Play / Download Remind me to never let go of his hand ever again! 🫣 #shorts
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The CAN Family

The CAN Family

Published on 2 weeks ago


Remind me to never let go of his hand ever again! 🫣

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Terri Faichild Terri Faichild . 41 minutes ago
My daughter liked Xmas songs. Even in college still plays them to relax. Son books on tape
omnpHugs omnpHugs . 3 hours ago
Sun burn alert
Ozzie One Ozzie One . 5 hours ago
Would it not have been easier to sit in the back seat?
kazeshini kazeshini . 7 hours ago
His ass will be crying if he thinks I'm going to sit there and hold his hand for 2 hours.

You don't have to spoil your child
Lilli Torres Lilli Torres . 7 hours ago
Why just not sit with him in the back? 😅
RiverStorm RiverStorm . 10 hours ago
Actually they need to learn to self sooth themselves when stressed. This is why you have adults in a cry closet...
Brittany Brittany . 12 hours ago
Yes! My son is going through the same phase!!!
Addilyn Sander Addilyn Sander . 12 hours ago
how his face went from: 😃 to 🤯
W4T3R W4T3R . 13 hours ago
You better teach your little baby to ride in the car without you turned around in your seat like that, because if you get in an accident in the position you're shown in this video you're going to have serious injury or you're going to get killed.
jrhpng jrhpng . 13 hours ago
First child problems... Say no now, otherwise your life is going to be 💩
Johnna Mccoy Johnna Mccoy . 14 hours ago
See the woman in the back playing hide and go seek making baby laugh lol
Sharon Fairly Sharon Fairly . 14 hours ago
Just saying you could get in the backseat with him what an easy solution. I'm sure he needs your attention more than the person in the front driving the car. Put no one ahead of your child
Jen X Jen X . 14 hours ago
I get really car sick if I sit in the backseat of a car. I wouldn't be able to sit in the back with my kid. They would just have to learn how to sit in the backseat without holding my hand. Why not just give him something to play with, something to occupy his time? I don't believe this is the only way he'll stay calm on the road. He is probably calm with a toy or a book. I bet the mom is the one that started this, and now she realizes it was a bad idea. You're gonna have to stop pacifying him all the time. He is gonna have to learn that he won't get his way all the time, and that he is gonna have to learn how to entertain himself.
marwa gazal marwa gazal . 14 hours ago
This baby is lucky 🍀 his mommy is not Elsa 😂
Rahnuma Islam Rahnuma Islam . 15 hours ago
Just sit in the back with him!!!.
Brad Miller Brad Miller . 15 hours ago
Literally no one cares. Share this with your family not the world. Pointless
V M V M . 16 hours ago
Let him cry he'll fall asleep
ms ms . 16 hours ago
How dangerous do you want that to be
Jim Sir Jim Sir . 17 hours ago
Not the only way. There is always adoption.
Stephanie Uribe Stephanie Uribe . 17 hours ago
Teach your kids to be independent people. This won't be so cute when their 5 & STILL EXPECT this
Scleroderma Smarter Scleroderma Smarter . 18 hours ago
Just sit in the backseat. It'll be more comfortable for you.
Heathbar Heathbar . 19 hours ago
Or maybe just let them get over it instead of rewarding the behavior?
Elise Immordino Elise Immordino . 21 hours ago
Same here lol
Bint Shahid Bint Shahid . 23 hours ago
He's so cute😍and lovely ❤️
Choco Mojo Choco Mojo . 23 hours ago
Séparation anxiety. Congrats! You messed UP that kid!
Choco Mojo Choco Mojo . 23 hours ago
Séparation anxiety. Congrats! You messed UP that kid!
Kennedy Evans Kennedy Evans . 24 hours ago
That smile dropped so fast
Maxwell Steele Maxwell Steele . 1 day ago
Try Benadryl it works
Lucy Clark Lucy Clark . 1 day ago
spoiled try harder
Anamarie Toscano Anamarie Toscano . 1 day ago
Awwwww but that's not healthy either. Imagine a longer trip. I was the same way. Then I learned that is totally fine to cry and they're gonna be fine. But it is cute 😍 for 10 mnts 😂
Rory Algate Rory Algate . 1 day ago
Ummmm yeah no way I would be doing that... some tough love is needed.... good prep. for the crappy world we live in.
Brenda Johnson Brenda Johnson . 1 day ago
My oldest girl was the same way. Either that, or I had to ride in the backseat with her the whole way on a 6hr drive. I feel you pain.
lmm979 lmm979 . 1 day ago
A lot of people suggest sitting in the back, which is a fine idea. Also, if that isn't an option, give him a toy or play a game finding colors or animals, or sing songs, tell a story. Giving in to the demand could teach bad habits that are cute now, but not so much when he is 7, 8, 9...or an adult.
Sofia Serrano Sofia Serrano . 1 day ago
I would sit with her or him n fall asleep together
Christo Ronaldo Christo Ronaldo . 2 days ago
How about sitting next to him and try to calmly make him sleep. He looks dead tired
Shrek Shrek . 2 days ago
Ur child is gonna grow up being a spoiled brat since u obviously don't understand parenting
Fuyuko Lumi Fuyuko Lumi . 2 days ago
omgg this so cute and funny ☺️😂😂🌸
I steal peoples videos I steal peoples videos . 2 days ago
Hell no
Lycan Lycans Lycan Lycans . 2 days ago
My baby sleeps if he is in the car 2 min. And he fell asleep ..
my phone my phone . 2 days ago
Just sit in the back with him
Alex Idk Alex Idk . 2 days ago
Just sit in the back😑
La vecchia guardia La vecchia guardia . 2 days ago
Tyson1977 Tyson1977 . 2 days ago
Or let him cry u til he gets over it. You sitting turned like that is unsafe plus he needs to learn to be independent and sooth himself
Reynay McCroskey Reynay McCroskey . 2 days ago
Oh adorable, i love the giggles trick peek a boo how fun.
Henry Capuano Henry Capuano . 2 days ago
Curious who's filming and who's driving, this is the only way my baby, boom dead accident filming while driving, idiots. Next Darwin Award.
aces959 aces959 . 3 days ago
My younger daughter is 3.5 and I STILL have to do this when she's tired/cranky.
Victoria Perez Victoria Perez . 3 days ago
Awwwwww 🥰 what a cutie
Don't read my picture Don't read my picture . 3 days ago
Donut read my name
Amber Playz Røbløx Amber Playz Røbløx . 3 days ago
Awww he's so cute! Hope you guys have fun

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