Play / Download Why i will NOT go camping ever again…🤠 w Carter Kench #shorts
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carter kench

carter kench

Published on 2 weeks ago

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savannah mac savannah mac . 11 hours ago
“Good morning star of sunshine🥴” love the way you said that💀
Xx streamer glitzy quest xX Xx streamer glitzy quest xX . 15 hours ago
I am ally🌊 I am ally🌊 . 15 hours ago
Carter: omg omg

Kate: they’re so pretty.
Ryry Ryry . 16 hours ago
last clip was a mood
your-local-loser your-local-loser . 24 hours ago
“gOod mOrning sTar oF sunShine”

-carter kench 2022
Toca”love Toca”love . 1 day ago
Carter Maddie called the cops to check if you’re okay
Amanda Shaw Amanda Shaw . 1 day ago
Lilly Tapia Lilly Tapia . 2 days ago
Am I the only one who saw that sentence that was at the top corner that said
I’m h0rn3y
mikey,,⭑ mikey,,⭑ . 2 days ago
his pupils scared the shit out of me
Stranger things freak Stranger things freak . 2 days ago
" yup I'm HoRnY" had me dead
꧁𝕊𝕠𝕙𝕒꧂ ꧁𝕊𝕠𝕙𝕒꧂ . 2 days ago
His eyes shrunk when he woke up(thesecondtime)
Kaylee Wilkerson Kaylee Wilkerson . 2 days ago
Am i the only one who thought he said "i do not recommend dating 6 slices of pizza"
my princess town my princess town . 2 days ago
U woke up ur eyes man they
Itz.toca.iris🍃 Itz.toca.iris🍃 . 3 days ago
Lol you so funny your the best
Pocky Girl349 Pocky Girl349 . 3 days ago
Omgggg your pupils broooo
Orangeb & Pumpkin Orangeb & Pumpkin . 3 days ago
This doesn’t look like camping to me I think you were just sleeping in the car. Looks uncomfortable.
James Hamilton James Hamilton . 3 days ago
Before I was on your channel I went on your home mermaids channel and she called the cops on you
Eve Eve . 3 days ago
Mattie called the cops on u because she was scared about u
Janette Janette . 3 days ago
The ISSA BABY COW made me text all my friends ISSA BABY COW. Let’s just say they questioned me….🐄
Your_ RoyalPrincess Your_ RoyalPrincess . 3 days ago
Jeanie V Jeanie V . 4 days ago
Yanitzia Rivas Yanitzia Rivas . 4 days ago
Oh yeah Maddie called the cops on you because she was worried about you she said that on one of her videos
Gaby!! Gaby!! . 4 days ago
“gOoD mOrNiNg StAr oF SunShInE!”
Jenny Kistler Jenny Kistler . 4 days ago
Kate is my NAME
Lissa Lissa . 4 days ago
We saw one of her videos of it
Lissa Lissa . 4 days ago
Maddie called The police
Sharleny Castillo Sharleny Castillo . 4 days ago
Brooo did none of y’all see how fast his pupils shrank?
kris kris . 4 days ago
I would hug the cows no joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ßeautifulChaos ßeautifulChaos . 4 days ago
Can we be friends
Lily Blanski Lily Blanski . 5 days ago
thats... not camping lol
Clara McGreevy 😍😍 Clara McGreevy 😍😍 . 5 days ago
Maddie call the police on
Cara Birch Cara Birch . 5 days ago
Maddie called the police on you because she thought you were stranded on a mountain
JELLY✨Sofia Cabello✨ JELLY✨Sofia Cabello✨ . 5 days ago
Carter your WHAT
Flamingo Fan Flamingo Fan . 5 days ago
Good morning star of sunshine
Evelyn Pyro Evelyn Pyro . 5 days ago
"oh my god"
"There so pretty!"
"Oh my god-"
fnaf x anime fnaf x anime . 5 days ago
Good Morning Starshine the Earth says hello
Tamikamarie86 Tamikamarie86 . 5 days ago
One of your friends called the cops on you
Sophie Shorts Sophie Shorts . 6 days ago
Stranger Things for life Stranger Things for life . 6 days ago
Had to make the comments 450 lol
Zaki Playz Zaki Playz . 6 days ago
Alaina Holbrook Alaina Holbrook . 6 days ago
This is how y oh know “Maddie is the best person and cares about y’all”!❤️
purpole wolfi purpole wolfi . 6 days ago
Whats the face of your wife
ItzLife#goalto50 ItzLife#goalto50 . 6 days ago
I’m going camping in 3 days so oh no
Yarissa Santos De Leon Yarissa Santos De Leon . 6 days ago
The fact the carter said we don’t have connection but is allowed to film a video like carter you lying?
Hanna VR Hanna VR . 6 days ago
I'm not supposed to eat a whole pizza by myself-?

How tf am I still skinny-
Ophelia Frost Ophelia Frost . 6 days ago
“Good morning star of sunshine 👁👄👁”
Me: the earth says ✨hElLo✨
bankslol bankslol . 6 days ago
Maddie call the police on you
BullBeep BullBeep . 6 days ago
Maddie aka ur roommate called the police cause she thought you were stuck I watch her video and she explained
Jelly master 200 Jelly master 200 . 6 days ago
She did that because she thought you were dead
House Phone House Phone . 6 days ago
That's not camping

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