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Published on 3 years ago

Watch “Cover Me Up" (Short Film) now.

Veteran Crisis Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Director: Justin Clough
Producer: Ben Skipworth
Editor: Justin Clough
Actors: Patrick Johnson & Chelsey Fuller

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Zenon Zenon . 3 days ago
Draven Sayers Draven Sayers . 5 days ago
I feel this video on so many levels.
Mittens Mittens . 5 days ago
I feel this everyday..... if only people knew what we had to do over there. It's changed me my friends God damit. I can't...
Steve Gannon Steve Gannon . 6 days ago
What a song drinking never helps
Candace Lee Candace Lee . 6 days ago
Thank you so much for bringing light to something that is hard to explain.. everything about this music video is imperfectly perfect
Candace Lee Candace Lee . 6 days ago
Thank you!!!!!!
Wormz maddox Wormz maddox . 1 week ago
Hated our military is being subjected to these mandatory vaccines that have already been proven by peer-reviewed studies they are not effective and they cause harm and these are the people that are supposed to protect our country
Joseph Joseph . 1 week ago
Pretty fucking song but when you wake up it is all still there. The smell, the fucking flies the women and children that you fuck up just by being there screaming little kids, Goddamn babies crying, walking around 24/7 feeling like a Goddamn murderer because every fucking body looks alike. Finally letting your guard down and being human to the person that’s trying to kill you and your brothers the next day. Fuck this song and fuck the piece of shit that made broken soldiers feel
Mark Perrine Mark Perrine . 1 week ago
This song wasn’t written about a veteran. Wallen twisted into a story about a veteran with PTSD so he could make this video and get hits. If you want to hear a soul crushing song about a veteran, look up Dress Blues by Jason Isbell… the same guy who wrote this song.
Stormy Stormy . 2 weeks ago
Anyone else see it as a addiction stand point as well? My husband has fought addiction for many years, he played this one night while asking to get help to get sober. It brings me to tears. But also to the soldiers who fight ptsd & addiction issues as well. ❤️
Alain Vinay Alain Vinay . 2 weeks ago
Wowww ... no comment .... fantastic song ... thanks
Jennifer Waller Jennifer Waller . 2 weeks ago
Idk who that guy is but daaayuuuum!!! 🔥🔥🔥so handsome
Football pro boys, sports Football pro boys, sports . 2 weeks ago
Question: sorry but did he commit suicide because his friend died at war
Michael Santalla Michael Santalla . 2 weeks ago
Pls make more songs + love your songs
Jennifer Waller Jennifer Waller . 2 weeks ago
I’d looove to TRY using you for good!!! Sexy AS FKKK!!!! Pls lemme try babe!
Talk2MeGoose Talk2MeGoose . 2 weeks ago
I won’t share the story - but everything in this is real. From the son of a veteran, widowed from his mother the pain is there.

God bless everyone one who is going through this.

