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Published on 2 weeks ago


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S.T.I.L.L Thomas S.T.I.L.L Thomas . 3 days ago
Hey, can u make one about me? thanks!
aayush dubey aayush dubey . 5 days ago
MO means?
X2TAKER X2TAKER . 5 days ago
Why the non explicit version?
Drake Butler Drake Butler . 6 days ago
Eminem is the definition of a lyrical mastermind!!
Sachin Kumar Sachin Kumar . 6 days ago
Hey bruh pls make EM FINE LINE ( 2nd verse ). That verse is just pure fire and most underrated Em song
De bO De bO . 7 days ago
Relapse (writing) 💯
alex parker alex parker . 1 week ago
just some simple words,
Mitko Donev Mitko Donev . 1 week ago
GamingClips101 GamingClips101 . 1 week ago
that's Em for ya
Jon Perez Jon Perez . 1 week ago
This shit is crazy.🔥
Will you do any Rittz?
MindBlown MindBlown . 1 week ago
Marcien Wong Marcien Wong . 1 week ago
This is just sick. Blown my mind
Vils Vidéos Vils Vidéos . 1 week ago
I send a message to you on Instagram
Am Lucius Am Lucius . 1 week ago
This is some Elite pen game there! I'm flabbergasted! 🔥 🔥
Spark Taylor Spark Taylor . 1 week ago
Repeat after me kids

Relapse 2
The Overdose
Enéas Da 5'6 Enéas Da 5'6 . 1 week ago
Great song
Father Abraham Lincoln Boateng Father Abraham Lincoln Boateng . 1 week ago
Eminem is undoubtedly the goat
Z G Z G . 1 week ago
The craft and flow on this second verse is the reason why Em is so ahead of anyone
V N V N . 1 week ago
Love these Relapse-type flows
HammyD HammyD . 1 week ago
Em always kills it on these relapse beats man need relapse 2
Sawyer Bloxham Sawyer Bloxham . 1 week ago
I want to rhyme as good as Eminem one day. I have to keep practicing because I’m not very good lol.
Malphas Mikaelson Malphas Mikaelson . 1 week ago
This verse must have been re-recorded but is from 09, while the first verse is new Em which is why this verse just sounds so much better. The only thing I don't like is adlibs and sounds he uses these days. I don't need to hear dozing off sounds especially since he used it already on his last album I believe. But also slurping sound? Why? I feel like this is fine for a funny type track but I could have done without that shit.
gaspOne gaspOne . 1 week ago
Do 50’s now. Nah just playing lol
Nacirema Nacirema . 1 week ago
This sounds terrible.
Marco Charette Official Music Marco Charette Official Music . 1 week ago
Crazy good
NFM NFM . 1 week ago
NLS had a great reaction to the song
SQuirms SQ SQuirms SQ . 1 week ago
this is not from 2009
XxAmmaarXx XxAmmaarXx . 1 week ago
And people say the Old Eminem is better...
Tim Lopez Tim Lopez . 1 week ago
The hook is so fire
Carlos Rivera Carlos Rivera . 1 week ago
The Goat
yesmyninja yesmyninja . 1 week ago
no way you took the censored version
aezidoubleu aezidoubleu . 1 week ago
The flow and rhyme scheme is great
This is old Shady 😍👏🏻
Nerv C137 Nerv C137 . 2 weeks ago
The flow 🌊🎶
eminemhub eminemhub . 2 weeks ago
Why u didn't make whole song
Nicky Pelo Nicky Pelo . 2 weeks ago
I also liked the 2nd verse
The 1st was too shaky.. I think it's his voice at this point.. I don't know why sometimes it sounds awesome and Smoot and sometimes it sounds like I'm being stabbed in the ear
Tyrique Kieron Tyrique Kieron . 2 weeks ago
ohhhhhhh I'm having a relapse!!!
MindBlown MindBlown . 2 weeks ago
Absolute GOAT SHIT
Dex Dex . 2 weeks ago
Already?? lol that was fast
Archie centrele Archie centrele . 2 weeks ago
He lost his crown of lyricism
datguy846 datguy846 . 2 weeks ago
can totally tell he just rapped over what he wrote during relapse lol
The Global Swede The Global Swede . 2 weeks ago
I think the first verse was new and the second verse was a re-recorded Relapse verse
TheRandomOfALL Man TheRandomOfALL Man . 2 weeks ago
the flow is absolutely sick within this track
Nome Cognome Nome Cognome . 2 weeks ago
holy fuck
Doyle Pritchard Doyle Pritchard . 2 weeks ago
i really like this song's instrumental
bonk bonk bonk bonk . 2 weeks ago
xDrastig_ xDrastig_ . 2 weeks ago
the 2nd verse slaps and that hook might be one of ems best hooks, hope we'll get more of this energy from him cus his voice on side B sounded "dry" in some songs(yeah I know em has a signature voice per album, but I do prefer this cadence and that's the reason why discombobulated is my favourite song on there)
Kirk Jr Kirk Jr . 2 weeks ago
Hard asf
ALPHA TaTann ALPHA TaTann . 2 weeks ago
Medicine Man Medicine Man . 2 weeks ago

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