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Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell

Published on 2 months ago

Cole Swindell - She Had Me At Heads Carolina (Lyric Video)

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Brent Finney Brent Finney . 3 days ago
Good song heard it on radio boom it was stuck in my head all day at work
Katherine Schwenkner Katherine Schwenkner . 4 days ago
Love this song!!
Zombie Eric Harris Zombie Eric Harris . 5 days ago
What is this Pop-Crap ?
Leslie Bostwick Leslie Bostwick . 6 days ago
Same here great song.
TimGodAndJesusAreChamps GiveLoveAndRespectOnlyA TimGodAndJesusAreChamps GiveLoveAndRespectOnlyA . 7 days ago
Damn Great Song Another Great Cole Swindell Hit he never fails to have hit songs
Catherine May Catherine May . 1 week ago
Hello Cole, you really wrote this song just for me. Your friend from the Barcelo.
Kacey Cartrette Kacey Cartrette . 1 week ago
love this song
Darlene Reynolds Darlene Reynolds . 2 weeks ago
Cole had me the first time I heard this song. Great Job....This must go to number one!!!!
Armando Benitez Armando Benitez . 2 weeks ago
What a tune!!!
Melo Melo . 2 weeks ago
What a great song… dear Lord
SidTV25 SidTV25 . 2 weeks ago
I feel like a snob for pointing it out but the karaoke machine got it wrong.
The key is in "A-flat" not "G". Love the song though
Gregc247 Gregc247 . 3 weeks ago
This song is so dang catchy, it was one of my fav parts of Faster Horses last weekend, the whole crowd was singing it and it was soooo much fun!
Jennifer Jarrell Jennifer Jarrell . 3 weeks ago
Great Song Cole should sing it with Jo de Messina
Amy Lloyd Amy Lloyd . 3 weeks ago
Dome thing s will never change
Maria Cameron Maria Cameron . 3 weeks ago
Iloveyou Cole baby. Lovemariacameron
brandon jodrey brandon jodrey . 3 weeks ago
Great tribute song
Kathy Diane Butler Kathy Diane Butler . 3 weeks ago
Does J Messina make $ from this?
Deborah Martinez Deborah Martinez . 4 weeks ago
Yes this is a great song blowing up country stations. Thanks Cole Swindell
Pinkyhotwheels Pinkyhotwheels . 4 weeks ago
OMG old school country….plus Cole’s voice is GIVING ME LIFE!!!
Ace Autographs Ace Autographs . 4 weeks ago
love this song. I can relate to it.
The Jada Show The Jada Show . 4 weeks ago
Id love to see you and jodee on this
Ramon Sepulveda Ramon Sepulveda . 4 weeks ago
I got a chevy anybody wanna ride with me 😉
Pam Hullstrung Pam Hullstrung . 1 month ago
Literally my favorite song right now!! The moment it hit, it was life for me!!! It's been on repeat the entire day!!! Took me back to some good ol days!!! I love me some Jo Dee Messina and YOU!! =)
Doris Frazier Doris Frazier . 1 month ago
Love it..
patrick ruth patrick ruth . 1 month ago
Messina approved I hopsy
Tyler Jordan Tyler Jordan . 1 month ago
Cole you really hit the spot brother can’t get enough of this one just makes me so Happy ❤️🙏
Nicolle Miller Nicolle Miller . 1 month ago
Is he making an music video for this song?
Kevin Heine Kevin Heine . 1 month ago
I think that others have already said this, but it would be really cool if the official video would feature JoDee Messina in a duet performance.
Austin Chriss Austin Chriss . 1 month ago
Awesome 👌
mattster7412 mattster7412 . 1 month ago
Been listening to this for about an hour straight. Absolutely in love with this
B W B W . 1 month ago
This song is a total banger. It is so awesome to see someone respect the original all while making it their own.
FortNikitaBullion FortNikitaBullion . 1 month ago
of all the songs why did he pick Heads Carolina?
Nicholas Ford Nicholas Ford . 1 month ago
I'm truly loving these new songs that take parts from some old 90s country. Hits right in the feels ❤️
Kira Harlamor-Love Talk With Kira Kira Harlamor-Love Talk With Kira . 1 month ago
I’m going to sing this, this weekend 😁🎤🙌🏻🙌🏻🎶💕🤩
SVUbaby711 SVUbaby711 . 1 month ago
I love it!!!! Gotta make this a duet with Jo Dee!!!! ❤❤❤️🔥🔥🔥
Chase Manhattan Chase Manhattan . 1 month ago
This is a copy of Jo Dee Messina’s Song Heads Carolina Tails California
AmberJo Richardson AmberJo Richardson . 1 month ago
This song is on repeat today
Joe Kravitz Joe Kravitz . 1 month ago
I can not stop listening to this!!
ian pilak ian pilak . 1 month ago
If Cole and Jo Dee don't collaborate on a mash-up, it'll be a huge mistake.
Michael Lombardo Michael Lombardo . 1 month ago
Queen Jo Dee is a pillar of 90s country.
Patricia Coxson Patricia Coxson . 1 month ago
Kerstie N Kerstie N . 1 month ago
Why have I replayed this song 7 times on repeat ?? love it 😍 such good vibes
josh haecker josh haecker . 1 month ago
I would love to see this song hit #1. Been hooked since the first time hearing it. Very catching and a great tribute to a classic
Anthony Sczerzen Anthony Sczerzen . 1 month ago
Happy Birthday Cole Swindell.
Justin Strapponi Justin Strapponi . 1 month ago
This is an absurdly good song cole
Javier López Javier López . 1 month ago
I love this song so much!!!! Greetings from Guatemala!!!
Maddie Hoehn Maddie Hoehn . 1 month ago
I love this song sooo sooo much!!!! ❤
Zack Zack . 2 months ago
Love that Jo can be heard subtly in the background
Amanda Williams Amanda Williams . 2 months ago
I wouldn't mind meetin' a boy from South Georgia. 💗
Ginger H Ginger H . 2 months ago
Great song! Now, I gotta go listen to JoDee Messina, Heads Carolina :)

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