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Published on 3 months ago

“Like I Love Country Music” is out now!

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You get me high as Willie, girl
You get me gone as Jones
You turn me on as much as I turn on my radio
Let’s take our time, walk the line
Kinda like Johnny and June did
Yeah, let’s do this
Baby, I love you like I love country music

Connie Graham Connie Graham . 4 hours ago
I'm not interested in chatting with u.gly people like Lauren Alaina or her cousin Holly, or her mother (Kim English and Rachel Dickson=Kristy Suddeth) and her father. 😆😆😆😆. That's my boundary line! I mean who the hell is Lauren Alaina? just another loser who tries to be a singer? Never because of her ugliness.
@Kim English=Rachel Dickson! I don't wanna see your daughter's u.gly smile, cuz she's naturally u.gly...
Sophia Pike Sophia Pike . 1 day ago
I love your music great job
Manny Idemudia Manny Idemudia . 2 days ago
My favorite
Daisy Johnson Daisy Johnson . 4 days ago
🛑🛑🛑We don't wanna see Kane Brown at the CMA awards anymore! Don't let Kane Brown ruin our American Country music. He should be permanently banned/eliminated from the CMA or ACM festival or awards.
All Kane Brown's upcoming events and concerts will be cancelled due to his poor vocal. He's a country music destroyer and an embarrassment to real country singers like Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley, Luke Combs, Walker Hayes or Cody Johnson. Everybody is leaving Kane Brown cuz he can't sing. He can't even sing a kid's lullaby song. Kane Brown and Khalid they both can't sing squat. Their voices are not marketable. Their albums are not sellable. Never on pitch and can't even carry a tune. I wouldn't go to their concerts even if they pay me....people literally fall asleep during their concerts. We're fed up with their mediocre performances at CMA awards. They should be permanently banned from the American country music industry. 🛑🛑🛑
Doc Doc . 5 days ago
Hell yes
Sheena Thomson Sheena Thomson . 1 week ago
😆😆😆😆😆🥵🥵Lauren Alaina has no job, no money, no life, no fame...and u.gly. She's money hungry and she will do any collaboration with anyone just to make ends meet. She's been trying to get into music industry for the last 11 years, but she failed because of her ugliness. We all know she can't make money from singing. Kane Brown is the only person who supports her financially, but he doesn't have a career neither cuz he can't sing. He's wasting his time just like Lauren Alaina. Lauren Alaina? Because of her odd looks and weird behaviors on youtube, she will never make it. Never. 😅
Melinie Fortier Melinie Fortier . 2 weeks ago
Iloveit beautiful music
James Mills James Mills . 2 weeks ago
i love kane brown and all of his music and i was one of the frist people to see his new video
mark mccormick mark mccormick . 2 weeks ago
I love this song great beat for summer 2022
goten696 goten696 . 2 weeks ago
Saw you at the tailgate Kane! Keep going strong and making the music you love man!
Catherine Hankins Catherine Hankins . 3 weeks ago
Yes l m at I is good
Jenny Telese Jenny Telese . 3 weeks ago
I Love this song and poop
Lisa Tkacz Lisa Tkacz . 3 weeks ago
This is my favorite song 🎵🎵🎵
Raymond Didier Raymond Didier . 3 weeks ago
I love this song I even have a cute little dance for it
Josh Fischer Josh Fischer . 3 weeks ago
Thank god for kane brown he has another album coming out September 9th
Kurt Jones Kurt Jones . 3 weeks ago
Ivana Martoňakova Ivana Martoňakova . 3 weeks ago
Mary Strong Mary Strong . 4 weeks ago
Love this Man's music and he is truly country and very down to earth..
장순국 장순국 . 4 weeks ago
조회수 877,827회... 잘 들었습니다.
Keith & Lisa Armstrong Keith & Lisa Armstrong . 1 month ago
3:09 I love how that's tight
Keith & Lisa Armstrong Keith & Lisa Armstrong . 1 month ago
2:45 end but I thought it would be over
Keith & Lisa Armstrong Keith & Lisa Armstrong . 1 month ago
Best part 0:54 3:09 1:58
Keith & Lisa Armstrong Keith & Lisa Armstrong . 1 month ago
0:54 best part
Chelle Shock Chelle Shock . 1 month ago
This man not only has seriously mad musical talent, his smile is insanely infectious, and he is so down to earth/humble. Can see this single being the country music anthem to Summer 2022! 🎸🔥🎶🔥💯
Mara Kahl Mara Kahl . 1 month ago
Best song ever lol I love Kane brown
JJ Lockridge JJ Lockridge . 1 month ago
I’m so glad I play harmonica. This lick is heaven sent.
Sheena Thomson Sheena Thomson . 1 month ago
😎😎😎😎Lauren Alaina has no fame...and u..gly. She's just very jealous of American Idol winners' success, cuz she has no life. She's been trying to get into music business for the last 11 years, but not working. Because of her odd looks and weird behaviors on youtube, she will never make it.
isac_Lux_Music isac_Lux_Music . 1 month ago

