the year and a dance to boot! Love it! ❤️🇨🇦
I know every word and fancy like I can’t I just listen to it once and then so on
Bethany's Adventure World! Bethany's Adventure World! . 9 months ago
Because I would love for you to see me do it
Bethany's Adventure World! Bethany's Adventure World! . 9 months ago
I love your song everywhere I go I do the dance I even do it at school me and my friend do it ALL the time how do I send a video of me doing it
Pat Morris Pat Morris . 9 months ago
I am 65 and your song motivated me to get up and move...thank you for a great song...they should be playing this down at the center (senior citizens)🤸
Cheylene Ely Cheylene Ely . 9 months ago
I love it so much
Karolyn Tierno Karolyn Tierno . 9 months ago
Love that white country boy can dance😂
JayJoJonny JayJoJonny . 9 months ago
Yes, the world needs to get up
off it & do how we do 🙌!
Rose Nunez Rose Nunez . 9 months ago
Nice to bad I have to left feet😞😂
Genevieve (Suzi) Genevieve (Suzi) . 9 months ago
I've done this dance so much I'm sure to have broken hip syndrome in the future..😂🤣 but baby I got this dance down 👇✌️ Smyrna gonna get sick of me! 😜
Fran Fran . 10 months ago
This song got me a break from depression so thank you Walter Hayes
D KK D KK . 10 months ago
Love it..and he's cute
Jay Bryant Jay Bryant . 10 months ago
he so talented i love him
Stephanie L Stephanie L . 10 months ago
My favorite song and dance of the summer!
Har Wojo Har Wojo . 10 months ago
Jenny Dennison Jenny Dennison . 10 months ago
So awesome amazing I love it so much you guys are so awesome great thank you for your music and talent and your song and video
Patricia Falls Patricia Falls . 10 months ago
Walker Hayes can't handle this woman from South Carolina!!🤣
Kosmic Bohemian Kosmic Bohemian . 10 months ago
DadandAshton DadandAshton . 10 months ago
And here he is doing it in an actual Applebees
Laurie Johnson Laurie Johnson . 10 months ago
Love it are so darn handsome...
KK Chele KK Chele . 10 months ago
Music crossing over , its a good thing
jackie bluvas jackie bluvas . 11 months ago
I love it
Dorcas Butts Dorcas Butts . 11 months ago
I love this song ❤️
TRINITY’s empire is loving this epic adventure and whirlwind that is you and this hit song!! We will be shaking it like nobody’s business all over the world… I hope to bring much more of you to our collective followers across all platforms of social media for many years to come!
cat owner cat owner . 11 months ago
Fancy Like is the Hokey Pokey.
404 Sky 404 Sky . 11 months ago
Bruh I just looked it up and you live in Franklin. Can't be surprised to live near famous country singers when you live in Tennessee.
Sherry Dawson Sherry Dawson . 11 months ago
I just love u! 💘
Phoebe* Phoebe* . 11 months ago
Just started listening to country 4 months ago, went to watershed festival yet just heard this on the radio today first day of fall. This WILL be my first line dance I’m learning I’m pumped.
Elizabeth Rigor Elizabeth Rigor . 11 months ago
Love it. Made my mum's night
Lynn Vines Lynn Vines . 11 months ago
I love this song it is one of the best songs ever
Boston Bean Boston Bean . 11 months ago
This dude is on 🔥
Jessica Gharakhanian Jessica Gharakhanian . 11 months ago
The song we all needed 🙌🏼🔥

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