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 -Lulo Melodies-

-Lulo Melodies-

Published on 2 months ago

A wonderful subscriber asked for the one hour version of this snippet, so here it is, we hope you enjoy!

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Song- Victoria's Secret

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God I Wish Somebody Whould Have Told Me
When I Was Younger That All Bodies Aren’t the Same
Photoshop Itty Bitty Models on Magazine Covers
Told Me I Was Overweight

I Stopped Eating What a Bummer
Can’t Have Carbs and Hot Girl Summer
If I Could Go Back and Tell Myself
When I Was Younger I’d Say

I Know Victoria’s Secret
And Girl You Wouldn’t Believe
She’s an Old Man Who Lives in Ohio
Making Money Off Girls Like Me
Cashing in on Body Issues
Selling Skin and Bones With Big Boobs
I Know Victoria’s Secret
She Was Made Up by a Dude
Victoria Was Made Up by a Dude
Victoria Was Made Up by a Dude

Chloe Spring Chloe Spring . 17 hours ago
the cool the is the old man's name is lex Wexner and he is 84 years old he created bath and body works and Victoria's secret and his wife's name is Victoria
randome kid randome kid . 6 days ago
Thank you sooo much ❤
The cute cat girl The cute cat girl . 7 days ago
You need the hole song
Skye and maddy Channel Skye and maddy Channel . 2 weeks ago
Well you’re at school physical to put this song on at the end of the year is it I gave this to my older cousin who’s going in the college because she always makes comments about my body fat sick of it
Joe Laliberte Joe Laliberte . 1 month ago
i loveyou jax
Joe Laliberte Joe Laliberte . 1 month ago
iwochvictor's secret on repeat
Roller gaming Roller gaming . 1 month ago
The Best day ever
Max9191l1 Max9191l1 . 1 month ago
AKidPlayingVR AKidPlayingVR . 1 month ago
yo creator i was hearing voices playing this tf?!
DestinyTheLoser DestinyTheLoser . 1 month ago
i literally am looping this 1 hour loop. i love this song. every girl needs to hear this. <3 love urself
K'Mari Miller K'Mari Miller . 2 months ago
i love this song i sing it and fall sleep
Lauren Painchaud Lauren Painchaud . 2 months ago
new favorite song 100% my favorite song
Villavas Villavas . 2 months ago
i love this song it is stuck in my head
BTS fan💜 BTS fan💜 . 2 months ago
Me and my friend where climing on each others back and one of my other friend staiped on his back and I didn't realise she was on him and the I put both my feet on him and he said I was fat when I heared that I was so sad I ran off crying but now we have made up but after that I deside I would starve myself because I'm insece about my body
sharon52ify sharon52ify . 2 months ago
My favorite part about your videos is Victoria was made up by that was like my server and this is my second time listening to the song thank you so much for making it for me because you make it with pictures
sharon52ify sharon52ify . 2 months ago
C you do awesome videos I love them
cactus kittens cactus kittens . 2 months ago
This song inspires me! I'm going to the beach for a week and I'm insecure about my stomach and I didn't know how to feel about it. This makes me feel so much better that I know other girls are going through the same thing. Cast all of your worries, anxieties, and insecurities on the Lord. He will handle them. And it will be okay. Guys, we don't have much time until His return. Please repent and trust in Him. I used to be severely insecure about my stomach until I let God handle it. Now I'm recovering. ❤️ Praise Him!!!!!!
☻luvlyjackie ☻-losing subs ☻luvlyjackie ☻-losing subs . 2 months ago
I love this song so much it’s stuck in my head and I’m playing it in the car rn✨
Azraa💗2012 Azraa💗2012 . 2 months ago
I am literally crying because my friends dad said I was fat and for some reason I was singing this song and I looked at myself and I just had a meltdown
I LOVE SONG ❤️❤️♥️♥️😘😘💖💖😊😊🤍🤍
K'Mari Miller K'Mari Miller . 2 months ago
yay i fond it yessssssssss i love this song
Evinee Mascorro Evinee Mascorro . 2 months ago
I love it
Idai de jesus Idai de jesus . 2 months ago
I love this song
Julio Leon Julio Leon . 2 months ago
🍟🍕🍿🍰 l can’t ate this but l want to
Kaylynn Taylor Kaylynn Taylor . 2 months ago
At gov ball she added on lyrics! To make it a whole song so I hope that means it will be released
Alyssa White Alyssa White . 2 months ago
I needed this so much😇😊
☕ Cocoa Cookie ☕ ☕ Cocoa Cookie ☕ . 2 months ago
This song sometimes reminds me of my childhood, i used to look at myself in the mirror and think that im fat and ugly and i'd ask my mom to take me running and then start crying because i still thought i looked fat and i didnt wanna get made fun of by my friends or people in my school.
Laila Baxter Laila Baxter . 2 months ago
Kim & Tim Elwell-Sutton Kim & Tim Elwell-Sutton . 2 months ago
Absolutely love this!
jae !! jae !! . 2 months ago
I hope she makes it into a bigger and better song! P.S. im not saying its bad i just really want it to be longer!
Sarah zaki Sarah zaki . 2 months ago
iv wahc this 56 tims
Kristen Morey Kristen Morey . 2 months ago
Best song ever.
Space_flowers🌈 Space_flowers🌈 . 2 months ago
Space_flowers🌈 Space_flowers🌈 . 2 months ago
this is every kind of song like pop rock carm
adi adi . 2 months ago
if any teachers/principals see this: I’m not trying to say I could do your job but I’d to recommend that you play this. I think many girls (or even boys) could use this because they almost certainly aren’t getting this from their friends or family. It doesn’t even have to be in school. Don’t be scared to share this song with anybody at all :) You’re beautiful ty for reading.
Jay Love Jay Love . 2 months ago
This makes me feel so confident and accepted in life thank you
Space_flowers🌈 Space_flowers🌈 . 2 months ago
i watchedit till the end I CANT UNHEAR IT NOW ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!
Space_flowers🌈 Space_flowers🌈 . 2 months ago
me jumping out of bed when i hear this
Space_flowers🌈 Space_flowers🌈 . 2 months ago
mina dalea mina dalea . 2 months ago
I love this song so much its playing 24/7 in my head
Kiley ford Kiley ford . 2 months ago
I have played this song at least 10 times today on 1 hour 😍😍😍😍
Addi maycock Addi maycock . 2 months ago
If Jax doesn’t release this song I will literally die.
CookieCrumbs CookieCrumbs . 2 months ago
This is now my favorite "song". She should make it into a real song!
Master -K1ng Master -K1ng . 2 months ago
You should shut Victoria secret bc it’s a man who’s sus
Ella Ella . 2 months ago
I cried during 5his song lol
rose rose . 2 months ago
THE DUDE WHO MAD Victoria Secret be like: oops THEY FOUND MY SECRET
recessremedies recessremedies . 2 months ago
Oh my freaking god I love this😍😍😍😍
mwila kunda mwila kunda . 2 months ago
Love your song and voice this song is so relateble everyone at my school says am fat🙁😟😔😢😭😭😢😓 they only like to talk to me when I have things am still depresed but this song make me feel a bit better
Ishaan Mannan Ishaan Mannan . 2 months ago
This song is so good I love listening to it
Kathryn Ziersch Kathryn Ziersch . 2 months ago
Perfectly describes the girls including me at my school. They should rlly start playing this at different schools.

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