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Published on 2 weeks ago

i think that tom cruise

Justin Hackstadt Justin Hackstadt . 8 seconds ago
That's basically what would happen too if you even managed to split the bullet. So, death or death, you pick. 😆
kholil hasby kholil hasby . 6 minutes ago
Not gonna lie I laughed my ass off in the middle of the night full of depression seeing this video
Prince’s Predator Pets: Live Feeding Documentary Prince’s Predator Pets: Live Feeding Documentary . 7 minutes ago
lol this one is gold
Omni Omni . 9 minutes ago
I saw the video king. You will be remembered !!! R.i.p forever
Tw1Zzl3r57 Tw1Zzl3r57 . 10 minutes ago
Sometimes when I hear a guy killed his best friend, I imagine it could also had just been some dumb shit like this they where doing 😭
Galactic Studio’s Galactic Studio’s . 12 minutes ago
My friend said if she’s 70 and ugly I can push her in a lake. 💀
Nicolas V Nicolas V . 21 minutes ago
quick question: where did you get the sword? asking for a friend...
JasonXME JasonXME . 23 minutes ago
He’s like Black Michael Schofield except Schofield didn’t get shot by a bullet in two.
Syed Jan Syed Jan . 27 minutes ago
lord hikan lord hikan . 30 minutes ago
my boy thinks he’s dante from dmc3
Ashern Ashern . 31 minutes ago
When they say kidney shot, they usually only refer to one kidney...
I'll sub to everyone that subs to me I'll sub to everyone that subs to me . 35 minutes ago
They live more coz they have Disney's Plot Armor equipped
Mr. whiskers Mr. whiskers . 36 minutes ago
That’s me. I buy random shit when I’m bored.😄
Mike Greene Mike Greene . 48 minutes ago
C. Melvin C. Melvin . 57 minutes ago
@plainpotatoes ifykyk - much love from your home city BMore💙
Krimson K-9 Krimson K-9 . 1 hour ago
Oh yeah it's plain potatoes. Dude looked familiar
Alovatololo Alovatololo . 1 hour ago
I remember the girl who did a similar thing with her bf. Her name was Mona Lisa.
Agent Louis Agent Louis . 1 hour ago
Hey man we like to have fun lol
Daniel Underwood Daniel Underwood . 1 hour ago
Wait did he actually get shot or is it fake
Boom X Boom X . 2 hours ago
because they fight more
Shelly Kippins Shelly Kippins . 2 hours ago
Why are they so calm
Presence. Presence. . 2 hours ago
Bht they don't the oldest man alive in human history is 300 years old women can barely get to 200 lmao
Mr.chosen 404 Mr.chosen 404 . 2 hours ago
Wait is that plain potatos?
Tshiamo Mogwera Tshiamo Mogwera . 2 hours ago
🤣🤣😂"seconds ago this was just an idea"🤣🤣
SoppyBottomBoys SoppyBottomBoys . 3 hours ago
I can't Breathe 🤣🤣🤣
Aghzen's fieldnotes Aghzen's fieldnotes . 3 hours ago
He didn't use his Bankai, that's why
Jacob Roybal Jacob Roybal . 3 hours ago
Yeah it’s cool, cuz he told you to shoot him
Solomon Ehilen Solomon Ehilen . 3 hours ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣ok that was funny
Travis Gessler Travis Gessler . 3 hours ago
"I made 2 bullets"
Nicolás Henríquez C. Nicolás Henríquez C. . 3 hours ago
"I'm always sad so..."
That hits me where i live. Have swords, lightsabers, shields, suits...
Blkarican Blkarican . 3 hours ago
Plain potatoes
Adbricks Adbricks . 3 hours ago
I forgot to hit record…
Kevin Heck Kevin Heck . 3 hours ago
How does nobody recognize plainpotatoes?!? Ever thought I’d see anything from him again. Everett brought him back
Amalani Latiume Amalani Latiume . 4 hours ago
The boy gets not live longer because they got to be taller than a girl
Dante Dante . 4 hours ago
MrLambYT MrLambYT . 4 hours ago
It’s sad but it’s true 😂
Jayla G Jayla G . 4 hours ago
So we not gonna talk about his feet hanging over the cliff…what if he fell
EpicDuty EpicDuty . 4 hours ago
That match cut from their living room to the desert was nice.
Har Old Har Old . 5 hours ago
I actually did this with my brother with a bow and arrow and a wooden sword, he had the bow I had the sword and you can guess it probably didn't end well. And yes, it was also my idea
NO2ED NO2ED . 5 hours ago
Trunk’s sword
Phone dude Phone dude . 5 hours ago
Darth vader lightsaber
H BOMB FB H BOMB FB . 5 hours ago
Crista Cumberlander Crista Cumberlander . 5 hours ago
He split the bullet in half with a sword! 😃 Sword vs Gun! Y'all focusing on everything else. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Михаил Славутский Михаил Славутский . 5 hours ago
Це було несподівано та дуже смішно 😂
Humongoose Humongoose . 5 hours ago
Men will literally just buy swords rather than pay for therapy.
Leif C. Leif C. . 6 hours ago
Alec baldwin before the lawsuit.
Tim Pearce Tim Pearce . 6 hours ago
I totally agree us men really will do dumb shit at times. 😂
sasuke kun sasuke kun . 6 hours ago

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