Thank you Morgan.
Jeremie Brown Jeremie Brown . 2 weeks ago
Annalise Worley Annalise Worley . 3 weeks ago
Love this and Morgan Wallen great Singer and awesome material everytime.. He makes beautiful music 🎶
Mr.NiceGuy Mr.NiceGuy . 3 weeks ago
Trust me Military PTSD is the worst thing ever. Survivors guilt is real and it will haunt you forever and I don't wish it on anyone. Been dealing with it for 20 years after leaving Afghanistan.
Got It Got It . 3 weeks ago
I live with PTSD its hell on earth.
Jacob Fieldz Jacob Fieldz . 4 weeks ago
just so you know, this song was originally by Jason Isbell, but made more famous by Wallen.
Christian L. Ala Christian L. Ala . 4 weeks ago
Joshua Joshua . 4 weeks ago
22 veterans commit suicide every single day of the year. Some things are hard to let go.
Talk to someone.
A lot of us have been there.
Melody Flouton Melody Flouton . 4 weeks ago
Sometimes as a partner ,you give 100 %
sounthern country girl🤠 sounthern country girl🤠 . 1 month ago
It's 1 of my favorite 😍 love it
Sophie_Arkenstone Sophie_Arkenstone . 1 month ago
I honestly expected the dress part to be MUCH worse. Guess you gotta tone it waaayy down for the masses.
Jordan Pearce Jordan Pearce . 1 month ago
Makes me cry
Nathan Duffey Nathan Duffey . 1 month ago
Every time I watch this video I cry. I never cry, but this just really hits me. To each and every veteran/those serving our country…you are brave, braver than I am, and I thank you for keeping us free
Robert Porsche Robert Porsche . 1 month ago
Nice song
America must stop all the needless wars killing millions of innocent people
Gary Henderson Gary Henderson . 1 month ago
From A Vet that served from 2007-2009 in iraq seeing this is real..same feelings…. Hits home
Rodney Dryden Rodney Dryden . 1 month ago
What an F'd up video. Gives a hint at what some of our heroes face daily. This has been my favorite song since I've heard it and this give it a completely different twist than what I pictured in my head. Amazing job. Prayers to those who are suffering and those who are no more.
RSD 3 RSD 3 . 1 month ago
I appreciate this song. Lives hard after service the memories just keep pushing they pop up spontaneously. Sometimes worse than others, it’s smells, and sounds. This video hit home thank you Morgan. This definitely hit home!
Daniel Sweeney jr Daniel Sweeney jr . 1 month ago
Semper Fi
Joined when I was 17, 20 years ago in 3 weeks
My boots are hung, too much lost innocence, gonna buy a house out in the country with my wife and dogs.. one of my dogs was my best friends, fellow Marine and scout sniper, passed this last thanksgiving… see you at the the gates of heaven Devil Dog
Kyle Melrsoe Kyle Melrsoe . 1 month ago
Yea it sucks some have scars on the out side but some of us don't have scars to show
I cried…
chrisjl84 chrisjl84 . 1 month ago
Man, this video is very powerful. 12 years I've been home from Afghanistan, and I still struggle, sometimes in ways I'm not even aware. My wife has loved (not tolerated) me through the deepest and darkest moments of these last 12 years. It took me nearly 9 of those years to even acknowledge that something was different (not wrong). PTSD does not mean we are broken, although to us and others it seems that way. It's a natural neurological response to shit we've seen and done. I like how this video focuses just as much on her love and patience with him as much as it did him. Unfortunately, this is a G-rated version of how it looks sometimes. Thank you to everyone who are patient and understanding to your loved ones because I know from outward appearance it does not seem they are worthy sometimes. I feel not worthy almost daily. 🇺🇸
Vincent Wilson Vincent Wilson . 2 months ago
Thank you Morgan. I needed this song. Some days are more rough than some
tyler tyler . 2 months ago
what's the actresses name 🤔
Estalene Froud Estalene Froud . 2 months ago
I don't know what happened! We gotta move. Or I do? Love you Kasey lynn Campbell Soules.. Estalene Froud. Searcy Arkansas. Going to Florida to sister.
Estalene Froud Estalene Froud . 2 months ago
I love you Kasey Lynn Campbell soules. My Kasey why?
tbone smalling tbone smalling . 2 months ago
if your reading this brought me here
James Marris James Marris . 2 months ago
This Song speaks to anybody with a ragged heart that has been tried-and-tested too hard
Jared Rose Jared Rose . 2 months ago
What happens at the end though? I don't quite understand
brandon rhodes brandon rhodes . 2 months ago
Julie Battelline Julie Battelline . 2 months ago
I am married to a veteran who had me convinced there was nothing that has ever bothered him after being deployed four times. I didn't see how that was possible. He started showing signs of major anxiety and this video is so very similar to what we went through when it all came to light. It has been the greatest struggle of my life to stand by him when he was at his worst. But I believe in him and I can't turn my back on him after serving so bravely as all of our men and women fighting for this country do. We both love this song so very much and what is stands for.
thank you for your service guys its 2am and i just think how grateful i am for you guys and theres nothing i wouldnt do for you.
games VibronicBrush82 games VibronicBrush82 . 2 months ago
I’m glad i have found this song it means a lot that Morgan made this song a few years back my uncle was a marine he came home seemed like everything was okay but he committed sucide jumped off a bridge we guess it was due to PTSD and he couldn’t take it anymore but this song will always have a heart in my soul for my uncle and I miss him he will always be my hero fly high uncle love you
Phil V Phil V . 2 months ago
More videos like this would help people and help issues people face when they feel damages, broken & alone. You can find a caring person.
Jayson foo Jayson foo . 2 months ago
Sad they go to war blindly not knowing why, for oil and lies
Armando Aldazabal Armando Aldazabal . 2 months ago

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