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Published on 2 weeks ago

My Wife Brittney and I really dive into some real embarrassing early days on YouTube, Our personal life & so much more.
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RomanAtwoodPodcast RomanAtwoodPodcast . 2 weeks ago
Please consider subscribing. We will be working so hard here for many years. Join us :)
Matthew Caruso Matthew Caruso . 12 hours ago
matt ralph caruso here. gotta throw some love
Alerik Alerik . 13 hours ago
i loved this one forsure. Absolutely my favorite episode so far. But currently my girlfriend is pregnant. She is grump 24/7!
W.MOGANG W.MOGANG . 15 hours ago
i agree with you Roman, honestly lol.
Joyce Reece Joyce Reece . 17 hours ago
My husband and I met at his sister's wedding when I was 15 and him 19. He wasn't looking for someone much younger either. It just happened. And how exciting you're getting your pilot's license together. My son got his when he was only 18! But I've always trusted him to fly us anywhere. Even at a young age he was an awesome pilot.
Eddie Valero Eddie Valero . 17 hours ago
Bro these are my parents👮🏿‍♀️😭
Max Harris Max Harris . 19 hours ago
If a 25 year old got with a 17 year old where I’m from you’d get hurt 😂😂
C LW C LW . 19 hours ago
You and Brit are soul mates
You will be together for eternity❤🥰
TRY TV TRY TV . 21 hours ago
You guys are so awesome! Its an amazing feeling to have a woman that gives you that extra push in life and helps build you rather than making it harder, you guys are meant to be toghether! Stay strong, stay smiling! I love itt
Gcool Gaming Gcool Gaming . 22 hours ago
I remember sleep walking like when I was 5 and I walked out side my house touched the wet grass woke up and was so scared
Saka The Baka Saka The Baka . 2 days ago
I would love to see/hear more of just you and Britney.
Jack Simpson Jack Simpson . 2 days ago
Love it when it’s just u guys it’s so real love it
Jon Focker Jon Focker . 2 days ago
Lars Ulrich never friggin ages!!!!!
razermademorevideos razermademorevideos . 2 days ago
I mean after 14 years theyre obviously happy but this now in 2022 would not slide even if the 2 participants agree
Daniel Cooper Daniel Cooper . 2 days ago
love this set thanks again
Isa Yare Isa Yare . 2 days ago
Love this 🤍
bmworld bmworld . 2 days ago
Anything can happen
The Black’s Chaos The Black’s Chaos . 2 days ago
I’m literally bawling right now because I just cried to my husband that the other day I just started having anxiety about dying; and it’s because I’m so sad to think one day I won’t see his face :( my husband and I are so similar with some minor differences to you guys; and it’s just so special to have that with someone. I’m too embarrassed to ask about the intimacy stuff publicly maybe I’ll try to message Brittany even though she probably won’t see it; but how do you have time for that when you have little ones who come into the bed all the time; or you literally have 0 help (we really have no help it’s been a rough couple years losing everyone around us), and it is HARD. I feel so lucky when we have intimate time 1-2x a week because I’m like wow that’s better than nothing. It’s just really hard.
Christopher Fitak Vlogs Christopher Fitak Vlogs . 3 days ago
Love the set and your entire Podcast.
This is the # one Podcast 😊 👍
An 👽 Aliens Podcast has to happen.
I am also so into Space and 👽's
Would love to see and learn more on what's out there from a expert.
Suren Suren . 3 days ago
So nice to hear about all this, reminds me about my past at some points
Janette StJean Janette StJean . 3 days ago
You need Bob Lazar on for your alien podcast Roman
Janette StJean Janette StJean . 3 days ago
Roman you need Bob Lazar on your pod look him up
Kaylee North Kaylee North . 3 days ago
brit, you do sound like a brat.. saying you only have to do daily chores 2 times a week.. and you still complain. wow. this family is losing touch with reality. it's sad because they got me past my dad dying 8 years ago.
CxProductions CxProductions . 3 days ago
Great episode on the couch!
Azhuntin23 Azhuntin23 . 3 days ago
