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Published on 1 week ago

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today i am busting 38 myths in GTA 5!! did you like the video? then like the video............

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Lionel Ford Lionel Ford . 2 hours ago
Every single myth is confirmed except for the statue one
Angela Short Angela Short . 4 hours ago
I already new most of things FOR REAL
Jake Gaming Steel Jake Gaming Steel . 5 hours ago
Claudette Williams Claudette Williams . 5 hours ago
Play Fortnite for me
Humble Pie Humble Pie . 8 hours ago
Very cool I'm subscribed
kobe pene kobe pene . 17 hours ago
Janiah and Jaylend Thompson Janiah and Jaylend Thompson . 1 day ago
cool Video
Elton Soedi Elton Soedi . 1 day ago
Jannes Colvyn Oncada Jannes Colvyn Oncada . 1 day ago
cab driver : hello WHY DID YOU DO THIS
Dario Animates Dario Animates . 1 day ago
Uchiha Itachi Uchiha Itachi . 2 days ago
6:50 "apparently if u burn a dead cop then u will get 3 stars"
Indian people: 💀
Alma Cubilla Alma Cubilla . 2 days ago
You have to be in the city to make the bus had a lot of people
LiveTheLiveYouLove LoveTheLiveYouLive LiveTheLiveYouLove LoveTheLiveYouLive . 2 days ago
If you drive a modercycle on a slope it will go up any slope
Weegeepies3pie Mario Weegeepies3pie Mario . 2 days ago
I'm your 50k-th like
MrBeast 3 MrBeast 3 . 2 days ago
Just take a second to appreciate what caylus does!! 🙂🙂
DenzelWatkins05 DenzelWatkins05 . 3 days ago
I feel like this is a copy of a video
DenzelWatkins05 DenzelWatkins05 . 3 days ago
The car with the rocket was actually confirmed just works with different cars
Nica Cosmina Nica Cosmina . 3 days ago
Caylus download gta sa it will be like the gta 5 but sa its better
Corey C Corey C . 3 days ago
Yeah he did not delete it I'm happy that he didn't
alex scott alex scott . 3 days ago
this video was great i enjoy it
Rizaldo Go Rizaldo Go . 3 days ago
Chris Mikalauskas Chris Mikalauskas . 3 days ago
I thought you deleted GTA5 ?🤨
AryaAustralia kid AryaAustralia kid . 3 days ago
WTH sussy
NothingToSeeOfficer NothingToSeeOfficer . 3 days ago
Excuse me caylus, That person 9:21 Is another popular gamer!
Yk_itsyoboiEthan Yk_itsyoboiEthan . 3 days ago
If you bomb your car it will repair it
Angela Hansen Angela Hansen . 3 days ago
The-op-esvin-gamer The-op-esvin-gamer . 3 days ago
I did this myth that if I shoot a tank it will spill gas out of it and it worked
Grayson Ricketts Grayson Ricketts . 3 days ago
The ground gave Franklin a haircut. 😂
Courtney Knight Courtney Knight . 3 days ago
Caylus never fails to entertain us!❤
Shwe Hmone Shwe Hmone . 3 days ago
Indrajith Indrajith . 3 days ago
Why do you have so many saves after 1 mission
Farhat Asif Farhat Asif . 3 days ago
please do more of these videos
Agus Mh Agus Mh . 3 days ago
A myth : Apparently When your in a Wanted level A cop Drive a normal car Faster
sus sus sus sus . 3 days ago
Stana Đakov Stana Đakov . 3 days ago
You Are the best
Rhida CR7 Rhida CR7 . 3 days ago
I tested all myths
X Gamer X Gamer . 4 days ago
Cop cars give 5 shotgun ammo.
FIB vans give amour
Ambulance gives health
Autum Young Autum Young . 4 days ago
Can’t why is a NCT age did it it’s saying Inc. in nine days
Layla Salas-Devers Layla Salas-Devers . 4 days ago
Rage against the Brabancon Rage against the Brabancon . 4 days ago
Yeah if I laugh I delete GTA forever
please add nigerian naira for your online store need to buy them please!!!!!!!!!!!!
Preston N Preston N . 4 days ago
7:54 bruh this guy said tank arm
stealthzxw stealthzxw . 4 days ago
Deleting gta lol
Fateen Moomin Fateen Moomin . 4 days ago
Play the game word war z
fai morales fai morales . 4 days ago
Gaming World Gaming World . 4 days ago
bruh in ur other video u deleted gta 5
Chick HÁCKÈR Chick HÁCKÈR . 4 days ago
I Love To Watch You All Videos End Like
End I Subscribe 🤩😁
Eli Email Eli Email . 4 days ago
Aggiey Emm Aggiey Emm . 4 days ago
Caylus i got a message saying that I had won a cottest why have you deleted that vid?
AsiaBoos Life AsiaBoos Life . 4 days ago
Calus I'd hit the subscribe button and for the money like to 1000 thousand or whatever it is but I just wanted to tell you that I did that so they so we can get the money or whoever you give it to

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