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John Seo

John Seo

Published on 2 weeks ago

Silver Silver . 11 minutes ago
K-pop and anime didn't reach that part of the world yet?
Patroclus Patroclus . 11 minutes ago
They smell anyway.
N I T Z N I T Z . 14 minutes ago
When you realise 60% of world population are asian 👁👄👁 ..... do even people get that asia have nearly 50 countries and worlds biggest mass land with different diversity and people
shlumpedasf shlumpedasf . 14 minutes ago
fell in love wit the last girl
Rose Gold Rose Gold . 15 minutes ago
as a black person, i'd date any race but the problem comes when their family doesn't accept my race so :/ i guess anyone if their family also accepts my race
Amit Amit . 16 minutes ago
Ask guys too
xx your darling xx xx your darling xx . 24 minutes ago
America moment👍
xx your darling xx xx your darling xx . 25 minutes ago
The 'nahh pass' was amazing
Honestlt gurl he wasnt begging for u either😂🤦‍♀️
Cyrus The Virus Grissom Cyrus The Virus Grissom . 29 minutes ago
They didn’t want their homes looted and burnt down and possibly raped, so they said Asians instead of black people
Kpop Fan Kpop Fan . 33 minutes ago
“What race wouldn’t you date?”
Me: Into Kpop😳
Zippy :} Zippy :} . 36 minutes ago
I would say “any race.”
Jai Anna Jai Anna . 38 minutes ago
These girls seem super closed minded. Hope they can grow out of it and look at dating people for their qualities and personal attractiveness not race. I've seen and had friends with lots of really hot Asian guys.
marchy meow marchy meow . 44 minutes ago
Them choosing asians:
Me who is a kpop stan: 😳
skeletalmixer101 skeletalmixer101 . 54 minutes ago
I'll hit up that last giiiirl wooo
April Goodwin Crawford April Goodwin Crawford . 56 minutes ago
Your school has no vibes bro
Trigger Fish Trigger Fish . 58 minutes ago
What happened to gen z thirsting over Kpop idols?
galaxygirl shorts galaxygirl shorts . 60 minutes ago
Well as an Asian I wouldn't want to date a white person especially a blonde 🙃
another_user another_user . 1 hour ago
ain’t no way they all said asian bruh they aren’t bad 💀💀
Silv M Silv M . 1 hour ago
Imagine if he asked an asian girl what race she wouldn't date and she said asian
Sissy Punch Sissy Punch . 1 hour ago
I absolutely love asians. I think they are beautiful. ❤️
Jazz Hea Jazz Hea . 1 hour ago
So are all these girls racist then? Curious how he only asked white girls.
Kountrator Kountrator . 1 hour ago
They include desi ppl? Like indians. Or only chinese,japanese etc
ZIllA ZIllA . 1 hour ago
Dayymm lol
J D J D . 2 hours ago
KPOP has entered the chat
As it was As it was . 2 hours ago
They definitely haven't seen Taehyung yet.
Eric Monzón Eric Monzón . 2 hours ago
one correction one correction . 2 hours ago
Underrated fr
Soleh Sani Soleh Sani . 2 hours ago
Asia isn't a race, it's a continent.
beacherry beacherry . 2 hours ago
It would be ironic if these girls finding their crushes are into Asian girls
Bella Nine Bella Nine . 2 hours ago
People have their own preferences like damn that's still hard for people to get.
Jordan Marie Jordan Marie . 2 hours ago
bruh asians are fine asf what are they on
Truly Teesta Truly Teesta . 2 hours ago
Ans: white
RADBeet RADBeet . 2 hours ago
eXZy ExZee eXZy ExZee . 2 hours ago
Asian is way too broad. Arabs are asians, Indians are asians, Chinese are Asians,.. literally all of different skin colors and physical features. unlike Black people everyone from black Americans, kenyan, nigerian, to every black person is the same. and for white people white american all the way to Europe/ Scandinavia all are the same looking white people.
yrim yrim . 2 hours ago
Asians are so much more better than Europeans /Americans Like get a life
yrim yrim . 2 hours ago
Racism on its top
Shraddha Sonawane Shraddha Sonawane . 2 hours ago
Him: What race you wouldn't date ?
Her: I would date any race
Him: Are you into Asians ?
Her: I have a BOYFRIEND !!
Him: What about Asians ?
Girl Gamer Squad Girl Gamer Squad . 2 hours ago
Huh- what’s wrong with these people? 🤨
Everyone is here saying they wouldn’t date Asians and im here that is ONLY into Asians😳
I mean have you seen BTS?👀
BTS Mochimi BTS Mochimi . 2 hours ago
Yeah what an awful question...this is offensive wth
Leem Beans Leem Beans . 2 hours ago
Can they say why tho Bc why Asians specifically. Ion see no problem with them. 🤷🏽‍♀️
archana pillai archana pillai . 3 hours ago
When someone falls in love it's heart doesn't care what race,colour,language or country.It needs just lots of unconditional love, loyalty and respect for each other
Sam luca Sam luca . 3 hours ago
reaction would have been different had they said "black"
indi3kid0z indi3kid0z . 3 hours ago
Wtffff Asians are fineee like smh-
LAHKhashi LAHKhashi . 3 hours ago
What's wrong with asians tho 🙆 I'm a south asian does it still counts 😐
L Jh L Jh . 3 hours ago
I’m sorry y’all is is disturbing as hell, insert any other race and these girlies would’ve been kicked out of school. As a black person why do we so undermine what Asians go through.
Emma Emma . 3 hours ago
race doesn’t matter, the person does! but obviously preference does exist, but some weirdos fetishise certain races and it’s just creepy
Carolina Reads Carolina Reads . 3 hours ago
The worst part of this is that Asians themselves or any other POC minority living in majority Caucasian areas will internalize this BS and have difficulties dating/being attracted to other POC minorities. Truly sad bro.
Sonic Vasquez Sonic Vasquez . 3 hours ago
I guess I'm not the only one .
nuri nuri . 3 hours ago
I know why Americans hate asians but idk how to explain
Angel Xavier Angel Xavier . 3 hours ago
“That’s an awful question”
Yes. Yes it is.

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