Mary Black Mary Black . 1 month ago
I love all of country music but I love 💕💕💕😘😘😘💕💕💕💕💕 this song you go Kane brown I can't get enough of this song
Mike Royce Ca$h Mike Royce Ca$h . 1 month ago
I love country músic i'm Singer country músic
Country Music Collection Country Music Collection . 1 month ago
*This is definitely a song you must have in your country songs playlist, listen to more on my youtube channel ❤🎧😍*
Miranda Leigh Lambert Miranda Leigh Lambert . 1 month ago
Kane brown I'm biggest Fan Of
Country Music 🎶 you are a legend male Country Singer MY Favorite Song is Get I Love COUNTRY Music is My Other Country Playlist WOW I can't wait See U in The person This Summer going 2 Nashville I Love U Kane brown I can't wait See U in the Person This Summer going 2 Nashville I'm going 2 See Kane Brown him In the Concert is Be Fun happy 4th July Tell you're Whole Family Save Me Some BBQ For Me 🤠 Text me
Mart Mart . 1 month ago
Kane BROWN. SO FUCKING COOL. so upbeat. Kane. I am Marty . Friend of Chris Young. . This song. So so fucking awesome.
kcoggin82 kcoggin82 . 2 months ago
I really enjoyed the beginning before the music started and my favorite part was the end right after the music stopped.
Collin Isbest Collin Isbest . 2 months ago
everyday i hear it and i sing it even at 3 am
Jon Gold Jon Gold . 2 months ago
This has to be the worst music ever made. WTF are people thinking?
Becca Bastian Becca Bastian . 2 months ago
I have to say the intro tricked me and the melody sounded like a Shania twain song 🎵
Tom Schindler Tom Schindler . 2 months ago
Love this song country
Jacob Bryant Jacob Bryant . 2 months ago
More of this style please 💯💯
Lucy 05 Lucy 05 . 2 months ago
Oh yea!!! ❤❤❤
Michael Curran Michael Curran . 2 months ago
I'll be honest, I'm not a Kane Brown fan. But this song SLAPS, and I am very glad that it exists.
Miranda Leigh Lambert Miranda Leigh Lambert . 2 months ago
Kane brown I'm biggest Fan Of
Country Music 🎶 you you are a legend male Country Playlist WOW 💯 I can't wait See U in The person I'm a huge Fan Of Kane Brown MY Favorite COUNTRY Song is Get Like I COUNTRY music Summer Playlist is Kind Of
I Love U Kane brown You Sound Country Make NEW Other Music Video I'm huge Fan This Summer going to Nashville Tennessee I'm Country Now MY COUNTRY Name is Miranda Lambert I Going 2 See Kane Brown in The Concert he Performance NEW Music Video
Kane brown is My NEW Country Boyfriend's He is The hottie Country Playlist WOW 💯🤠 🤠
I Love All Country. Love Kane Brown
N1K 5m1Th N1K 5m1Th . 2 months ago
This makes me wanna spin my girl round'!!
YaBoiVillagerLMAO YaBoiVillagerLMAO . 2 months ago
I love this song and my mens love this as well
Joseph Joseph . 2 months ago
Kane would you ever collab with Upchurch? That’d be dope AF
Revolt Playlists Revolt Playlists . 2 months ago
Hey you should check out if you like country music! 🤘
Francisco Ulloa Francisco Ulloa . 2 months ago
Bailamos ??
Me encanta la música country.
Fearless Fearless . 2 months ago
Thank You Kane for Yet another Amazing Boot Scootin Country Song and Now Im Gonna Get my Speaker and Blast this
Ambet Shanahan Ambet Shanahan . 2 months ago
Love this one, I love all of Kane Brown music, but this one actually makes me dance to it
Jayda Lawson Collison Jayda Lawson Collison . 2 months ago
I can listen to this song all the time

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