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Connor And Liana

Connor And Liana

Published on 2 weeks ago

Midori Legitimas Midori Legitimas . 24 minutes ago
Tge baby is adorable
A A . 3 hours ago
Turn to God
Sagittarius Sagittarius . 14 hours ago
Let her hold the baby!! They look so cute together!
don't discriminate hate everyone equally don't discriminate hate everyone equally . 17 hours ago
I remember holding my daughter for like 24 hours straight. Not bc she wanted to but bc I wanted to. You just wanna snuggle them and keep them safe and plus they smell so damn good you just never want to forget that smell. Babies are awesome but if we could just keep them from growing into bratty teens.
Aisha Reimer Aisha Reimer . 1 day ago
shawna sabino shawna sabino . 1 day ago
What exactly did she say??
hug annoy hug annoy . 2 days ago
The relationship is so wholesome
Sylvia Reimers Sylvia Reimers . 2 days ago
only 10 pounds? damn.
Sham Borjas Sham Borjas . 2 days ago
Jemimah Mohammed Jemimah Mohammed . 2 days ago
You left the price on TEN POUNDS
Samantha Kenemuth Samantha Kenemuth . 2 days ago
He's cute
Vicky valentine Vicky valentine . 2 days ago
She was like: £10!
Roses and Silver Roses and Silver . 2 days ago
10 pounds energy vs 90 pounds energy
Aidan Jeremy Aidan Jeremy . 2 days ago
It took you like 3,000 BC to birth
Aidan Jeremy Aidan Jeremy . 2 days ago
Finally you have a baby
Catalin Nenica Catalin Nenica . 2 days ago
The baby is so cute
Blackberry Blackberry . 2 days ago
The guy: heyyyyyyyy it's a good feather duster 😂🤣
Daniela Oti Daniela Oti . 3 days ago
10 pounds
Tracey Moyle Tracey Moyle . 3 days ago
I was lhafing when he pulls out the duster
Emma Plays Emma Plays . 3 days ago
The babies face and Connor put the duster in Leonaface it was so funny
Gail Wagner Gail Wagner . 3 days ago
If you want to die a natural death as an old man I would suggest just not repeating this.. that goes for both telling her to put her own child down but especially handing her the feather duster!!! ROFLOL
Lillie Nicholas Lillie Nicholas . 3 days ago
Cozy is so cuteeee
kenziegaming 115 kenziegaming 115 . 3 days ago
Ay you had the baby congrats last time insaw you on my youtube shorts she was still pregnant
Family Account Family Account . 3 days ago
Love baby
skyreal_vr skyreal_vr . 3 days ago
She went demon mode
🦥cloudy🦥 🦥cloudy🦥 . 3 days ago
"What's the price of-"
Connor: *oH mY G-*
Josaphina Tom Josaphina Tom . 3 days ago
Omg she is so pretty
Carrie Halsey Carrie Halsey . 3 days ago
Oh she had her baby yay congratulations
kaezel Ylish kaezel Ylish . 3 days ago
Whats the babys name?
Sheila McDonnell Sheila McDonnell . 4 days ago
“THatS A gOoD FeATheR DuStEr”
The Whole Cake The Whole Cake . 4 days ago
The massive amount of comments asking “is the baby born?” on a video with the baby literally being held in her arms is disturbing. Do you people not have eyeballs? Or ears? Like….what the hell do you think?
Cory Willson Cory Willson . 4 days ago
Congratulations guys so happy for you this is my first time ever funny you know you had a burial this is my first time finding out you guys had a baby I'm so happy for you
Lily Johnson Lily Johnson . 4 days ago
Carson Waycott Carson Waycott . 4 days ago
What's the price TEN POUNDS!!!
Jennifer Ferries Jennifer Ferries . 4 days ago
If she shouldn't be doing that then why is she?
Vtay Vtay . 4 days ago
Please burn the baby to ashes
Caydi Anderson Caydi Anderson . 4 days ago
So cute
Thelma Jimenez Thelma Jimenez . 4 days ago
Is that your baby
shainesabiano shainesabiano . 4 days ago
My husband be like: Hey, I bought you flowers. It’s just a few bucks, not gonna blow our week’s allowance.
AshXPLR AshXPLR . 4 days ago
Connor: I’ve got something light for you to hold
Lianna: 👁👄👁
Karmynnnnnn Karmynnnnnn . 4 days ago
The baby’s so cute and lil
KaSandra Yelton KaSandra Yelton . 5 days ago
What's the babby name
*°•anNiebelLa•°* *°•anNiebelLa•°* . 5 days ago
What's the babys name?
PrettyUgLySupErNoVaRuDeGuRL PrettyUgLySupErNoVaRuDeGuRL . 5 days ago
I honestly thought that was a toy
pop it channel pop it channel . 5 days ago
are you in the UK or not ?
So kk So kk . 5 days ago
x.oakley.x x.oakley.x . 5 days ago
Alison George Alison George . 5 days ago
Ten pounds for that bouquet is a really great price
Morgan Hamby Morgan Hamby . 5 days ago
Brenleigh Nelson.:) Brenleigh Nelson.:) . 6 days ago
Conner chill he was just crying

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