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★Hitoshi Shinsou ★

★Hitoshi Shinsou ★

Published on 2 months ago

★Hitoshi Shinsou ★ ★Hitoshi Shinsou ★ . 2 months ago
My channel has grown so fast because of this video and I just want to say,thank you so much. I went from 10-15 subscribers to 31! But it’s not all about that. I want this song to make people less self conscious and that’s what I created the lyric video for. Thank you so much for everything!
Karoline campbell Karoline campbell . 1 month ago
I used to think I was fat but then l made up something that I said your not fat,skinny,ugly or pretty you are you
Snowy_gworl256 Snowy_gworl256 . 1 month ago
Let’s just respect that this video is exactly 1:00
ahmed haniffa ahmed haniffa . 1 month ago
This song is amazing pls mention me in a song my name is Connie
BLINK THINGZ 💖🖤 BLINK THINGZ 💖🖤 . 2 months ago
This has been on loop for over 3 hours
Jaydee Paquette Jaydee Paquette . 2 months ago
This is EASILY the most heartfelt, honest, down-to-earth, fun and catchiest song I've heard in years.
The EZ Sisters✿ The EZ Sisters✿ . 2 months ago
My friends and I were singing this on my friends birthday
Little girl Little girl . 2 months ago
My favorite part of the song is god i wish someone would’ve td me when i was younger
Aodhan Heaney Aodhan Heaney . 2 months ago
I love this song so much thx for makeing it
Vic roblox family Vic roblox family . 2 months ago
:o me watching this while my name is Victoria Cassie -_-
merran dickson merran dickson . 2 months ago
Make a full song Jax of this song
Sandra Boyd Sandra Boyd . 2 months ago
I agree
Claire Marie Claire Marie . 2 months ago
Me and my Cousin were listening to this song and we listen to in about 20 times good song
Shahri Holmes Shahri Holmes . 2 months ago
I watch this video
Kihara Kihara Kihara Kihara . 2 months ago
This song is really sweet because my sisters and people they just make me feel insecure about myself because I’m really big and my sister she just does fat comments to me and I don’t like it because it makes me so insecure about myself because my weight so this really helps me because now I know how are you are is how you can stay because nothing makes you different from other people you’re a human being nothing different so for people who do fat jokes and comments it’s not funny because people can kill their self because they just feel like they’re not good enough and I don’t want that to happen to anybody because most of my family they’re just like me but my two sisters they put fat jokes because they’re skinny and I’m just like that’s not OK but I don’t say anything🥺💖❤️
Joe Sorrentino Joe Sorrentino . 2 months ago
my name is victoria:)
Montserrat PEREZ Montserrat PEREZ . 2 months ago
I love this song its my fav
R A T S R A T S . 2 months ago
Im a tween ;-; rip to people named Victoria
~this girl~ ~this girl~ . 2 months ago
this song boosted my confidence about my body #stayhealthy #bodyposivity
Charlie Dadds Charlie Dadds . 2 months ago
Love it
Katherine Hammond Katherine Hammond . 2 months ago
This is amazing we need a full length song released this so many lives
Kaylee Graves Kaylee Graves . 2 months ago
I love this song and it's by jax but I wanted to learn the lyrics and this song actually helped me get my mind off my body thank you for posting this 🙂🙂😇😇
🔥SharpRose🔥 🔥SharpRose🔥 . 2 months ago
This is from JAX !!!!
Lily Huto Lily Huto . 2 months ago
Omg that's just wow I love the song but I wish their was a full version though
Zahls burg Zahls burg . 2 months ago
This song helps me a lot because lots of peaple call me fat at my school
Angela Tan Angela Tan . 2 months ago
I love you and you vid!
Angela Tan Angela Tan . 2 months ago
I also love the song
Angela Tan Angela Tan . 2 months ago
I love your video
Angela Tan Angela Tan . 2 months ago
Is it ture?
Evinee Mascorro Evinee Mascorro . 2 months ago
I love this hit
Annalise Denicola Annalise Denicola . 2 months ago
I am saving this for my only girl cousin
ツ•ɢxʙʙʏ-ᴋᴜɴ• ツ•ɢxʙʙʏ-ᴋᴜɴ• . 2 months ago
this song is so relatable💀
FrankN Stein FrankN Stein . 2 months ago
Great song but....."Selling skin and bones with big boobs" ? You're still body-shaming thin women. It's not a good message to smaller girls.
Dayna Crosby Dayna Crosby . 2 months ago
Imagine every person named Victoria watching this🤣🤣
Tawana Wherry Tawana Wherry . 2 months ago
This my new favorite song
Lilly jarkova Lilly jarkova . 2 months ago
dis song is from JAX
i am not lieing
Chelsea Pressburg Chelsea Pressburg . 2 months ago
Hi I am turning 10 in one month and I am just saying that I love how much Jax supports Chelsea no matter what
Angela Tan Angela Tan . 2 months ago
I love the song
lovesbees43 lovesbees43 . 2 months ago
The Shaver Fam The Shaver Fam . 2 months ago
Sorry that comment wasn’t meant to be sent so sorry this is so cool what ur doing great job!
The thing is there are many kids who care abt yr weight and im 70 pounds overweight and i have 2 friends. I wanna communicate to :(
Read a book with me! Read a book with me! . 2 months ago
Where was this song a year ago 😭
Tulà Peek Tulà Peek . 2 months ago
She’s an old man who lives in ohio
Faith Faith . 2 months ago
Such and inspiring song, helps so many people gain confidence x
XxXKáïtłïńXxX XxXKáïtłïńXxX . 2 months ago
“I stopped eating what a bummer can’t have carbs and a hot girl summer” i relate and it’s my favorite part of the song personally
jewq🍃 jewq🍃 . 2 months ago
1k like! Thank you for this <3
Laura Harris Laura Harris . 2 months ago
I love this song
Michelle Chubb Michelle Chubb . 2 months ago
love him!!
Jewels Jewels . 2 months ago
I’m a young girl and my bff gets body shamed so I’ll tell her to watch this video it will give her more confidence to get her bullies back!
Salty bítch Salty bítch . 2 months ago
Can't have carbs and a hot girl summer hit harder then my mom

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