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Published on 2 weeks ago

Watch Gravitas LIVE with Palki Sharma Upadhyay

- China begins “targeted military operations”
- Will China go to war?
- Taiwan showdown: What does it mean for Xi?
- What happens to America’s strategic ambiguity?

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Marìa Teresa Marìa Teresa . 23 hours ago
When it comes to wealth creation, what advice would you give to someone who has *$10k* *above* and is ready to invest but in search of a productive sector that can yield good *returns* ?
Ashok Chippa Ashok Chippa . 2 days ago
Have you guys considered the possibility that there was an invitation to the US govt. to send someone (most probably the third most powerful person in the US, the speaker of the House) as a sign of US solidarity with Taiwan? I do not think this was a deliberate US provocation. Taiwan has been bullied by China incessantly over the last two decades. Taiwan is a thriving democracy now, and wishes to be independent of China. Taiwanese MUST BE THE MASTERS OF THEIR OWN DESTINY..
Mar Hebron Mar Hebron . 2 days ago
And his next target is the Philippines???
Siyanda Thabede Siyanda Thabede . 3 days ago
Another war would be disastrous for many emerging economies mainly in Africa.
Ladislao Sayson Ladislao Sayson . 3 days ago
Ayaw kc ng tsina na magsarili ang bawat membro nla kc hihina cla gaya ng ucrain ayaw ng rusia kc malaki kawalan
Ladislao Sayson Ladislao Sayson . 3 days ago
Sabi nga ng dios mag aaway ama at anak nanay at anak na babar byenan sa manugang ibig sabihin ibaiba paniwala gaya ako kada linggo semba tapos sabihin puro k semba wala k mpapala
Ladislao Sayson Ladislao Sayson . 3 days ago
Kc c pilose naghanap ng kaaway uso na roso sa roso intsek sa intsek gaya d2 noon aquino vs marcos same pinoy kc negusyo
Benhur Flores Benhur Flores . 3 days ago
Show of military drills 😂 what a waste of fuel 😅
Damon reitmeier Damon reitmeier . 4 days ago
I love the CLEAR language. This is Reporting, not Entertainment News. Thank You. 🌹
jataro1 jataro1 . 4 days ago
Up to now no one has ever mentioned one of the main reason US has to help Taiwan is that it was US that prevented Taiwan from becoming an unofficial nuclear power nation like Israel in 1987. I just hope Taiwan would not face the same fate as Ukraine who gave up its 1700 nuclear arsenal for "peace and freedom".
Morris Wilson Morris Wilson . 4 days ago
China will got to war with Taiwan they are braking Taiwan economy and also psychologically.
Morris Wilson Morris Wilson . 4 days ago
Blockade is psychological warfare and the West needs to brake it
build Motosykletist build Motosykletist . 4 days ago
It's time everyone recognised Taiwan is a self governing, "Free, Independent, Democratic Nation". Appeasing the CCP's fantasies is just plain wrong !
build Motosykletist build Motosykletist . 4 days ago
"China punishes Taiwan" ... by killing fish.
Morris Wilson Morris Wilson . 5 days ago
A blockaid is a declaration of war.
Marjorie Paulin Marjorie Paulin . 5 days ago
It is true that war is a big business of corruptor leader
Marjorie Paulin Marjorie Paulin . 5 days ago
Who is the creator of war
Thomas Crowe Thomas Crowe . 5 days ago
WE ON!!!
Thomas Crowe Thomas Crowe . 5 days ago
TAIWAN...Complaints with Southern Hemisphere Australia and 'not having anything' and complaints of large spiders and two Nation flags at least in Continental Australia, one flag similar to New Zealand, New Guinea... Support team to Capetown...The Blue haze down there...Yes!... They did stop an accidentally launched nuclear warhead...Japan and Taiwan may or may not be in conflict or stand united for or against issues Satellite Stars around China. This is the hottest year around the world in ten years. Something must be done Taiwan. Goes for all other Nation standings.
Thomas Crowe Thomas Crowe . 5 days ago
XI is good. Slowing economy is a forced slow down breather and grace. 31 Provinces big enough. No war. No need for tanks to be rebuilt. Values adjusted. More time as family. And no wasteful spending or waste of time with stagnated industry. On to other projects. Well done. Very smooth and efficient China.
Thomas Crowe Thomas Crowe . 5 days ago
Freelance Mercenaries are up for debate. They destabilize Nation countries for private corporations. Which may also cause blame game destabilization as possibly in India.
Isagani Corises Isagani Corises . 5 days ago
We respect it's other more
Isagani Corises Isagani Corises . 5 days ago
Madam speaker is believe
Isagani Corises Isagani Corises . 5 days ago
China what you are yours please find people you are blood
Dr Mukesh Kumar Dr Mukesh Kumar . 5 days ago