Best episode yet. I think you two together is the best formula, with an occasional guest.
Cowboy Dave Cowboy Dave . 4 days ago
I’m sorry I don’t watch stuff that everybody over 20 minutes
elly 044 elly 044 . 4 days ago
I appreciate you wanting to share personal info
Brandy Bolton Brandy Bolton . 4 days ago
I enjoy the both of yall
Yz Rider Yz Rider . 4 days ago
I’ll speak for all men I love sex it’s soooooooo awesome like POW POW POW rite in the kisser
Ashliegh Deeble Ashliegh Deeble . 4 days ago
Celina from Tiktok and YouTube induces her sleepwalking is CHEESE lol
laus lora laus lora . 4 days ago
well this ep just told me roman does nothing brit does everything... great to know
Jesse Smith Jesse Smith . 4 days ago
Bro that is your wife. Wtf?
tyler tyler . 4 days ago
Been watching you since Serial Pranksters
baggd65 baggd65 . 4 days ago
Cradle robber!
Elizabeth Rice Elizabeth Rice . 4 days ago
They should do podcast talking about their children growing up!
Kristie Kristie . 4 days ago
Yep. You are blessed.
꧁Karen Grunberg꧂ ꧁Karen Grunberg꧂ . 5 days ago
You should buy your own helicopter & learn in it so you are 199% used to it when you fly it on your own. ❤️❤️
Lauren Henderson Lauren Henderson . 5 days ago
Only the Atwood’s would take a helicopter camping 🤣🤣
Saban Rahman Saban Rahman . 5 days ago
Have the comments been censored or something?
I’m 24 about to be 25 and the thought of dating someone that’s 17, not even done with high school is so disgusting. 8 years makes a HUGE difference.. I can’t believe everyone is comfortable with her being groomed, this is sad.
1.21 Gigawatts 1.21 Gigawatts . 5 days ago
We need pics to see what Brittany looked like when you met
Brandy Kelly Brandy Kelly . 5 days ago
Tom DeLonge——The Alien expert!!! Get him on.. 🖤🖤🖤
Tristen Ramsey Tristen Ramsey . 5 days ago
Bob Lazar is your alien guy.
Tasha Prime Tasha Prime . 5 days ago
Neither me or my wife have any sex drive any more but for us it is hormone based and there is nothing that we can do about it. That for us does not mean we do not have intimacy. Snuggles time is totally awesome every night. We purposefully work at keeping that connection so that we do not fall out of love or fail to nurter our relationship every day. Relationships are work and if you do not work at them you are just throwing the relationship out with the trash. Fpr my wife and I we are 25 years apart in age and though I always liked someone older than me well that went out the window when we met and the first time I saw her I zinged. My heart gave this really hard kathump and my breath was taken. I just knew then but even then I was not ever going to say a word to her because she was my best friend and so much younger than me. A year later we ended up married and not a week goes by that we do not love each other more but then we both purposefully work at this. Yeah I will be dead and gone long before but that is just a part of life that we will have to deal with when it comes.
Gabby Murillo Gabby Murillo . 5 days ago
Listening to you guys talk about your relationship was an awesome podcast ! My husband and I also have an age gap but I wouldn’t trade it for anything ❣️
TopOneGaming TopOneGaming . 5 days ago
He said "have more [email protected]" and I got a tmobile add instantly.
Gabby Murillo Gabby Murillo . 5 days ago
Great Video I loved the conversations.
Elite One Elite One . 6 days ago
omg i bob lazare , dude also i think thats good advice cause aliens is a important subject as well as ufos
Sierra Marie Sierra Marie . 6 days ago
I love these sit down podcasts with Brittany. Love hearing your story and advice. Post more please!!
Jaytee Fishing Jaytee Fishing . 6 days ago
$familyrecovery for a great cause!
Lori Diaz Lori Diaz . 6 days ago
23:23 La relajación es importante, 18KISSX.Uno
los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer

15:55 Setacy:
11:12 Sun:
11:12 Hopi:
00:18 Joonie:
18:00 Yoongi:
15:55 Amoy:

23:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente 🖤
Las elecciones cinematográficas y artísticas son brillantes. Referencias culturales europeas realmente interesantes. Ojalá

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