Play / Download EXPLORING Abandoned NUCLEAR Missile DOOMSDAY BUNKER for SALE! (Should I Buy It?)
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Published on 2 weeks ago

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Lumpy zx2 Lumpy zx2 . 5 hours ago
Biggest thing would be to make sure the air system is still in tip top shape, if it was mine and I had limitless funds you betcha that silo would be drained and turned into something, build a couple dirt covered concrete building over top, fix and reseal all the blast doors, clean up the inside, update all the lighting and make it look like somethin, stock it full of stuff (ie, everything), add signs to the walls so directions are very clear and obvious, add an intercom system, maybe even an audio system that you can control the volume in individual areas, add sound deadening because that echo would get old fast, add an electric or hydraulic assist to open and close the blast doors with a manual bypass, fix the wiring and bring it all up to code and make it look like something halfway decent, update the plumbing so you don't have to manually drain the bathtub, although you'd still need a pump. Make the rooms nice with insulation, sheetrock, wood, etc. Some electric heaters wouldn't be a bad idea since the temperature down there will be pretty cool, a fire suppression system that isn't gonna destroy everything, solar up top for a backup, and most importantly, sensors and alarms, ie CO2, O2, flammable/explosive gas, etc. Block off any areas that are a potential fall hazard, add outside cameras 360° as well as insidefacing the entrance, add creature comforts, basically just deck the whole thing out. But it ain't mine and I'm broke so I can't do all that unfortunately, I know where there's an atlas missile silo near me that I want but unfortunately it's not for sale and it's also a school, plus I'm broke, so that's not gonna happen lol. But if you do end up getting it, hopefully that gives you some ideas.

And on a side note, whatever you do, DO NOT jump in the water in that silo. That is a very stupid idea, just sayin, and it's definitely not worth it.
Average Gamer Average Gamer . 6 hours ago
Idk why but I really want that water drained Jsut to see what all is down there it’s cold waters i it’ll preserve anything down there has to be cool equipment and stuff from back in the day
Florida man Cameron Florida man Cameron . 14 hours ago
Buy it!
PepsToCool PepsToCool . 16 hours ago
OMG you and brad the builder could build the most epic doomsday shelter with that silo space all you need to do is drain it
Grady Gerein Grady Gerein . 17 hours ago
My canadian ass wanting to see 1960s maple syrup
William Peppey William Peppey . 18 hours ago
YOU should Definitely buy it
Mathew Davis Mathew Davis . 1 day ago
Y’all’s should buy it and try fishing in it 😂😂
IL Pyros IL Pyros . 1 day ago
I would buy it with the current world tensions.
Ayden Davis Ayden Davis . 1 day ago
You give me a million and I’ll jump in there
buddha buddha . 1 day ago
the reason why its so heavy duty because if the nuke goes meltdown it will contsil the blast
Zachary Hall Zachary Hall . 1 day ago
Buy it
Terrell Chapman Terrell Chapman . 2 days ago
I would build up condos and sell them and make my money back plus.
Terrell Chapman Terrell Chapman . 2 days ago
Buy it. For sure. Go in with several YouTubers if you have to.
Lukes redneck outdoors And Gaming Lukes redneck outdoors And Gaming . 2 days ago
Nobody like this we don’t won’t u to die
Terrell Chapman Terrell Chapman . 2 days ago
Whoever insulates that place had no idea what he was doing. Under ground maintains a certain temp all year. A lot of money wastes there.
Jacob Scott Jacob Scott . 2 days ago
If you but it put watch towers out on the property
ZyStillPlays ZyStillPlays . 2 days ago
sean-YT sean-YT . 2 days ago
He needs to look in the camera and talk to the viewers not the field
Trooper Jones Trooper Jones . 2 days ago
buy it please flair im your biggest fan!!!! love you & ur friends & vids❤️❤️
Diego Carrillo Diego Carrillo . 3 days ago
Just buy it bro you don’t need to think twice about it
Triple A Triple A . 3 days ago
I think you should buy it
Dirk Diggler Dirk Diggler . 3 days ago
Cliff diving experience into a silo that's $$$
Benito Cuevas Benito Cuevas . 3 days ago
Great tour of this facility. I stayed in a fantastic renovated Titan II missile complex last year in Arkansas. Cold War survival living at it's best.
Keenan Guenther Keenan Guenther . 3 days ago
Beef cake resort make it happen!
TheChiefKeif TheChiefKeif . 3 days ago
Flair’s next video, “Stocking my underground missile silo with monster catfish!”
Evan Howe Evan Howe . 3 days ago
Buy it
Ty Robinson Ty Robinson . 3 days ago
You should get a Mahindra Roxor I can't get one and I hope you will
Colton Ondruch Colton Ondruch . 3 days ago
Drop a go pro down the silo
Noaoaoaoaohj ONSJUSKUhshfhj Noaoaoaoaohj ONSJUSKUhshfhj . 3 days ago
buy it
Jeremiah Eddy Jeremiah Eddy . 4 days ago
Um I would definitely buy it and definitely hire a biohazard pump truck to get rid of the water and renovate the inside and have it set up to hold all your neighbors and friends you know for a post apocalyptic event
atv steve atv steve . 4 days ago
yes buy it
Darren Quarterman Darren Quarterman . 4 days ago
Guy buys a nuclear bunker and sell it with the current state of the world Russia chinna crazy
Cookie Cookie . 4 days ago
You should definitely buy it
Cookie Cookie . 4 days ago
So the water is just going to keep rising in the missile silem
Somebody454 Somebody454 . 4 days ago
I want to see some what of a remodel with a game room lol
C0MPL3T3_ PL4YZ C0MPL3T3_ PL4YZ . 4 days ago
stalagmite is the dangly thing in the tunnel
Leo Aary Leo Aary . 4 days ago
Bro said 100k like that’s it bro I’m saying a mil😂😂
barbie girl barbie girl . 4 days ago
Yes you should definitely buy it
Jaxon Pittet Jaxon Pittet . 4 days ago
Hell ya
Daegen Gibson Daegen Gibson . 5 days ago
You should buy it and put horses and cows and all that stuff
Brandan Stroup Brandan Stroup . 5 days ago
Yes definitely you could do so much cool stuff with it
Jett Jackson Jett Jackson . 5 days ago
yess buy it
Ben dover Ben dover . 5 days ago
Please buy it holy shit
Chris Haley Chris Haley . 5 days ago
Definitely buy it!!
Gage Emmins Gage Emmins . 5 days ago
yes buy that shit
Ethan Schraut Ethan Schraut . 5 days ago
Put fish in the silo
Timmy Turner Timmy Turner . 5 days ago
Buy that now! It is sick as hell
sharkjaw01 sharkjaw01 . 5 days ago
buy it
Rory Johnston Rory Johnston . 5 days ago
Do it bro
Grayson Little Grayson Little . 5 days ago
Buy it 🤣 very good idea

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