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Published on 2 weeks ago

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Farhan labib Adib Farhan labib Adib . 18 hours ago
Alex Aviles Alex Aviles . 19 hours ago
Best wrap yet
Naff Josh Naff Josh . 19 hours ago
The second I saw it I rolled my eyes😂
Tuna663 Tuna663 . 1 day ago
Tim Åström Tim Åström . 1 day ago
The först camra are best
Ohmelt Media Ohmelt Media . 2 days ago
Listening to you talk gives me anxiety lol breathe dude😂
Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago . 3 days ago
Sony 4 the win.
Beckett Hallama Beckett Hallama . 3 days ago
Does Sony has better audio quality and video quality, but for some reason I like the cannons audio better and video better
DaKoalaBoi DaKoalaBoi . 3 days ago
What colour is your buggati?
DaKoalaBoi DaKoalaBoi . 3 days ago
It's pink- "what colour is your buggati" "some people say they don't like the colour"
Oscar Miranda Oscar Miranda . 3 days ago
The Sony camera over the cannon
Axlottel Axlottel . 3 days ago
The sound of the mice from the sony is much clearder and the quality of the video is also better on sony the colours are richer so all around is the sony better its also my personal choice for cameras
riscky aj riscky aj . 4 days ago
I hate 😒 the pink. Pink on a buggati doesn't look good
SMITTY999 SMITTY999 . 4 days ago
I think I love the Sony Camera more because it makes your voice sound Realer and Bring Back the Purple Army Or wrap the Hummer EV in purple
imaginary friend imaginary friend . 4 days ago
I n e v e r hate it stradman videos. Matterfact I love em all. He seems like a moody type guy. Ain't that a happy guy. I think he bought hummer ev cash, ain't that a bling bling.
Hopkinson Ryan Hopkinson Ryan . 4 days ago
Rebar Galiawa Rebar Galiawa . 4 days ago
Hey james bro the canon is better 😁
Spine Spine . 5 days ago
Poor veyron
Andrean Rakka Andrean Rakka . 5 days ago
That Bugatti color, only youtuber will ever gonna wrap with that color apart from rapper and pimp.
Hi sisters Hi sisters . 5 days ago
Ivan Korth Ivan Korth . 5 days ago
I love love LOVE the new color
Simply & Clean Simply & Clean . 6 days ago
White wheels on the Bugati looks nice
Hamza Hamza . 6 days ago
No just no about ur bugatti
AlexCastro AlexCastro . 6 days ago
Never heard an Electric car that sound of a Lambo??
Michel Stallings Michel Stallings . 6 days ago
sony is definitely better
HM HM . 6 days ago
Pink Bugatti 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
Alfred buckingham langstoon Washington III Alfred buckingham langstoon Washington III . 6 days ago
He’s holding back tears 😂
K K . 6 days ago
Jesus christ😭not even a hater I've watched the channel for years but that's the ugliest car I've ever seen in my life
Reedster 006 Reedster 006 . 6 days ago
Personally I like the song better, crisper audio, a warmer tint, and the video is really good
Abdur-Rahmaan Maligai Abdur-Rahmaan Maligai . 7 days ago
Can anyone help me or respond to this message I commented on one of stradman video I got some suspected comment u have gotten a present I asked him what it was he said a I got Maybach car he even showed me pictures but I just couldn't believe it because I have never stradman do this I think he was trying to hack me if someone went threw similar situation plz respond
Gazzer McVenge Gazzer McVenge . 7 days ago
Sarwan Tanweer Sarwan Tanweer . 7 days ago
You made me fall in love with the veyron again :)
Josph Jadusingh Josph Jadusingh . 7 days ago
Bro the outro was so clean ngl
Logan King Logan King . 7 days ago
So bad! Seriously.... BAD!
TravyHart TravyHart . 7 days ago
Jason C Jason C . 7 days ago
I actually would of been OK with a purple wrap again this time instead of the pink, but it's all good. Still an awesome car. The Hummer is nice too!
SRT JAY SRT JAY . 7 days ago
Ight we gonna see niki minaj later in this channel
Kyle Barger Kyle Barger . 1 week ago
The Barbgati
rick rick . 1 week ago
I'll be your cook for life but respect my fav show unsolved mysteries 👍
SwampBros SwampBros . 1 week ago
I got mixed comments on the color, where’s your Bugatti
SkyH1gh SkyH1gh . 1 week ago
Who thinks he needs the teal back
muaze lay muaze lay . 1 week ago
does this man stop talking
J Twig J Twig . 1 week ago
I wonder when he's coming out of the closet?
Marwa Ahmadi Marwa Ahmadi . 1 week ago
Keep the TRX
Quad Gaming Quad Gaming . 1 week ago
Looks like something I would make in gta hahaha love it
Francesco Iaderosa Francesco Iaderosa . 1 week ago
What do you do?????
Max J Max J . 1 week ago
When Andrew Tate asks what color is your Bugatti?
Octane Street Octane Street . 1 week ago
That Hummer EV sure sounds like a Ferrari! Haha also I want that Sony camera so badly the quality is so damn good
Traxxas_cars Traxxas_cars . 1 week ago
Keep the trx!

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