Tiber should be liberated when China breaks into war,
bong bong bong bong . 5 days ago
Chaina have no balls for WAR...bullying yes...
King PUTIN of russia is best.....he said war.their is drills....war...
bong bong bong bong . 5 days ago
Does china have BALLS in fighting taiwan?
China is good only in BULLYING....
Not like russia....
Nilesaphhiresbeauty Nilesaphhiresbeauty . 6 days ago
My. Beloved. America 🇺🇸 is. Deporting. Communist/socialist. Corroded Democrat. Nancy. Pelosi. To. 🇨🇳china 🇨🇳 with. Love.
guadalupe mier y teran guadalupe mier y teran . 6 days ago
She is stubborn as a mule
Lotte Wied Lotte Wied . 6 days ago
Pelosi has no contact with reality. High time this 82 yr old woman retires. Why did Taiwan allowed her?She could have had a TV conference with Taiwan.
H R H R . 6 days ago
Pelosi brought her son with her so he could check on their investments.
Kenya Montijo Kenya Montijo . 7 days ago
Marcus Garvin Marcus Garvin . 7 days ago
Hey Baby
hla myint1 hla myint1 . 7 days ago
XIJing Ping dares not fight ?
Nancy Pelosi is fearless !
hla myint1 hla myint1 . 7 days ago
Nancy is more BRAVE than XiJing ping. ?
AstroGeorgie Tarot 🌞 AstroGeorgie Tarot 🌞 . 1 week ago
US Gov is always behind all world wars.
keivan sm keivan sm . 1 week ago
Kadena is the future of Crypto.
KDA is the only PoW L1 high-tech zero-gas-fee with 100X potential
Rick Lujan Rick Lujan . 1 week ago
I agree with your thoughts and global perspective!! One GAIA… EARTH 🌎!!
David Banner David Banner . 1 week ago
The time has come for, us in the West, to be asking if our (so-called) democracy has I outlived its usefulness, in delivering security to our lives? Once again, as we have seen in the past, power-mad dictators are able threaten our lives, because they do not need the approval of the people they have under their control. Yes, the same can be said about the way we are lied to by our people, but at least our leaders must keep future elections in mind, which is why we have to sit back and allow ourselves to be threatened with annihilation, every day, and we must take it? While the dictators grow stronger in belligerence with every passing day. It may be nice to console ourselves that our leaders are being responsible by not provoking the irresponsible mad men facing us. However, is it an irrational responsibility that in the end will leave us in a world where we will be forever allowing the deranged to dominate everything in our lives? To take, as their derangement grows (as it surely will) anything they desire to boost their egos.
“You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves” : Winston Churchill.
Montana Nomad Montana Nomad . 1 week ago
Are you kidding me she was there to set up Taiwan She is working 100% with China Nothing but a communist
Gvegas Man43 Gvegas Man43 . 1 week ago
Joe Biden is in Xi pocket. If China attacked Taiwan he wouldn’t do anything. I’m surprised he hasn’t sent China financial aid. He seems to be more interested in helping everyone except Americans.
Randall Bunton Randall Bunton . 1 week ago
Japan....Korea .......Taiwan.....All will suffer greatly if war comes. China will eventually win. Nothing was learned from the Korean battles in the 1950s.
David Mawer David Mawer . 1 week ago
China wants to retake it's province ? Taiwan is ethnically as well as culturally different from China. It never was part of an otherwise unified China. Even Hing Kong wasn't paret of a unified China. China was much smaller and fragmented when Hong Kong was leased, and the revolution didn't include either island.
Samuel Bangura Samuel Bangura . 1 week ago
Lady, you seem to be asking China to invade Taiwan...globalists fanning rhe flames of war to achieve eugenics...
Riley Xiong Riley Xiong . 1 week ago
Americans will tucked its tails and run like a beaten dog when/if China declares war on Taiwan.
Jesse Aledonis Jesse Aledonis . 1 week ago
If China takes Taiwan it will be very lucrative so don't worry about China's debt.
Jesse Aledonis Jesse Aledonis . 1 week ago
Greedy war mongers create all wars for PROFIT!!!!😝Wake up world and take back your planet.Refuse to go to war!
Betty Windish Betty Windish . 1 week ago
China is just one of many countries wanting to take over the World. They want one world order. China & Biden are good friends. People need to wake up too this.
Sneki Snowhite Sneki Snowhite . 1 week ago
Government gives us the best vaccines and face masks, government provides dignified death by pulling the plug.. Is there anything more merciful, loving and powerful as the government?
Tony Baines Tony Baines . 1 week ago
the walking skeleton.

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