Play / Download Craig Morgan and Jelly Roll perform “Almost Home” Live at the Grand Ole Opry
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Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll

Published on 1 month ago

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Susan Burnett Susan Burnett . 40 minutes ago
Oh man that got me bawling 🥺🥺😩😭😭😭
A. Wilson A. Wilson . 1 hour ago
you deserve every ounce of success and happiness!! keep changing the world one lyric at a time sir!!!
SwingEmLowFishing SwingEmLowFishing . 1 hour ago
You derserve every minute of it bubba from the 10 min freestyle to this amazing 🤩
Chris Collins Chris Collins . 1 hour ago
He's not the true Jelly Roll. That belongs to Jelly Roll Morton, the inventor of jazz.
This man wishes he invented more hamburgers.
Joe Montanez Joe Montanez . 1 hour ago
And best believe it brother, you are making us fill the same way! Nothing but hope n inspiration 🙏 I've been down that road and done did it, but I flip the switch like you and changed all the shit for me and my fam!! #MusicHeals
Bobbie Ann Brewer Ford Bobbie Ann Brewer Ford . 5 hours ago
My daddy loved this song 🎵 ❤ It helped him through prison and changed him for the better. So, thank you so much ❤
Tiffany Nicole Tiffany Nicole . 9 hours ago
Love you Jelly & Bunny!!!!!! 🐰
Chris Caliri Chris Caliri . 12 hours ago
Not many songs bring a tear to a grown ass mans eye but seeing this man sing his dreams with his idol does it. You can feel his soul thru his music. Get it man
Marcus Torres Marcus Torres . 13 hours ago
I love you jelly roll you literally saved me I pray I meet you one day 🙏🙏 Amen
brian blithe brian blithe . 16 hours ago
It Is truly balsmaphous that dued with tattoos, do you truly think he loves jesus ???
Cory Reiff Cory Reiff . 18 hours ago
Sing a song about how the goverment is fucking everything that walks. And filling their pockets.
Gabe Gabe . 19 hours ago
I never realized what a beautiful country voice Craig Morgan has. When a vocalist sounds as good or better live, it takes the songs to another level. ...rare to hear pure talent such as these two gents. Awesome story.
Johndoehoe Johndoehoe . 19 hours ago
This turd needs to get sober for his kid and lay off the food.
JWP6948 JWP6948 . 21 hours ago
If somebody doesn't get Jelly some help he will be gone way before his time. Please move towards a healthier lifestyle so we can enjoy you for years to come! We just lost Teddy Ray yesterday a bright 🌟 in the world of comedy at the age of 32 and the cause hasn't been announced yet but his health wasn't the best
Shawn Cahill Shawn Cahill . 21 hours ago
Man what powerful and such a beautiful moment in music history and I am so glad I was there to be part of it
I was the extremely loud ol man in the balcony with mslfb!
Bubba you killed it and with another class act Craig Morgan
Cory Balog-Kwapich Cory Balog-Kwapich . 22 hours ago
this is awesome
Will Ingraham Will Ingraham . 22 hours ago
This is one of the best things I've ever seen.
kandylouwhoandcrew kandylouwhoandcrew . 22 hours ago
Oh my gosh. Now I'm in tears. What a beautiful full circle moment. 😭🙏
Rock Solid Fishing Club Rock Solid Fishing Club . 23 hours ago
Love you Jelly roll ❤️🎶🎶🎵🎶🙌👏🏼👏🏼
Shay Perry Shay Perry . 1 day ago
love beats the demon 💯
Roy Jones On Wheels Roy Jones On Wheels . 1 day ago
I'll admit, I had some tears watching this! God is great! God bless both Jelly and Craig!
Luci Luci . 1 day ago
Congratulations big hommie.. fuckin amazing
Alisa Hughes Alisa Hughes . 1 day ago
Amen Jelly Roll.
Nicholas Kerschner Nicholas Kerschner . 1 day ago
Got the goose bumps and got rear eyed. This is what changing for the better and chasing dreams looks like.
Antonio Castellano Antonio Castellano . 1 day ago
JELLY ROLL! God loves all kinds of people. So should we! Break down the barriers and help someone in need!
Robert Smith Robert Smith . 2 days ago
young man you have alot of life to live now you deserve this we love ya buddy
Scott Mcneill Scott Mcneill . 2 days ago
Awesome 👌
Willbilly1991 Willbilly1991 . 2 days ago
most humble and heartwarming video ive seen in years
Mike Richardson Mike Richardson . 2 days ago
I love you brother
HVAC 4 LIFE HVAC 4 LIFE . 2 days ago
Debbie McCleary Debbie McCleary . 2 days ago
Jelly roll man u are real luv u man XOXO
Terri McMahan Terri McMahan . 2 days ago
Absolute chills!!! Fantastic job Jelly Roll and Craig!! God bless y'all! 🙏❤️
Kirby Blackburn Kirby Blackburn . 2 days ago
Never get tired of watching this two awesome artists
Patrick Lee Patrick Lee . 2 days ago
I fucking absolutely cried over this. Jelly roll. You deserve it man. I’m glad this became a reality for you.
Jordan Goodin Jordan Goodin . 2 days ago
Jelly stay with country that's you all the way
Jody 252012 Jody 252012 . 2 days ago
I love this song it’s my wife’s and I song the first song we listen to when we first hung out
Bryan Hella Bryan Hella . 2 days ago
This is simply Amazing .. These 2 need many more collabs ...
Flo Boyer Flo Boyer . 2 days ago
Body covered by chills eyes are welling up with tears God bless
Lynn Schmidt Lynn Schmidt . 2 days ago
One word--excellent!! Love both of them.
Mary Costine Mary Costine . 2 days ago
If you don't feel this legends music in your soul, then you don't have a soul. I respect and appreciate you so much Jelly Roll. I'm from lreland, I'm a huge fan. You are my idol. My hero. You inspire me. I suffer from mental health issues but your music keeps me alive. Thank you God for this sweet gentleman , a beautiful soul!🤗☘🍀🥳🥳🥳💙❤💜🙏🙏
denny gruendner denny gruendner . 2 days ago
Bad Ass👊
Disposable Human Disposable Human . 2 days ago
That’s a lot of tattooed love.
William Woods William Woods . 2 days ago
Genuine good dude.. Love some Jelly Roll
Keith Tatum Keith Tatum . 2 days ago
Now this is music 🎶 🎵 an a heart catcher. And and a dam good song. 😔
Sharon Ann Sharon Ann . 2 days ago
This song has always made me cry but DAMN IT MAN IM BAWLING!!!!
Wildest Cowboy Wildest Cowboy . 2 days ago
To all the dope heads out there, Jesus loves you and so do I. Don't forget that.
Susan Smith Susan Smith . 3 days ago
This brought tears to my is amazing 🤩
Amanda Tucker-Swaner Amanda Tucker-Swaner . 3 days ago
Welp you did it brother you've just made me pull a tear out and not just this video but we've been listening to you for years my husband loves you and you're story and yes we're in a rural part of California Black Angus cattle, horses ecf...hit me up if you want to try some of the absolute best beef you've ever eating and obviously bring Bunny 👍🏻
Pamela Woods Pamela Woods . 3 days ago
I just lost it I'm ugly crying 😭😭😭 love these guys!!!
Nelson Pleasant Nelson Pleasant . 3 days ago
They say we pick winners picked the jelly roll as the most xyz entertainer in the last x amount of years

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