Play / Download China’s Economic Crisis, GDP is Crashing, Protests Everywhere. China's financial crisis is Here...
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Business Basics

Business Basics

Published on 2 weeks ago

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China’s Economic Crisis, GDP is Crashing, Protests Everywhere. China's financial crisis is Here...

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Business Basics Business Basics . 2 weeks ago
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Plierrer der Unehrenhafte Plierrer der Unehrenhafte . 10 minutes ago
Here to help the algorithm
the official azoz the official azoz . 25 minutes ago
The more I hear about the invasion of Taiwan the more I think china just needs to leave the island alone and make peace easily
Paulino Paulino . 27 minutes ago
jenny Jiang jenny Jiang . 33 minutes ago
You're like a kid playing games, piecing together unrelated puzzles and saying it's real China and the real world. If you want to trick yourself into playing such a game, that's fine. But remember the phrase "Know thyself" before the Temple of Apollo. The development of the Western world is almost at a standstill. As we all know, many European and American investors want to get involved in the Chinese market.
Minimalist Minimalist . 1 hour ago
It's kind of boring brain wash I heard this kind of the theory more than 30 years before,but seems everything goes worng, it is kind brain wash program, look at philladelphia kenxington ave, this is what i am concerned。This is kind of double standard theory
This kind of program makes people hate this country, look at the comment I can see what is the human begin, with full of hate rasicm against this country、 Hope God bless all the people
Yllana Manuel Yllana Manuel . 1 hour ago
China's economic COLLAPSE will be very very good and Keep safe the whole World
thundered sun thundered sun . 1 hour ago
Josiah Schilling Josiah Schilling . 2 hours ago
Comment to fight the Red Bots
Alecseus Lev Alecseus Lev . 2 hours ago
I think I already saw a video about "in XXX days China will end" a few years ago. Soros needs to update the manual,his boy-toys are incompitent without it.
Sergio McG Sergio McG . 3 hours ago
-35 …
Gramding Gramding . 3 hours ago
Just a Normal Aussie Just a Normal Aussie . 3 hours ago
Well... another day another fall of a communist superpower.
The USSR, PRC then the PRK. What a world we live in today.
Dimitris FromGreece Dimitris FromGreece . 4 hours ago
this is a comment
Exo Mapping Or Something Exo Mapping Or Something . 4 hours ago
Commenting for the Algorithm, also good channel for Info.
Muhammad Arshad Muhammad Arshad . 5 hours ago
The youtube algorithm ain't gonna stop you from sharing the truth
Boua Yang Boua Yang . 5 hours ago
It’s time to change a new leader
Killer Byte Killer Byte . 7 hours ago
Comment for the algorithm
PKTV PKTV . 7 hours ago
ahhh western media... it has more propaganda than china has. yet people don't ask questions or verify the facts to see if there true or not they just "trust" the brainwashing news is true.
Oldiron Tarkus Oldiron Tarkus . 7 hours ago
Manny Lerma Manny Lerma . 7 hours ago
This video is hilarious propaganda. Wish what you will, China is the future.
T Flo T Flo . 8 hours ago
Ahahahahahahahahaahahaha where are those liberal idiots touting the power of government and communism?!

Score YET ANOTHER win for Capitalism. Keep backing the losing team liberals, it only makes the general public and youth have less and less faith in your ideals.
W8ing Sim W8ing Sim . 8 hours ago
Just same shit every year, but these stories never come true, just too basic and typical. You guys have been making similar videos since the 2000s, and you guys will keep making the same videos for the next century.
Deborah Halsey Deborah Halsey . 8 hours ago
They need to stop lending money. US ain't gonna pay that money back.
Joe has crippled up and gave everything away. Threw it all away.
Killed everything .. currupted everything they touch ..
BobTheBuilder294 BobTheBuilder294 . 8 hours ago
is masterworks just nfts?
Frank Frank . 9 hours ago
China could convert to a democracy and peacefully trade with Taiwan/Japan/Korea etc and become a true super power with powerful allies but noooo Xi has some kind of complex and wants to take over the world. And hes willing to sacrafice as many chinese lives as it takes to get it. What an asshole.
Frank Frank . 9 hours ago
Only buy American made! 🇺🇸
Circuitous 2 Circuitous 2 . 9 hours ago
I just cant get over China wanting Taiwan like WHY!
Elijah Gardi Elijah Gardi . 10 hours ago
YouTube algorithm go brrr
devin webb devin webb . 12 hours ago
Sasha Judoka Sasha Judoka . 12 hours ago
Western propaganda be like:

Please stop spreading your "American Dream" to Asia...We don't need that Hollywood bullshit over here man. I'm grateful that i wasn't born in the Burgerland
tony x tony x . 12 hours ago
Yeah bro good work... India with you
Mark Krajczar Mark Krajczar . 12 hours ago
Charlie Wilson and the Gap Band said "You Dropped the Bomb on Me."
zj y zj y . 12 hours ago
Jesse Juarez Jesse Juarez . 12 hours ago
yo yo yo !! china going downnnn:)
Baby Yoda Baby Yoda . 12 hours ago
great video
Michael Aufai Michael Aufai . 12 hours ago
What a load of propaganda fake reporting.
Baby Yoda Baby Yoda . 12 hours ago
algorithm mate
Sean Cowan Sean Cowan . 13 hours ago
Right on ‼️👍🏻
Xu Chen Xu Chen . 13 hours ago
Now it's the 11th day. Im counting down. lmao.
Shanno Bailey Shanno Bailey . 13 hours ago
That's a communist problem. To bad!
Chris Hankins Chris Hankins . 13 hours ago
I love how you can’t pull any clips from US news channels cause it hasn’t been reported on.
HamTheBacon HamTheBacon . 15 hours ago
And I like how this fall was in no way brought on by their blatant attempt to cover up that Covid was entirely China's fault, they should have been stopped for so many reasons, so many years ago.
bracarl bracarl . 15 hours ago
I'm in China now, it's not like what the video said, everything is okay, stop spreading fake news. Those who protest were because a local bank's mismanagement, no serious problem. This is how westerners spreading fake news and I finally saw it, no economy crisis here, lol.... Everything is fine
Tanzimul Emam Tanzimul Emam . 15 hours ago
cool vid
Guillermo Pena Guillermo Pena . 15 hours ago
no sympathy for the Government at all !!!! BUT I AM SORRY FOR THE COMMON PEOPLE!!!
Savage Antelope Savage Antelope . 15 hours ago
Alright as of this comment 36 days to go boys
Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean . 15 hours ago
Investing in art sounds so dumb
Aussie Pom Aussie Pom . 15 hours ago
This is one reason why the CCP wants to make out that it's going to invade Taiwan. It's a common ploy done by dictators to distract the people at home from their economic problems. The Argentine dictatorship did it in 1982 with their invasion of the Falkland Islands to distract the people from a crumbling economy at home. They lost and the economy was the worse for it due to all the expenditure the economy couldn't afford. The CCP may do the same with Taiwan at a time when the Chinese economy can ill afford it.
Taiwan has NEVER been under CCP rule. In WW2 the Chinese nationalist were fighting not only the Japanese but the communists as well. They lost and moved to Taiwan where they eventually set up democratic government rule. The CCP has no claim on Taiwan for there's NEVER been communist rule in Taiwan. It's a complete CCP fabrication.

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