Play / Download Andrew Tate ADMITS he misses Adin Ross.必
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Published on 2 weeks ago

Paradox Paradox . 1 hour ago
Anyone notice hes standing at the same spot that the famous picture of Hitler when he took control of Paris?
Moth Vile Moth Vile . 2 hours ago
I don't love what Andrew stands for, but, I love his relationship with Adin Ross
FemboiMawaKai FemboiMawaKai . 3 hours ago
top groomer
Pud Pud . 3 hours ago
ah, Andrew in Paris
GiantSlaya83 GiantSlaya83 . 5 hours ago
The Real life Tony and peter
Wowfloyd1 Wowfloyd1 . 6 hours ago
Crazy love
Toad Saint Toad Saint . 6 hours ago
Andrew Tate runs a pyramid scheme
Valent1n Valent1n . 8 hours ago
Whos in Paris?
Me_K_O Me_K_O . 8 hours ago
How you not get copyrighted by Paris
Angel Salinas Angel Salinas . 8 hours ago
Ryan Mora Ryan Mora . 9 hours ago
Lol this is cute
Carlos Reyes Carlos Reyes . 10 hours ago
Why does Andrew Tate remind me of Lex Luther
Matthew arias Matthew arias . 10 hours ago
Why are they so close?
Ryan Blunt Ryan Blunt . 10 hours ago
Such a beautiful romance, you can tell hes still in love with him
Maleke Maleke Maleke Maleke . 11 hours ago
This internet shit is so weird
Shawn Shawn . 12 hours ago
These channels are just other men being jealous they can't be tates bitch. Promoting a life style they never will receive.
BeJay BeJay . 14 hours ago
Why is this cancer cell everywhere i go dude oml
Dalton Campbell Dalton Campbell . 14 hours ago
Iron man spider man relationship
Mac_14 Mac_14 . 15 hours ago
we have an answer for whos in paris
Cheddar89 Cheddar89 . 15 hours ago
At the Eiffel Tower we all make mistakes but its pretty obvious mate
lil Cheems lil Cheems . 15 hours ago
Whos In paris
April Flanagan April Flanagan . 16 hours ago
Their all paying eachother and in turn all geting paid what's not to like ha obviously
Laura O Laura O . 16 hours ago
They deffs gonna hook up
waste of time waste of time . 17 hours ago
I don't really care about this i was just bored and have been seeing these reels for few weeks..
waste of time waste of time . 17 hours ago
Everything feels fake.. the comments the channels.. fans
waste of time waste of time . 17 hours ago
I mean this can be some kind of experiment
waste of time waste of time . 17 hours ago
Just guessing he's on to something
waste of time waste of time . 17 hours ago
Everything about this guy feels fake.idk why丹
GuysBnDudez GuysBnDudez . 18 hours ago
Stop posting a video of Andrew Tate acting like his fan but then censor out the word fat like a liberal softy. Tate would steam u for that and comment on ur lack of balls in a relationship
Markoth Enjoyer. Markoth Enjoyer. . 18 hours ago
Fatherless boy meeting a fatherless father figure.
∼勺hujitsu ∼勺hujitsu . 19 hours ago
s n o w s n o w . 19 hours ago
bro the music gonna make people think Adin is fead
unknown mr unknown mr . 20 hours ago
They gay??
Syl Syl . 21 hours ago
Blessed is the man who trust in the lord 歹
Queen Queen . 21 hours ago
Adin is that kind of person who is simple and want to communicate with everyone he meets
Loid_is _shit Loid_is _shit . 21 hours ago
Lol imagine many hours it takes for him to walk in Paris
MaXiMuS CHANNEL MaXiMuS CHANNEL . 21 hours ago
Crazy- Fish Crazy- Fish . 22 hours ago
I wonder who else is in Paris
Smit Trivedi 46 Diamond Smit Trivedi 46 Diamond . 22 hours ago
Everyone saying "he miss him "
I guess me only "how the hell he was allowed to take picture of Eiffel tower at night it is illegal
J Banks J Banks . 23 hours ago
The bromance lmao
RITZsebi RITZsebi . 24 hours ago
The friendship they have is so wholesome
KilZial KilZial . 1 day ago
This streamer chose the wrong father figure.
yukiro yukiro . 1 day ago
speed and adin ist the best
Unknown_user Unknown_user . 1 day ago
Did y'all know the Eiffel tower with lights if you take a pic of it it's actually illegal
spicytrd spicytrd . 1 day ago
i finally know who was in paris
Stephen Bianchi Stephen Bianchi . 1 day ago
The fact that Tate is NOT immune to Ross... It... Well, fuck, it gives me hope. It makes me BELIEVE.
Replying to me means you r stupid Replying to me means you r stupid . 1 day ago
what is the background song??
friddo friddo . 1 day ago
someone get this man outta my feed wtf

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