Play / Download $1 vs $50 iPhone Case!
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Published on 1 week ago

My first ever YouTube short on the Main channel - did you like it? 😳

Mrwhosetheboss Mrwhosetheboss . 1 week ago
This is the first Short I've ever posted on the Main channel - I would love to experiment with a few short videos every now and again here - let me know what you think though! (Will take your feedback v seriously) 😁
Sandesh Tamang Sandesh Tamang . 53 minutes ago
Can you gift me one of your iPhone ?
I broke my phone back glass but my mom is unknown about it and when she will know it im dead so please help me out 🥺
Jordyn Totton Jordyn Totton . 60 minutes ago
The phones be like: I believe I can fly I can touch the-
**proceeds to die**
𝐄₂₄ 𝐄₂₄ . 2 hours ago
Who can break I phone?
Greatest Football Greatest Football . 2 hours ago
Bro breaks iPhone for a living
Freya Mays Freya Mays . 2 hours ago
Me"do it angan dont be shy
no name no name . 2 hours ago
Many Indians are watching this only for entertainment.
shadez shadez . 2 hours ago
can i have a free phone pls? I have an old samsung galaxy s7 thats cracked all over the screen
Trisha's gameplay Trisha's gameplay . 3 hours ago
50 dollar one is just scamming us whatsoever a case is a case man bruhhh🙄🙄
Ilaycan Arslan Ilaycan Arslan . 3 hours ago
Apple is just a wholeass scam
Dhruv Vadadoriya Dhruv Vadadoriya . 3 hours ago
Uh ohh... Wrong channel bro!
Susan Namoc Susan Namoc . 3 hours ago
can i have one iphone?
Nate Nate . 4 hours ago
I use the $50 one because it feels better than any cheap cases.
LazyTechNerd LazyTechNerd . 4 hours ago
Of course the apple case is 50 bucks
Medhansh Somaiya Medhansh Somaiya . 5 hours ago
Relax, it's iPhone
Rishabh Sharma Rishabh Sharma . 5 hours ago
I can confirm having no cases or an iphone, the apple case is overpriced
LeeUwU6 LeeUwU6 . 5 hours ago
please give me instead
Chihab Gamer ☠ Chihab Gamer ☠ . 5 hours ago
That's how apple trick you to take ur money
Foox robel Foox robel . 5 hours ago
On przynajmniej wie ile to dwa metry nie to co Monika Kociołek 😅
Migs Malteezy Migs Malteezy . 6 hours ago
Can i have the iphone with the one dollar case for my birthday on the 16th of august?
Emily Farmer Emily Farmer . 6 hours ago
if u ever have any extra iphones hit me up
B2B Max B2B Max . 6 hours ago
Please send me a crashed iPhone….dream phone
Lynerose Sacdalan Lynerose Sacdalan . 6 hours ago
Wow 1$ case is so useful. We all should save money
Thodi Thodi . 6 hours ago
In germany we say Rinoshield
Muyocho Muyocho . 7 hours ago
The phones is like a bottle of water to him
Μαρκος Βλαχος Μαρκος Βλαχος . 7 hours ago
No one🤣
Daniel Fjordbak Poulsen Daniel Fjordbak Poulsen . 7 hours ago
It's a bit waste of phones... U destroying phones think about the people's without phones🤔🙈
Weeb Weeb . 8 hours ago
but what about the question, you never answered it. Which One Is Better?
Sumira Ishaq Sumira Ishaq . 8 hours ago
U all need some 1$ protection
𝙋𝙖𝙧𝙚𝙚𝙨𝙖𝙮 𝙋𝙖𝙧𝙚𝙚𝙨𝙖𝙮 . 9 hours ago
I was just about to get an apple silicone case but now i might just change my mind…
Abeel Unar Abeel Unar . 9 hours ago
Dude don't waste phones, just give me that iphone to me i need it 😭😂
Mushahid hussain Mushahid hussain . 9 hours ago
Its all about I phone power not case😁.Drop my phone using same cases
sakshi💜 sakshi💜 . 10 hours ago
In 50$ we can literally buy 50 iPhone cases 🙂
Sonam Yangchen Sonam Yangchen . 10 hours ago
I regret buying the 50 dollar case
•diivine• •diivine• . 10 hours ago
"Expensive doesn't always mean better"
-Doja Cat
Copycat Copycat . 10 hours ago
الله يرزقنا
G U S T T O X G U S T T O X . 11 hours ago
I have the Apple official silicone case and it’s great, still lasting me after 10 months.
Bupe Banda Bupe Banda . 12 hours ago
Can you please send me your Brocken phones🙂
B1 B1 . 12 hours ago
I felt pain
Nino E Nino E . 13 hours ago
Shein has a dollar case 😆🤣
U N I U N I . 14 hours ago
Give me one iphone instead of breaking them😄.
Please giveaway 🤣🤣
Muthu Lakshman Muthu Lakshman . 15 hours ago
Z fold usersbe like: Ahh, cant find 1$ cases eh? need atleast 20$ plus for 3rd party or spend 50$ minimum for official cases!!
Aditya Dalmia Aditya Dalmia . 16 hours ago
They doesn't get damaged like that.. they will get damage when u are not ready for it!
Bimmo Bimmo . 16 hours ago
Give me one of the please 🙏
phantom gaming phantom gaming . 16 hours ago
moral of the story: put 50 cases over one another instead of buying other one
Soulvfx Soulvfx . 16 hours ago
Bro just give me the phone bro
You keep desttoying them💀 or do something with them
Arpita jena Arpita jena . 16 hours ago
If you have this much money to drop your 2 iPhone for a video then give it to me please
Jessa Besa Jessa Besa . 16 hours ago
please give me a phone like free?

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