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Published on 1 week ago

The initial and most mild stage of testing the extremely popular Mercedes AMG G-63 G-Wagon. Beginning at the silver lake sand dunes and ending with a 91ft jump. This is a $300,000 SUV with over 1,000hp and an insane suspension from the factory.

Precise - @moneyman
24 - @moneyman

WhistlinDiesel WhistlinDiesel . 1 week ago
So I completely underestimated how soon this would be out, the absolutely insane new T shirts will be out in 7 days 😈 Check your chips for an unreleased/exclusive video in 2 days.
Gabriel Parham Gabriel Parham . 4 minutes ago
This is the only Mercedes commercial I need. They owe you sum n
Nandowz Mhlongo Nandowz Mhlongo . 8 minutes ago
Best video yet.
stefan damjan stefan damjan . 8 minutes ago
i subscribed
dylan sanford dylan sanford . 12 minutes ago
Should get the 6x6 version and test it
MOB Scents MOB Scents . 13 minutes ago
Dang that waggon actually looks badass!
nanah p nanah p . 15 minutes ago
Just buy a damn jeep and save the restof the money.
Chris N Chris N . 17 minutes ago
Toyota G Wagon?
BigWheel BigWheel . 18 minutes ago
Aren't these supposed to be derived from a military vehicle?
Could you See how it holds up against an RPG.
Matt Phillips Matt Phillips . 19 minutes ago
Cry in German
Avarvar Avarvar . 20 minutes ago
There are actually some armies in the world that use the g wagon as one of their standard vehicles.
Did this perform better than. The jeep
James Scott James Scott . 24 minutes ago
I am thoroughly impressed by how well the G wagon did. Just wow!
orvy webster orvy webster . 24 minutes ago
Poor little rich kid .... Spend your money on feeding the poor or housing them. Your a waste of skin.
Knospe Knospe . 49 minutes ago
This has to be the only G-Wagon in the world getting used like that
Steven Kamala Steven Kamala . 1 hour ago
lol πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you are so funny , at time 9:26 πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… i guess they will be happy to see this vid . big up whistlin diesel nice video
Lol give me a hilux please
Donvale Donvale . 1 hour ago
ll buy it off of you for 120 grand. contact me.
Happy__tr Happy__tr . 1 hour ago
Love the money man song used!!motivation
Diego Diego . 1 hour ago
For being a fucking kid at your families ranch to coming up with the shit you do now.. props dude, keep them coming πŸ‘
can kurt can kurt . 1 hour ago
When I see such idiots like these, I understand how important breast feeding is for the first six months.
H4G H4G . 1 hour ago
See how much weight the g wagon can pull
Chris Loving Chris Loving . 2 hours ago
Very nice on! Loved it all the way and having drove around in a G-wagon around in africa I know what that best can take and not take, it has saved us and others many times.
E Simm Simm 2 E Simm Simm 2 . 2 hours ago
Rivers Rivers . 2 hours ago
to be fair, this is what the g wagon was originally built for… so i’m not mad lol
boi boi . 2 hours ago
this is probably the last time were gonna see this car as a whole
Daniel Vasev Daniel Vasev . 2 hours ago
Only two min of the video and i realise how stupid you are :D
Angela Dodorico Angela Dodorico . 2 hours ago
I’m high
Randall Radke Randall Radke . 3 hours ago
Cody you need to hire yourself a wrangler to prevent you from doing shit like bending that driveshaft, you'd get alot more content in the same amount of time, and time is your money right?
moparNut91 moparNut91 . 3 hours ago
Still making the best content on YouTube I see. Send it till your grey and old!🀘
Sniper_Chabo Sniper_Chabo . 3 hours ago
Try the 900HP Brabus Crawler on Sand, thats an sandbeast
HDGamer2424 HDGamer2424 . 3 hours ago
The production level is something else πŸ‘Œ

The Driveshaft on the Hilux is amazing πŸ˜†
M777 Howitzer M777 Howitzer . 3 hours ago
GTA money
John A. John A. . 3 hours ago
Not a fair comparison. You should have put turbos on the Toyota. The g wagon is a pig without the upgrades.
gloomyxyz gloomyxyz . 3 hours ago
This is nothing compared to what Top Gear did to the Toyota Hilux durability test lol
Austin Draa Austin Draa . 3 hours ago
This might be the only vehicle I condone the destruction for
KevBot KevBot . 3 hours ago
Get a land cruiser and do the same thing!
Matt B Matt B . 3 hours ago
I'd say the criteria of Test #1 is acceptable and the G Wagon has passed Test #1.
Anton Shalin Anton Shalin . 3 hours ago
Stupid vandals
Angela Walker Angela Walker . 3 hours ago
Things has not been going on well for the past years now and I don't think πŸ€” investing in crypto is the only way to survive, if there's no money how can you make an investment.
Ben Dragon Ben Dragon . 3 hours ago
Dude that was sick! Hope to see you get your hands on a ram trx
Definitely not Lebron James Definitely not Lebron James . 3 hours ago
I wonder if he keeps insurance on all these vehicles but then again they probably don’t cover it because he does it on purpose. But does he β€œtechnically” do it on purpose?
Jovan Savic Jovan Savic . 3 hours ago
Buy 6x6 g wagon, its better then 4x4 hahahahah
Suhy Suhy . 3 hours ago
Once you actually use a G-Wagen it WAKES UP and will literally kill whats in its path, in my opinion one of the very best vehicles ever made, top 5 for sure
Xam drawoh Xam drawoh . 3 hours ago
Durability test a Tungsten cube!
Xam drawoh Xam drawoh . 3 hours ago
Durability test a Tungsten cube!
Xam drawoh Xam drawoh . 3 hours ago
Durability test a Tungsten cube!
Xam drawoh Xam drawoh . 3 hours ago
Durability test a Tungsten cube!
Xam drawoh Xam drawoh . 3 hours ago
Durability test a Tungsten cube!
Xam drawoh Xam drawoh . 3 hours ago
Durability test a Tungsten cube!

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