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Published on 2 weeks ago

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Minecraft, But this challenge is the funniest Minecraft Lifesteal SMP Letsplays I've ever seen in my life! I don't really use Minecraft Mods. But I do like minecraft challenges on Minecraft 1.19 and Minecraft 1.18.2. This is a Super Funny Minecraft Short / TikTok / Video I've ever seen.

I also Like to play Minecraft Bedrock when im doing Minecraft Speedruns. Oops , I meant I like using Minecraft Java when I do Minecraft Speedruns. My name is Minecraft DYLAN and my favorite Minecraft Youtubers are Minecraft Dream , Minecraft Camman18 , Minecraft Tommyinit , tubbo , and x nestorio.

DYLAN DYLAN . 2 weeks ago
Java IP:
Bedrock IP:
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Corey Stevens Corey Stevens . 60 minutes ago
Bruh ur the owner that's dum
nuts nuts . 2 hours ago
your killing for no reaspn kid
Reetu Gautam Reetu Gautam . 4 hours ago
This is not good
Vĩnh Chi Vĩnh Chi . 8 hours ago
You are so annoying , you kill him for what ?
Jollywager Jollywager . 11 hours ago
Let's ban him for no reason
Creativity gamer Creativity gamer . 14 hours ago
This is a happiness steal
Aaron Blaze Aaron Blaze . 15 hours ago
Why durability for his armor the same every single video
Justin Legara Justin Legara . 19 hours ago
Him if he got raid:i inprison this play on my server because he raid my base.
Him:im gonna raid this player's base the poor player starts hack because he raid the base
Plush Films Prime Plush Films Prime . 19 hours ago
What did he do
Cursedplatipuss Cursedplatipuss . 20 hours ago
Why did you do that 🤬😡👎👎👎👎👎👎
That one_idiot That one_idiot . 22 hours ago
Real title:”stalking and killing someone for no reason”
Fiercen Bolt Fiercen Bolt . 24 hours ago
bro your content doesn't make sense, that guy literally been grinding for ages just for you to ruin it bruh
[The Akator] [The Akator] . 1 day ago
“Some guy had work hard for his stuff”
Dylan: “I will ruin him”
Corruptedgammingandstuff Corruptedgammingandstuff . 1 day ago
Why would you go into someone’s base and kill them for no reason
Dragan productions🇺🇦 Dragan productions🇺🇦 . 1 day ago
This is why I’ll never join his server
ian montemayor ian montemayor . 1 day ago
Why you kill him its jusr his secret base
Space_Monke69 Space_Monke69 . 1 day ago
Hunter Campbell Hunter Campbell . 1 day ago
Lol Asif he didn't hear the splash u rat
salma ahmed salma ahmed . 2 days ago
stop bullying
enkhtaivan taivan enkhtaivan taivan . 2 days ago
Chris Bailey Chris Bailey . 2 days ago
Are you just going to ignore the fact that you're killing people and people get annoyed and then they probably leave your server I'm not surprised everyone's trying to kill you
kolei pro pro kolei pro pro . 2 days ago
I will tell a staff to ban you Dylan
Chan Chan . 2 days ago
Unnamed Unnamed . 2 days ago
"its only funny when I did it"
Dante 2.0🇺🇦 Dante 2.0🇺🇦 . 2 days ago
It's not funny I'll report you
itztoca boe itztoca boe . 2 days ago
Not nice
muzan Jackson muzan Jackson . 2 days ago
Dude, he didn't do anything and you killed him :( . Hope noone joins the smp and get the same fate as him
Emre Yeşil Emre Yeşil . 2 days ago
One question.WHYYYY???
Urbeb Cait Urbeb Cait . 2 days ago
ur soo mean u just kill that guy for no reason
Drac0_blaze Drac0_blaze . 2 days ago
Killing people for no reason part 25
Lagitrum Lagitrum . 3 days ago
Man really kills some fan for no reason
Ace gaming Ace gaming . 3 days ago
Why you always kill them for no reason they do the house so hard and the you will just blow it up what the fuck is this content
Jonathan Valero Jonathan Valero . 3 days ago
Bro your just killing for no reason just for his lot your the worse owner ever
Shannon bailey Shannon bailey . 3 days ago
Yeah I'm unsubscribing
Shannon bailey Shannon bailey . 3 days ago
Yeah I don't understand why you like to raid you know you get hacked for that probably
shreks army shreks army . 3 days ago
i wonder why you need to make adds to get real people on your server
Frankyboy563 Frankyboy563 . 3 days ago
"Why dont people join my server"
Lalrinnunga Chhakchhuak Lalrinnunga Chhakchhuak . 3 days ago
I don't know how to type SMP
Mariz Bicaldo Mariz Bicaldo . 3 days ago
Probably this guy in the future : why is no one joining my smp?

Also him : so I'm gonna steal all of this guy's stuff that probably took weeks to get and also kill him.
HarryBoi HarryBoi . 3 days ago
What a dick! You killed him for being in his base!
amy r. cejas amy r. cejas . 3 days ago
Dylan:why does everyone hate me :(

Meanwhile dylan:*kills a random rich dude for no reason at alll
Someone Someone . 3 days ago
Your toxic
Jameela Bappu Jameela Bappu . 3 days ago
Why are you killing him for no reason iam gonna deslike
SG-Devil Gamerz SG-Devil Gamerz . 3 days ago
I won't join
U kill people raid base no reason u r owner
Than why u r doing
IcyPengi123 IcyPengi123 . 3 days ago
I saw a hard working player who earned all there stuff unlike me so I turned invisible killed him and basically stole his life savings in Minecraft
Kameron James Kameron James . 3 days ago
Raden Sam Raden Sam . 3 days ago
Ng a mau like 🤬🤬🤬🤬
Beth Lester Beth Lester . 4 days ago
Why what's the point
Mr Shrek Mr Shrek . 4 days ago
That’s is not how you crystal…

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